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Mainframe storage management.

BMC Software, Inc. have available three new MAINVIEW storage resource manager (SRM) solutions designed to help customers ease the management of complex storage environments.

* MAINVIEW SRM Allocation,

* MAINVIEW SRM Reporting and

* MAINVIEW SRM Automation.

maximise staff and CPU time and minimise wasted space and schedule interruptions. With these new products, BMC Software has automated allocation features to reduce the incidence of space-related processing problems and automated actions for the prevention and recovery from abends (failures), achieving higher levels of availability. The new MAINVIEW SRM products support BMC Software's Business Service Management (BSM) initiative to help companies move beyond traditional IT management and manage business critical services from both an IT and business perspective. One of the key components of BSM is to enable customers to link their IT resources tightly to business objectives and manage these resources based on business priorities by providing a 'whole view" of their business and IT operations. MAINVIEW SRM enables this activity by integrating with customers' overall technology infrastructure management consoles and service management solutions, allowing customer to define and meet critical business service levels. MAINVIEW SRM Allocation makes it easier to manage complex storage environments, by reducing or adding primary space allocation, recovering wasted space, aiding job completion during peak periods, enhancing tape management and automating repetitive processes.

MAINVIEW SRM Reporting monitors, analyses and automates tasks to safeguard the health of storage subsystems. It also automates space management tasks, optimises the deployment of RAID technologies and provides capacity and performance alarms.

MAINVIEW SRM Automation--enables users to control the automation of OS/390 and z/OS storage enterprises from one central location.
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Title Annotation:Management
Publication:Software World
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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