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Main road still flooded - four days after rain; ANGER GROWS AS ORGANISATIONS BLAME EACH OTHER FOR PROBLEM.

Byline: NICK LAVIGUEUR @grecian9

A MAIN road out of Huddersfield has remained partially flooded this week despite no heavy rain since the weekend.

One lane of Cooper Bridge Road was underwater and had to be coned off.

The flood hotspot, ironically adjacent to a Yorkshire Water sign boasting about a PS40m investment over the border in Calderdale, has been prone to flooding for more than 10 years.

It is technically a Calderdale Council road but when the Examiner asked why the problem had not been resolved after all this time, council chiefs claimed it was due to a problem "outside of Calderdale's control."

Clr Martyn Bolt of the neighbouring Mirfield ward in Kirklees, said the matter had been of great frustration to him for the past decade.

Being on a bend, the flood often catches out motorists who are forced to drive through deep water at speed or quickly change lanes without proper checks.

Clr Bolt, a former Kirklees cabinet member for highways, said there were two different flooding issues that the two councils, Yorkshire Water and Network Rail, had all so far failed to resolve. He said the large puddle opposite the former Land Rover dealer began to be a problem after Yorkshire Water redeveloped its site, believed to have been in 2009.

He claimed the flooding under the railway bridge was a different issue, linked to drainage on Network Rail land rented by White Cottage Car sales.

Clr Bolt said: "Calderdale Council, in my view, don't seem to see this as a priority.

"This road's not taking people into Calderdale, it's only their highway due to an anomaly with boundaries after the 1974 council reorganisation.

"That road and the paths there get very little care or consideration.

"In the meantime road users of all types are suffering."

Clr Bolt also claimed Yorkshire Water had repeatedly ignored his efforts to get action on the matter.

He added: "It's a bit ironic that Yorkshire Water is boasting about spending PS40m but they can't sort out a puddle outside their gate.

"I know Kirklees Council officers have worked extremely hard to try and solve this.

"If a new drain is needed, Calderdale, as the highways authority responsible, should be taking the lead.

"Calderdale are fighting shy and leaving Kirklees to do all the leg work." Calderdale Council's assistant director for strategic infrastructure, Steven Lee, said: "Calderdale Council is responsible for the drain and gullies under the railway bridge on the A644 near Cooper Bridge and we have ensured there is no problem with this drain.

"Flooding occurs in this area when the drain backs up, due to problems with the downstream system on surrounding land, which falls outside of Calderdale's control.

"We're working with Kirklees Council and Network Rail to enable work to begin to resolve the issue."

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: "We will be sending an engineer to take a look at the issue."


Clr Martyn Bolt

Flooding on Cooper Bridge Road outside Yorkshire Water premises

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Aug 15, 2019
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