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Main parties can bring us nothing.

IT can't be repeated enough how important the general election of 2015 will be to the British people.

Really it's a choice of being bound and hog-tied to a powercentred federal European Union or not.

If you want to reverse policies that have dismantled everything granted way back in 1945, then make it plain when they call in your street wanting your vote.

It's five years since the party battle wagons came rolling round, but count on it again. Coaches and cars will also arrive to rush supporters to the polling stations. An MP's job can be a lucrative, happy one!

New Labour and the Lib Dems are the worst choices. The Tories are an easy 'no-brainer.' .' They've always been the ruling class, even when out of power, getting richer and richer! But the other two knaves are opportunists coveting high-salary jobs in the Brussels bureaucracy.

The Labour heartlands of northern England will provide the MPs to bind us to the EU lock, stock and two smoking barrels!

Northumberland and County Durham always seem to have candidates foisted upon them by the unions and party leaders.

The Labour Party is like a piledriven fixture: for decades so entrenched they have cloth ears when it comes to any other opinion which is not endorsed by the hierarchy hacks, local or national.

JOHN CRESSWELL, Chester-le-Street

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 31, 2015
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