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You caught my eye and touched my heart with your very newsworthy article

on Lyn Raney Hardy's plight for triple organ transplant ("Heart Art," Southern Scrapbook, September/October). Lyn certainly faces a time of personal challenge; fortunately, there are many friends and family members behind her, as your article expressed. Not only does she have their support, all of your readers now have the opportunity to send support to Lyn. A card expressing a personal word of support in these days of uncertainty can really lift Lyn's heart. A check to help defray medical and travel expenses would be welcomed, I'm sure.

I don't know Lyn personally, but I understand her fears. I hope she answers my letter. I am a volunteer for the Mid-South Transplant Foundation in Memphis. I have been involved with this wonderful group since August of 2000, when I received new life through transplant. I call and support as many transplant patients in the Mid-South as I can. I hope I can help Lyn carry the burden of her illness and share the joys of her new life that can come from this very valuable surgery.

Thank you for sharing this important message with your readers.

Donna Seay Magee


Though I am a native Mississippian, I have been away for many years. Several years ago, while visiting my cousin in Meridian, I discovered Mississippi Magazine. Shortly thereafter, I subscribed, and this letter is long overdue in telling you how much I enjoy it. Your well-written articles, special features, and even the advertisements help me recapture pleasant Mississippi memories. I especially enjoy the recipes, having always known that Mississippi cooks are the best in the entire world. Thank you again for a truly special magazine.

Merle Ford Brown

Wilmington, North Carolina

I am from Tylertown, where we have the beautiful Christmas in the Park each year. I love your magazine and get many ideas from it, besides the wonderful recipes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the article "A Touch of Glass" (September/October) about artist Toby Stifler's bottle fence and was saddened to learn of her passing. I, too, wanted something colorful in our yard, which is surrounded by pine trees. I first made a bottle tree, then noticed a large pine stump looking so bleak, I decided to decorate it with bottles too. I nailed extra-large nails all over the stump and hung the colorful bottles on it. From nothing but green pine trees, we now have some color to enjoy from our front porch. My daughter and friends contributed the many bottles.

Keep up the good work with your magazine.

Marilyn Comeaux


We love your magazine--every page of it. We especially enjoyed the article in the September/October issue on the Riviera Hotel ("Under the Oaks"). My parents, Felton and Agnes Worthey, spent their honeymoon at the Riviera in June 1929. My father loved the coast, and his favorite place was the porch of the Riviera. Your article brought back many happy memories.

Jean McNeese


Editor's note: Tylertown's annual Christmas in the Park lighting display will welcome visitors to Holmes Water Park nightly from November 25 to December 31. For more details on this and many other holiday events, see our Calendar of Events, pg. 156.

Please send your ideas and opinions to Letters to the Editor, 5 Lakeland Circle, Jackson, MS 39216, or via e-mail to (Please note, letters may be edited for length and clarity.)

And don't forget to send in requests for your favorite recipes from Mississippi restaurants to food editor Mary Leigh Furrh for our Dish It Out column. Send requests via e-mail to or in writing to Dish It Out, 5 Lakeland Circle, Jackson, MS 39216. (Recipes from chain restaurants may not be available.)
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Author:McNeese, Jean
Publication:Mississippi Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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