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My father and I wish to express our gratitude at having been featured in the "It Runs in the Family" article (March/April). We are touched by the article's concept and are honored that you would consider profiling our efforts as part of that concept.

We are grateful to Kelly Ingebretsen for her sensitive writing of the piece. Her pen communicated the level of gratitude and debt that the three younger artists she profiled have for our mentors. Speaking personally, I believe she especially captured the depth of feeling and respect I have for my father, both as artist and parent. Most importantly, she gave a warm feeling of trust and mutual encouragement shared among three sets of people connected not only by blood but also through creativity. My father and I are glad to keep such good company as Edwina and William Goodman and Gary and Jacob Walters. This article helped remind me of what a special gift has been granted this artist to work with his father.

We must also express our gratefulness to Charlie Godbold and Greg Campbell for their photographic portraits of each featured pair. Their ability to capture a hint of the artists' surroundings and workspaces seemed to offer an added story layer to Kelly's text.

Jason Bouldin


The New Albany Garden Club sincerely thanks you for the wonderful article featuring the Faulkner Garden and our Homes and Gardens Tour (Southern Scrapbook, May/June). The article was lovely and covered every detail. We have already had a lot of response from your article. Thanks for helping us make this fund-raiser a success.

Joy Fisher

President, New Albany Garden Club

New Albany

Thank you for your magazine. I have not lived in Mississippi in many years, but I was born and reared there. Your last issue was great, with the simple recipes ("The Easiest Desserts in the World," March/April)--I gave them to friends. I also loved the "Where in Mississippi is ... Hot Coffee?" article (January/February). I grew up in Hot Coffee but had to leave because of the traffic--ha ha!

Barbara Jones

Spring, Texas

Your article "New Life in an Olde Towne" (March/April) was a delightful way to share with your readers the wonderful creative community we enjoy in Clinton. I appreciate your capturing the essence of Olde Towne and the merchants who devote themselves to making it a shopping and dining destination. Thank you also for highlighting the Clinton Community Nature Center, which is unique in and of itself. And of course, Mississippi College offers a plethora of cultural, historical, and educational activities. We are indeed a fortunate city!

Rosemary G. Aultman



First of all, let me say I dearly love Mississippi Magazine. I have kept every issue over the years and refer back to them on a regular basis. In the last couple of years, I have seen several crosses, tables, etc., in the magazine that were made from broken glass (such as "Two Eggs, Made Over Easy," March/April). With this in mind, I would like to share the following with you.

We bought an old home near Tylertown in 1996, There was a family of over a dozen children raised at this site, plus other families over the years. Where the old house stood, there was an abundance of old broken glass, bottle necks, marbles, and other keepsakes. Every time I went to check out the site, I picked up a pocket full of glass, wondering what was in its past, what it used to be, and where it came from. It had so many memories left for someone to wonder about, and that person happened to be me.

With this in mind, my husband built a frame for a large cross. I used Crayola Model Magic to cover the cross. The substance dried in 24 hours, so I had time to work with it. I pressed the glass, cup handles, bottle necks, and marbles into the mixture. Additional glass was glued on top with a glue gun. This cross now hangs in our beautiful farmhouse oil Bluebird Hill near Tylertown, where the memories began and will continue to be made for years to come.

Keep up the good work!

Billie Remson

Houma, Louisiana
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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