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Mailbox: Hoon is not fit to keep his job.

Byline: S. Ferguson

THE Hutton Inquiry has proved beyond doubt what I've long suspected to be true -that spin is just another word for fibbing.

I can't believe the cheek of Defence Minister Geoff Hoon who gave evidence to the effect that he knew nothing that went on in his department, though he was ``aware'' that officials planned to confirm Dr Kelly as the BBC mole.

Then on the last day of the first stage of the inquiry we learn that he was at the meeting that discussed naming the scientist. He's not fit for Government. -Mrs H. McAdam, Kirkcaldy.

THE evidence from the Hutton Inquiry is clear -the dossier outlining Saddam's weapons of mass destruction was ``overegged'' if not ``sexed-up''. Someone is telling porkies and the evidence points to someone inside No.10. By taking the country into a war under false pretences, Blair and his cronies have lost the public's trust. -S. Ferguson, Prestwick.


Not fit: Geoff Hoon
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 7, 2003
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