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MailMeterV 2.0. (Internet Focus).

MailMeterV 2.0 is a non-invasive, email management system targeted at any size of business to address issues such as employee productivity, corporate privacy, legal liability, bandwidth consumption or non-compliance with a company's 'Acceptable Usage Policy' for email. It includes email reporting tools that can highlight trends, thresholds and usage patterns in order to allow business managers to address the issues related to email usage more effectively.

MailMeter tracks all emails that are sent or received by a company's employees, and provides business reports that include information on email attachments, headers and the domain names that emails are being sent to and received from. This means that companies are able to determine very effectively how employees are using their email, and they can act from a position of knowledge rather than guesswork. New features in MailMeter version 2.0 include Active and Summary Reporting with authorised departmental access and drill-down capability. 'Active Reporting' enables companies to schedule customised reports daily, weekly or monthly, which can be delivered to the inbox of specific authorised email users, such as departmental heads, while Summary Reports provide a consolidated overview and the opportunity for real time "spot checking" at a glance. Also the solution includes:

Financial Analysis via a Return on Investment (ROI) Model: financial information includes the annual cost of non-business related email and the daily cost of email to a business, based on actual volumes.

'Active Reporting': reports can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly and sent to specified email users. The user can select which reports they would like included, the frequency and for which period they would like the information.

Overall Summary Report: as with 'Active Reporting' users can subscribe to this report and it will be delivered directly to their inbox, with the full drill-down facility. It includes top 10 listings on; interna/external recipients by volume, internal/external senders by volume, attachments by volume, address pairs by volume and conversation topics (subject line) by volume.

Search Facility: an interactive search facility which will allow users to specify search criteria via the browser and retrieve matching data. Searches will be available in the following fields; email address, domain name, attachment name, and conversation topic (subject line).

Departmental Logon: provides a login and password for managers, allowing authorised departmental managers to use MailMeter reports to view the email activity of the email users in their department only.

Advanced Filtering: allows users to filter on a number of different fields other than department, such as different divisions within the same organisation. Improved Performance: report times have been significantly improved.

New Graphs: Customised graphical information is now available that can be emailed to selected managers.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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