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I would like to say that your mag rips and you're one of the reasons I started to skateboard. I was disappointed to see that Sketchers ad in the August issue, but I understand that you have to do those kinda things sometimes; it must suck. My main issue is with this skater band shit. When I'm hanging with some friends of mine that don't even skate they will listen to the music I'm playing and say, "That's not a skate band." I always tell them that there is no such thing to me. When I started skating I didn't do it because it was cool, like 50 percent of young skaters today. I do it because it's fun and I can express myself and be an individual. Listen to what the hell you want to listen to. I listen to Fugazi and various rappers. I even listen to a little POD, but let me say that pussy-ass band Sum 41 sucks a dick. Anyway, it doesn't matter what you listen to as long as you keep it real and be an individual. While on the subject of how sorry skating is becoming, I don't know if it's only the skaters in Georgi a, but why do so many male skaters rape their girlfriends? I am a female skater and at the park I like to go to, every now and then you'll hear that some skater's girlfriend got raped in the crapper. The girls go in thinking they're going to make out but they get raped. That's sad, and anyone who has raped somebody should go to jail. I'm only 12 and I can assure you I'm not gonna put up with that shit when I get a boyfriend. The reason I'm writing this letter is because I'm grounded and can't go out to skate. Keep it real, don't rape people, and hang loose. I love you Thrasher and when I move out of the house and I turn 18 count me in for the Down for Life department.

Alexis Armand

Atlanta, Georgia

You should be president. T-ed


I went to see the new Emerica video and it was fuckin rad! Now, I'm an old schooler. I started skating when all we had were plastic freeformers and unsealed bearings; I totally relate to the Z-boys and the Bones Brigade. I'm used to ramps, ditches and pools, but kids these days kick some major fucking ass. Kickflipping, switch-stance, balls-out, FTW rocking-and-rolling. Anyway, my friend (we'll just call him Crippled Baby Mini Salba Wannabe) who has been skating just as long as I have thought this video was boring. Too many rails, he thought. Well, what-the-flick-ever. Make your own damn video. You have got to enjoy things as they are. The Z-boys, the Bones Brigade, the new school all have their generational interests and they are way into what they do. Ever try to live someone else's life? You just can't. You've got to just be what you are into and if you see something that isn't exactly where you're at, just check it out. You don't have to do what they do to make it into what you're into. Just be psyched th at there are still frontiers to explore. And who knows, maybe you'll find yourself trying a rail or maybe you'll see youngins in the deep end of your favorite pool. Celebrate diversity--we all have something to share and a history that we are part of. I mainly skate vert and probably always will. It's in my wiring and it gets me stoked; but flick it if I'm not gonna watch some kids busting into new grounds. Got to keep it open. Well, I hope Crippled Baby Mini Salba Wannabe decides to lighten up and not be so down on the young kids that are shredding right on past him at a rail near you.

Matt Lewis

Escondido, CA

Salba is the John Wayne of skateboarding. T-ed


It's a typical Irish winter day; 25mph winds and about negative-six degrees celcius outside. So as I always do on cold days, I made some soup and read Thrasher. It's really funny how something like a magazine can make you want to go skate when the whole process of reading is actually taking away from skate time, but for some reason, it seems that Thrasher magazine has the same effect on the head as a bowl of hot tomato soup does to your stomach. It's funny how we go skating in a country half the size of the smallest American state and can still find mountains of things to skate. It makes me laugh how spoiled some of the kids in America are. For example, the kids writing in to say, "Our nearest park is an hour's drive away. Why can't we have one in our town?" Listen kids: those are wheels on your board, which makes your board a form of transport--one of the main ingredients of skating is travel. I'm glad my country sucks, it makes me want to travel to the only remaining park here (a shed in a rough area of Bel fast); it makes me count the nine months of non-stop winter until the two or three dry days in summer turn up. It makes me watch American skate videos and stare in disbelief at the sun, the dry ground, the waist-high fat handrails and all of the perfect concrete parks that your nation is plagued with. Put down the magazine, turn off the video, and get out there into your wonderfully skateable country and don't try to come back home until it rains. Hopefully someday I'll make it to America for a skate. As they say, I'm just "California dreaming, on a winter's day..." Well then, good luck!




Back in your October 2002 issue, which I was just reading again, you guys interviewed the Lazy Cowgirls. I'd just like to say that I know what that guy was talking about when he said he is not under the banner of anything like 'baseball fan" or "country club member" or "punk rocker." Nowadays since skate-boarding and "punk" are so damn mainstream, it's kinda flipped around. Back in the day the assholes who were more popular than you and your friends were on the sports teams, or were just rich. Now there are groups of asshole skaters who judge you if you're not good enough or you don't wear the right clothes. It sucks, 'cause now you got two groups to piss you off. I don't want to be called a "skater" anymore because to me now the word "skater" has a negative side to it. I would just like to be a guy that likes to skateboard in his free time. Even Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi" song proves my point. Skaters are the new "jocks" of the new decade and I don't want to even be a part of it. I won't ever stop skateboarding. Ever.

Chris Beese

Bridgeport, IL

Avril sounds more like Advil. T-ed


We are writing to let all of you out there know about No Front Teeth outta London, England. We here are about to release a real skate-punk comp, so if there are any true skate-punk bands out there that want to be included, you've got to get in touch with us. No pop. No ska. No shit. We recently teamed up with Factory 13 skateboards out of Ohio to make an NFT Fl3 skateboard that represents that very raw unity. One hundred percent style, "London Resistance." All of us know that punk rock and skateboarding have changed a whole lot throughout the years. but the real shit can still be found out there if you look. Thrasher, Factory 13. Disaster, No Front Teeth, Dogpile and a whole shitload of more companies out there don't settle for the bullshit fakes and 'zines. So. stand up with us and help keep the mainstream at bay.

NFT Bays

Punk died when Joe Strummer checked out. T-ed
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