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Mail drop.


Another issue of your mag arrived the other day. And as I pulled it from the mail box, a pre-addressed envelope fell out, urging me to renew my subscription for another year. As I eyed the cover shot (a handrail) and the first few pages (more handrails), I flipped towards the features and gave up. Skaters today have no quiver and little concept of what else is possible. Thrasher is narrowly focused on a small slice of what skaters today are doing. I'm so sick of handrail photos, I was considering using the envelope to cancel my subscription.

Then, much to my surprise, I saw a fully-padded old timer doing slalom at a recent event. He was of course wearing a Thrasher shirt. I was even more astonished to read a full-page article about the roots and revival of slalom racing today! It was accurate and informative, and while I don't do slalom racing, I felt a spark of hope that someday I might see an article on speedboarding. Racing at 50 mph down a mountain side for go white-knuckled seconds isn't for everyone, but really, how many handrails can you crooked grind in one issue? Speed is truly the original skateboard experience. Point it downhill and hang on! The EDI race was very exciting this summer, with amazing one-mile venues like Maryhill, WA and Donner Pass, CA (not very far from your offices). Why didn't speedboarders get even a single photo? Maybe we need to find out a way to get Thrasher shirts over our leathers and then we will have a chance. See you on the hills in 2002.

Joe Lehm

Albuquerque, NM

Like, actually rolling? Covering a significant distance from point A to B? Nah... T-ed


To the SPB:

This is regarding the "Pad Nannies" article in the Jan. issue of Thrasher. I put an SPB icon on a character who represented the "Lurker" Pad Nanny. People then assumed that the character represented the SPB. This is not true. I was only trying to sneak the logo into Thrasher to give the SPBs props. The whole article is making fun of Pad Nannies, so no matter where I stuck SPB in, it probably would have ended up looking insulting anyway. I just picked the silliest looking character, and didn't think people would take it this seriously. I didn't mean to insult anyone, and had nothing to do with the article. I apologize to all the Bunnies and still give the SPBs props. Sorry about the whole misunderstanding.

James Howard

Across The Street


The Vagabond pool here in Fresno is getting destroyed--not by skaters, but by the people who say that they are being paid to tear the whole spot down for a damn restaurant.

Well, according to Thrasher, the spot is getting "iced" because of RJ. Tell RJ to take his crew there everyday, because by the time this is printed the pool may be destroyed. So skate it. Love it. Live it. Everyday at 11:00am, I'm there. This is just a public message to everyone who's skated this sick pool (RJ, Drehobl, Merow, etc.), because soon it will exist only in memories. For me, they will be the happiest memories of my entire life.


Fresno, CA

By the time this is printed you will have seen the true gnarliness that is RJ. T-ed


First off, I want to say that your mag kicks major fucking ass. You guys have the best shit. I also wanted to say that I am fucking sick and tired of all the lame ass parents who think that skateboarding should be outlawed-- fuck you. My mom is this way; she won't let me leave the driveway to go skate. Even then, if I just want to go somewhere, I have to wear a fucking helmet. I can understand that if I am doing bomb drops off my roof I may need a helmet, but if I'm just skating around I shouldn't have to wear one. I can't take my skateboard anywhere. At church for an hour they let us skate before we go to our youth sermon--it's a thing for teens every Wednesday where you go and listen to the youth minister speak. They have a bad-ass bank and a sweet drop in the back where you are allowed to skate. My mom won't even let me skate the bank. So basically, all I have to say is fuck all the parents who think skating should be outlawed. And remember: There are more injuries in football and other sports than in skat eboarding.

Matt Landers


Baby Jesus says he doesn't like it when you swear. T-ed


This is in response to the lame-ass letter by Mike Manning, cutting down old school skaters in the Jan. 2001 issue. If it wasn't for us older skaters, some of what you clueless punks are doing now may never have come about (call it roots and progression). you cut down old schoolers, then in the next paragraph praise Mullen, Alva, Welinder, and Cab. News flash dumb ass, Welinder and Mullen both have roots in freestyle and still do it if they so desire. Once more, the skaters you mentioned are all old school skaters. You are truly clueless. I'm starting my 24th year of skating, am over 40 like Alva, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. You have no respect for skating's roots, and offer nothing for the future because you are ignorant of the past. Skaters need to have unity and respect for one another. United we stand. Divided, our enemies will win.

Steve Ford

Casper, WY


"X-Games, One Bad Trip" touched on what I've been saying about skateboarding for awhile. This has become no more than a business, with the skaters who bleed and sweat for the pure love of the sport ending up on a billboard. It makes me sick when I see a skater busting in the mag and the first thing you notice is the product label on their t-shirt. I'm not busting on the companies, they are doing what they are supposed to do--I'm busting on the sell-out skaters who give up their love in exchange for dollars. They sell out all of us. I'm an 18-year-old skater from Georgia. I recently joined the Navy, for many reasons. One was to eventually be able to put up a skatepark in my hometown (yes I was serious) and another is to be able to skate all over this big blue and green ball. I believe that Thrasher remains true to the cause, and that's why I'm sending this to you. I trust you, Patrick O'Dell, to do what is right. To all you skaters who have stayed true, keep it up. Big thanks to Patrick O'Dell. I pray that tho se who have lost the love find it again soon.

Trey Staples

Great Lakes, IL

You weren't down with the tie-dye? T-ed


There is a really huge problem in my school. There are two groups, the punks and the preps. The preps are a bunch of assholes who prance around the school thinking that they're the kings of the world, while us punks go in the corner and mind our own business. Some of the preps claim to skate, but I know they would break their arms if they stood on a board. They call my friends and me pussies because we skate and because of the music we listen to. Pussies? What the hell? They get a papercut and start to cry! We fall tryin' to do something on the board and we get the hell up and do it again! And that's what it's all about. Fall down? Get up, do it again, and don't let some preppy asshole discourage you. Keep it insane.

Joe Punderson

Island Heights, NJ

Infiltrate the sorority. T-ed
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