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Letters to the All Hands Editor


I had just finished reading the article, "Below Decks, the Unsung Jobs" in the March edition. I was glad, for the most part, that those who work behind the scenes on the aircraft carrier are finally getting the recognition they rightfully deserve. The media almost always focuses, with fascination and awe, on the air wing and gives the rest of the departments a brief second in the spotlight. To have read this article was a refreshing view of the little-mentioned team players.

I was, however, disappointed that no interview of reactor department was done. Without those Sailors laboring around the clock, there truly would be no aircraft carrier. No water for drinking, cooking, or plane washing and steam for propulsion or aircraft launching. No electricity for lighting, innumerable pieces of equipment and creature comforts.

MM2 Barbara Rice

Newport News


Norfolk, VA

Editors Note: As always, we strive to feature as many Sailors as possible, doing all that Sailors do. Due to time and space constraints, it is not possible to cover every rate in a single story.


As a Navy financial educator, I am always pleased to see articles on potential financial problems that often plague our Sailors and their families. Your February 2002 article, "Turning Over a New Leaf" was no different. However, I was extremely disappointed that the Navy's own Command Financial Specialist program was never mentioned.

The Navy has had its very own Financial Education program since 1990 (which has undergone changes in the recent release of OPNAVINST 1740.5A), to include financial counselors in EVERY GOMMAND. These counselors conduct education and training, referral information and financial counseling to their fellow Sailors and families.

In addition, fleet and family support centers provide the same services. It is important that Sailors know that regardless of where they are deployed in the world, there is always assistance when it comes to their finances.

Jo Lynn Fast

Personal Finance Manager

Fleet & Family Support Center

Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan
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Publication:All Hands
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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