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Last night (10.07.02) my friend Jesse Martinez was hit by a drunk driver and then died at 6:30 this morning. All I want is to ask that you put my letter in Mail Drop or tell me who can so that everyone who reads this may think about what could happen to their friends or even themselves at night while skating or driving home. I had known Jesse for a year and every day our crew would set out to tear shit up. But because someone couldn't wait to get home from the bar, my friend is dead and the driver is facing life. So please, I know this shit sounds corny but drink skate, drive, even live responsibly, so that the risk of someone else dying because of alcohol will not be so great. I'll have to end this on a Keenan Milton-type note: "To those of you who didn't know him, we wish you half of the joy he brought to those of us who did."

Quentin Delgado

Denver, CO


I'm writing in response to that Christian skater who was raggin' on 151 skateboards in the August 2002 issue. First of all, no one in the world could care less about you not supporting 151. If you hate them so much, don't even buy their decks. Secondly, I don't get much use from "religion," but while you're wasting your time praying for false hopes, my ass is out there filming. Don't get me wrong, Jamie Thomas is a badass skater, but just because he's religious doesn't mean I have to be too. If things were like that, it's not "Preaching the good word," it's straight-up religious oppression. Last time I checked, it was our right to practice any religion we wanted. My point is that no race, color, religion or background matters when it comes to skating. It's all about freedom from your problems, having fun, and doing what you want to do. Everyone does something to set themselves free: golfers have their 18 holes, racers have their speedways, and skaters have ledges and stairs. Skate for life.

Eric Maldonado

Bakersfield, CA

August was like seven issues ago. Can't you guys argue about something cool like vampires? T-ed


My name is Elizabeth Stoke, age 22, from Louisville, Kentucky. Just recently my mother and I were awarded the only concession bid at the Extreme AW Park right here in Louisville. Extreme Dawgs is the name of our new business. If you are planning a road trip to come skate at one of the coolest places, stop by and check us out, I was also wondering what you skaters think about this idea: my mom is getting ready to close on this three-story house one block from Louisville's Extreme Park, You can actually see the park from the house. Anyways, we were thinking about making it a "sleep chamber" for all you out-of-towners. About 40 bunks, a small cafe, showers and coin laundry, for only around $15 a night. We're wondering would there be any takers out there?

Liz Stoke

Louisville, KY

I've got a tin of worms and a can opener waitin' for y'all. T-ed


I was just sitting here, bored in class, so I thought I'd write you guys. Personally I think school bites, but I've been told that without it I'll be stuck with a dead-end job. So I guess I have to keep on going; it isn't that bad. I only have four years left. Don't get me wrong, I'd totally rather be out skating with my friends at the Coiner's bank gap or the sick church sidewalk-to-sidewalk gap. Actually, I'd rather have a two-foot square rail instead of a huge gap. I'm more of a grinder than a gapper. My favorite grind so far is my kickfiip to backside 50- 50. I'm definitely not the best skater in the world, or even my neighborhood for that matter. I'm maybe third out of our little group. There are usually five to eight people at a time: Tony (me), Sean, Dustin, Ben, Charlie, Jeremy, Philip, and Nick. Most of us use Zero, but Dustin skates Toy Machine and Nick skates Element. Ben is my little brother and he's one of the best out of all of us. Well, gotta go...

Tony Gardner

Independence, MO


First off, I just want to say that your mag is the best. Transworld and Skateboarder are too modest, and Transworld is too thick Big Brother is funny, but they're a little overly un-modest. Thrasher fits just perfect; you print swear words but don't have full-page articles on how to light bottle rockets out of your ass. Now I'll get to the point. My favorite skater is Ellington, and has been ever since I first saw Thrill Of It All. What bugs me is that he's just barely getting a pro shoe. Emerica should have offered him a deal the day he signed on. The Mule gots mad skills. I'm not saying Emerica sucks, 'cause I've had like five pairs and I'm gonna get those double-E's the day I find out they're for sale. All I'm saying is that they should have given I him a shoe like two years ago. I don't want to tell you guys how to run your own mag, but you should do a big-ass Ellington interview.. Later, and thanks in advance for providing me with a great mag, and for all of the years to come. PS--Sorry if this letter so unds a little bitchy, but I live in the middle of Nowheresville Utah.

Eric Cruz

Tooele, UT

This is the fifth letter of MD and E is the fifth letter of the alphabet. E is for ravers. Tip. T-ed


In response to the November letter "Soul Doubt,"-- The trend of skateboarding on TV, billboards, and movies is nothing new. It happened in the '70s and it died out as soon as skating became uncool. But that doesn't matter. The skateboard industry is a business, Like your mother and father who go to work everyday, so do these professional skateboarders. They're doing what they've been doing since they got sponsored. And that is selling themselves. If corporate companies sponsor, then more opportunities are possible. More parks will be built, people will understand a little better. I'm 25-years-old, in jail for four months, and I'm tired of getting kicked out of spots. So what if Nike sponsors skateboarding? Just pay no mind and go skate. Skate more and don't believe all of the hype. Pretty soon this wave is going to crash or perhaps it even won't, but that should not affect your skateboarding None of these companies will ever be able to exploit that. By the way Thrasher, we do need a full-length Julien Strange r interview and a full-length Ethan Fowler interview. I know that he just had one a few months back, but it wasn't enough.

Sam Salganik

East Elmhurst, NY


Here's my fuckin' target: all of the dyed black, long, stringy hair Foundation/Baker look-a-likes that I have to see at every skatepark. I can no longer hold back any insult. Looking at these flicks makes me wanna shave their flicking heads and give them some zit cream for their greasy-ass faces. Don't get me wrong though, I'm a dirty old scumbag myself, but Jesus H Christ-it's one thing to admire a skater's style or attitude, but to be a carbon copy is re-goddamn-diculous. Maybe they should set their fashion style after Joey McSqueeb instead. It makes me agitated to see all these fashion fools who can't skate, because their skin-tight jeans strangulate their manbag or because their hair is getting in their eyes. They always seem to be half-ass riding all the little stupid-ass ledges or the little bars; meanwhile, they neglect all of the trannies and the rest of the park I've now seen this epidemic in several cities and I haven't been proven wrong. I'll still be skating while you're posing.

Cleveland Scum

Cleveland, Ohio

At least the kids are still stuck on the Ramones and Iggy and haven't moved onto that mid-'80s goth/electro revival nonsense. Oh wait. Oh shit! T-ed
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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