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Maid mistake is a sign of 'heartless' Dubai.

With reference to Fatima Suhail's 'Do you know your neighbours' can I take this issue a bit further? Just this afternoon one of our doorman (who I have been greeting since the time I have been here… two months) thought I was a housemaid. He wanted me to inform him if I had another fellow maid for someone residing in our tower. Now I know I am decently dressed and I conduct myself in a dignified manner… the only difference is that I don't behave hoity toity like most of the other ladies here who have their maids following. Our maid walks by my side and I make an effort to greet whoever crosses my path. Most of them look through you as if you don't exist. They would rather gaze at the floor below than meet your eye!

Probably in Dubai… you greet only those of your own status. So today, me ….who is respected by all in my "little tower" back home was taken for a housemaid in this emotionless and bondless society of Dubai. So my dear Fatima I wish you may stay here long enough to see a positive change in this heartless and materialistic country.




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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Geographic Code:7UNIT
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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