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Mahlo launches new scanning frame for the paper industry.

MAHLO LAUNCHES NEW SCANNING FRAME FOR THE PAPER INDUSTRY. German control and automation specialist MAHLO GmbH & Co. KG, represented by its North American subsidiary MAHLO America Inc., Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, launched their latest scanning frame for the pulp and paper industry, the new model PaperPro II, at a recent tissue trade show. The new scanner was developed out of the PaperPro I scanner and offers a number of unique features, making it ideal for tissue paper machines. The new scanner is completely sealed, allowing it to be purged against dust intrusion into the scanner mechanics and electronics with a simple ventilator. Also, an electromagnetic clutch allows detachment of the measurement heads with the push of a button for fast access to the measurement gap for cleaning and removal of paper rests. The scanner, like its predecessor, has stainless steel covers with special interlocks for quick removal. A central greasing assembly allows for quick access to the only point of maintenance, the high accuracy, chromium plated THK linear bearings. The new PaperPro II is constructed with an open architecture, avoiding "black boxes" and using standard commercially available components. For controls, MAHLO can offer open HMI based solutions based on either SIEMENS PCS7[R] or Delta V[TM] from Emerson Process Management Inc. The purchase price of the new unit will be only slightly higher than its predecessor.

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Comment:Mahlo launches new scanning frame for the paper industry.(SUPPLIER NEWS)
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Date:May 1, 2006
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