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Maguire launches new volumetric pump for accurate dosing. (MATERIALS HANDLING: NEWS).

Maguire has launched a newly designed liquid colour pump that it says costs 35 percent less than existing equipment, yet is said to meter colour more accurately into the moulding or extrusion process, simplifies job start-ups and colour changes and requires minimal maintenance.

Compared with standard volumetric pumps, Maguire says the the patent-pending 'PeriStep' pump provides 20 percent greater accuracy in dosing liquid colour directly into the main flow of natural resin and includes a self-adjusting automatic speed control that maintains dosing consistency.

Two innovations are said to be key to the low cost; accuracy and simplicity. Instead of a standard motor, the drive system is a stepper motor whose shaft rotates in discrete, minute increments that make possible precision and repeatability of movement. This motor drives a central 'sun' roller, whose motion transfers to the 'planetary' rollers that provide the compression/relaxation cycle of a peristaltic pump. Maguire has reduced the number of planetary rollers to four from the conventional six. The sun roller drives the planetary rollers by means of friction contact, providing a five to one speed reduction without a gearbox.

"The compact, streamlined design of the PeriStep pump lends itself to minimal maintenance, since there are no gears or bearings to wear out," said Steve Maguire, president of Maguire Products. "If it does become necessary to disassemble the pump, access to the roller set involves simply removing three screws in the cover."

The process for setting up a job in the controller of the PeriStep pump involves only three digital inputs: Firstly, shot weight (for injection moulding) or extrusion rate; secondly, liquid colour percentage; and thirdly, density of the liquid colour. The controller automatically calculates the desired weight-to-volume dose, minimising the opportunity for error, says Maguire.


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Comment:Maguire launches new volumetric pump for accurate dosing. (MATERIALS HANDLING: NEWS).
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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