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Maguire Products Inc.

Maguire Products Inc. of Aston, Pennsylvania, USA, has posted streaming videos of its latest auxiliary equipment innovations on its website. The videos are among a range of enhancements to the company's site, which now provides comprehensive technical information on every model of Maguire equipment and software, according to B. Patrick Smith, vice president of marketing and sales. Icons for the new videos appear on the home page. Thus far there are seven online, each providing an English-language explanation and demonstration by a Maguire expert, one of them being Steve Maguire, president and chief inventor and designer.

The videos currently available focus on Maguire's Purging Recovery System; the Sweeper, which empties bulk containers without operator intervention, leaving less than a handful of resin pellets behind; the LPD Resin Dryer, a vacuum dryer for plastics processors the company says requires as little as 20% of the energy and one-sixth of the time to dry properly; the MicroPlus Blender, with removable hoppers, a corner valve for regrind, and pneumatic lifters that automatically raise hopper lids on which loaders are mounted; the GVL Motor Loader, a self-contained unit with onboard motor, see-through body, and a discharge area designed for bridge-free, free-flowing evacuation; the Touchscreen Blender Controller with the same access as Maguire's "thumbwheel" controller, plus fast response to inputs and special capabilities for critical jobs; and Gravimetric Feeder, the first low-cost gravimetric unit for metering color into the processing machine, providing accuracy and accountability unachievable with volumetric feeders, the company says.
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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