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Magtymguly: Messenger of Love Peace and Unity.

Byline: Muhammad Asif Noor

Whoever lives will soon in graves have lain; Says Makhtumkuli death devours all sins. The sky remains while earth in orbit spins.

The sun will rise and set moon wax and wane.reatest Turkmen poet thinker and the man behind vision and wisdom of today's glorious modern Turkmenistan the great Magtymguly Phyragy the bestower of Happiness for Turkmens - is a true messenger of love unity and peace in the world. Another great writer of Turkmenistan MAmmetweli Kemine said Magtymguly gathered all corns from the field of the poetry and he left us only the grains to be picked up". His poetry is related to life and day to day dealings while also dealing with variety of themes like mystical lyrical religious social patriotic which made him most loved poet in the history of Turkmenistan. He has an open arm for humanity and admits with his community in a united approach of brotherhood. His philosophy of attitude is desperately needed in our times as by going through the poetry of Phyragy it seems as he is speaking directly to us spreading inspirations and lessons for matters related and relevant to us.

Makhtumkuli you have secrets within you.

If you find a perfect man serve him in every way

This year in 2014 Turkmenistan celebrates 290th anniversary of the birth of the great poet Magtymguly Pyragy who is not only a remarkable historical personality thoroughly linked with his period but a bright appearance that retains having an influence upon his countrymen. This remarkable occasion will be broadly and solemnly celebrated in Turkmenistan and far beyond. It is also symbolic that the International organization TURKSOY has announced 2014 as the Year of the renowned poet and classic of the Turkmen literature philosopher great thinker of the East - Magtymguly Pyragy. Having dedicated his talent to the eternal collective values Magtymguly is one of the perkiest personalities of the global spiritual- intellectual process. The poet's literary work is not only the national asset of the Turkmen people but a part of the world cultural treasure. His literary creation ranks with the poetry of Goethe Shakespeare Dante Pushkin Byron. Perhaps in the history of Turkmenistan

it is difficult to find any other poet whose creative work would have been so organically apprehended by the people. The Pyragy's poetry is conjugated with the nation's self-consciousness and the acquired-by-the-nation literary language with everything light wonderful and good the Turkmen people value best of all and which contains the substance and essence of the nation's spiritual and moral-aesthetic quests. It is difficult to overestimate the role of Magtymguly in the development of social-political thought as well as the outstanding significance of the poet's work in the spiritual development of the nation.

It is a fact that national spirituality is primary force relating to human beings and originates from the moments of life and letters of nations. It is perfected over the course of time and does not fade away so easily but it is not only transferred but enriched from generations to generations. It is conveyed as a valuable tradition thus providing national sprit the innovativeness and freshness coupled resulting in furthering the unity and development of the nation to the highest level. Scholar also suggests that every person and individual who made his contribution to this spiritual treasury of a nation become immortal respected and remain in the memory of the people. It is observed by the critics of Turkmen classical poetry of Turkmen that patriotism and emphasizing national unity are the major themes. Scholars find variety of interpretations and school of thoughts that exist within Turkmen Classical poetry discussing spiritual connections that are related to motherland and homeland.

Using several metaphors like calling the country as a place for most reliable refuge shelter from the evils misfortunes and disasters around the world the great poet Magtymguly stand out supreme in all of the Classical poets of time in Turkmenistan. His poetry and verses are comprehensive reflection of nationalism unity courage honor bravely nobility selfless service and to the nation and countrymen. His whole creative ethos is a merger of feeling of love for the land and betterment of country for finest possible way. The range of artistic methods and finished lexical metaphors used by him with this purpose is truly enormous. At the same time these lines are simple and clear and for this reason endlessly close to everyone bringing back a human being to the true spiritual sources.

Reading through history lines and tracing the roots even by the poet's monographs it has been widely believed that the great poet was born in 1733 possibly in the Hajygowshan village near Gonbad-e Qabus city in what is now the Iranian province of Golestan the northern steppes of which are known as Turkmen Sahra (Turkmen steppes"). We can find some relevance as once in his poetry Magtymguly says

Tell those who enquire about me that I am a Gerkez I hail from Etrek and my name is Makhtumkuli". He received his early education in Persian and Arabic language from his father who a great poet himself acted as the young Magtymguly's early mentor. Then young Magtymguly went on to study in various Madrassahs of that time and upon returning home he worked as a silversmith taught and wrote poetry out of his heart. He read extensively and produced greatest poetic lyrics of all time that led him to become one of the most cherished Turkmen of all time. Being a devote of Naqshbandi Sufi and history told us that he went on to travel across the region also to teach pray and bring salvation for his people. Life was not sympathetic to Magtymguly and sadness continued in his personal life which was also reflected in his poetry and writings.

During the time of his youth 18th century was when the Turkmen tribes were engaged in wars and internal conflicts thus became vulnerable to external aggressions. This makes the great poet saddened and he always use his poetic writings to reflect upon promotion of unit love peace and harmony coupled with strong nationhood and prosperity. Having realised the hazards and risks of tribalism and fighting within in his poem Exhortation In The Time Of Trouble" he calls on the Turkmen tribes by their names to unite into a single national state thus becoming the first Turkmen poet to introduce such a political theme into Turkmen literature. He says:

If Turkmens would only tighten the Belt of Determination

They could drink the Red Sea in their strength.

So let the tribes of Teke Yomut Gokleng Yazir and Alili

Unite into one proud nation.

Because his poetic greatness and his ideas Magtymguly has been given a major place among the icons of independent Turkmenistan. The nation-building features of his verses have been accorded particular distinction by President Niyazov especially his call to the fighting Turkmen tribes to unify into a single proud nation. Several roads towns and corners of the county are name after the great poet Magtymguly in order to pay rich tribute and at the same time transcending knowledge of his teachings to the emerging Turkmen generation. The state-run national youth union bears his name and there are many statues to the poet across the country. Quoting the words of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov The poetical world of Pyragy is in fact the Turkmen philosophy generated in the course of millennia the melody of Turkmen soul and the invincible spirit of the Turkmen".

Many of Magtymguly's contemporaries consider the ideas of him as a fervent call and patriotic request as the Turkmen nation's mystical and ethical composition that led the people onward inspired sureness in them illuminated the way forward with the unfading light of reality. Today the work of Magtymgyly helps to better understand history to recognize the origin of spirituality of the Turkmen nation. The poet's poems sound like an anthem to patriotism and freedom unity and solidarity spiritual and ethical principles of the Turkmen people. a renowned Hungarian traveler and scientist Armin Vamberi observed that the Turkmen people perceive Magtymguly as a miracle-worker who has comprehended all the books all the sciences of the world... His book will for long take the first place for Turkmens after the Koran". The poet's philosophical views on conscience honor freedom justice

closely intertwined with universal values and found their embodiment in the Main Law the Constitution of the independent neutral and prosperous Turkmenistan.

O Makhtumkuli worlds float in your thought When you were young you only cared for sport: Now you are thirty and you see more plain; Those tears that fall announce your sad report. Dawn Is The Time
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