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Magnetic platen system upgrades safety & controls.

Improved safety features and controls mark the changes to the upgraded M-Tecs 130 magnetic quick-change mold-clamping system from Hilma Div. of Carr Lane Roemheld, St. Louis. New features include a multi-LED indicator panel that shines red if there is a problem such as a high-temperature reading. There is also a sensor to indicate any mold movement when the tool is fully clamped--and a safety circuit to halt the press. Monitors also check the magnetizing current to ensure the proper holding strength is maintained and to prevent overheating.

The M-Tees 130 system is said to provide up to 20% more magnetic clamping force (256 lb/[in.sup.2]) than the previous design. Clamping or de-clamping takes 1 to 2 sec, and electrical power is not required after clamp-up. The system operates at up to 266 F and has been used on presses from 30 to 1750 tons. Hilma also offers the M-Tecs 210 system for elastomers and thermosets. It operates at temperatures up to 464 F.

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Title Annotation:keeping up: tooling
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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