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Magnetic chucks.

MagVISE EEPM (electro-permanent) chucks are used for normal and heavy-duty drilling, milling, and boring operations on medium- or large-sized workpieces. Rough and uneven stock can be held. A sliding pole extension supports uneven workpieces. A minimum of four alternate poles contact is necessary for optimum magnetic holding power. Minimum thickness of job is 3/4".


EEPM magnetic workholding chucks reduce setup time while maintaining uniform electro-permanent holding power over the entire workpiece. Since workpiece distortion does not occur, tool chatter can be minimized and surface finish and tool life can be improved.

No electricity is needed to keep the EEPM chuck connected. The magnet keeps on holding tight even during a complete power loss. Earth-Chain Inc., Booth F-2591,
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Title Annotation:IMTS 08 Hall
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Aug 1, 2008
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