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Magnet nurse appraiser position overview.

The Magnet Recognition Program seeks to recruit highly qualified and broadly experienced Appraisers who are nursing leaders and role models of professional practice. Magnet appraisers may come from all roles within nursing, including staff nurses, nurse managers, clinical specialists, educators, nurse practitioners, and faculty.

Since the Magnet Recognition Program appraisal process is one of peer review, with the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) playing the key role in achievement of Magnet Status, Appraiser Teams will be led by current and former Chief Nursing Officers who are trained appraisers.

Magnet Appraisers agree to conduct a minimum of two appraisals per year. Appraisers are evaluated by the organization being appraised, by the team, and the Team Leader. The term of an Appraiser is not limited by time but may be restricted by performance.

Specialized Expertise: This refers to knowledge or skills in an area of high need for expertise within the program like data analysis and interpretation, and facilitation of group process and team skills. Superior written and oral communication skills are also essential qualities for successful appraisers.

Appraiser Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: This refers to the ability to read and comprehend large amounts of written information, interpret data, apply the Forces of Magnetism and make determinations about their presence within the submitted documentation. Furthermore, computer literacy, poise under pressure, the ability to professionally and respectfully probe an audience with requests for clarity of information, knowledge of program evaluation ethics and standards of performance are all important appraiser attributes.

Magnet Appraisers must hold the following minimum qualifications:

* Registered Nurse with at least ten (10) years of experience.

* Currently employed in nursing practice or academe (exceptions may be made of the Director, Magnet Recognition Program, for seasoned appraisers who are designated as Magnet Mentors).

* Master's Degree or higher (international application, the equivalent as applicable in the country of the international applicant)

* Member of an ANA affiliate Constituent Member Association (i.e., state nurses association) or, for international applicants, the applicable national professional nurses' organization in the applicant's country, through the period of service as an appraiser.1


1. American Nurses Credentialing Center, Magnet Recognition Program. (2005). Magnet Appraiser Selection Process. American Nurses Credentialing Center: Silver Spring, MD.

Joan Trofino Ed.D., R.N., CNAA-BC, F.A.A.N.
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