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Elemental enrichment of the exoskeleton of the whip spider Phrynus marginemaculatus (Arachnida: Amblypygi). Radosavljevic, Dragoslav; Ada, Earl; Hochberg, Rick Sep 1, 2021 8401
Western Magnesium has plans to return manufacturing of this key, strategic commodity to the USA. Jun 4, 2021 830
Western Magnesium speeds up its production timelines with completion of reactor. Jun 3, 2021 439
Western Magnesium announces $100,000 convertible note financing. May 4, 2021 163
Western Magnesium updates on ongoing progress of pilot plant construction. Feb 11, 2021 301
Western Magnesium announces creation of sales and corporate partnerships division. Financial report Dec 9, 2020 545
North America looks to reclaim the supply chain for strategic metals; meet the companies pushing to protect the region's economic and national security interests. Nov 7, 2020 680
Tissue testing crops is generally [...]. CHRIS BOND Sep 24, 2020 203
Western Magnesium Corporation starts work on its first commercial pilot plant to produce low-cost and green magnesium metal. Sep 23, 2020 378
NA Proactive news snapshot: Western Magnesium, BioSig Technologies, WeedMD, KWESST, Killi, Humanigen UPDATE ... Sep 23, 2020 3071
Vertical Distributions of Soil Nutrients and Their Stoichiometric Ratios as Affected by Long Term Grazing and Enclosing in a Semi-Arid Grassland of Inner Mongolia. Zhou, Juan Hu, Daowei; Li, Qiang; Wang, Qicun Sep 1, 2020 6753
Effect of Tillage Systems on the Yield and Quality of Winter Wheat Grain and Soil Properties. Wozniak, Andrzej; Rachon, Leszek Sep 1, 2020 4891
Potassium Positively Affects Skin Characteristics of Sweet Potato Storage Roots. Klipcan, Liron; Oss, Ruth Van; Kieserman, Alexandra Keren; Yermiyahu, Uri; Ginzberg, Idit Sep 1, 2020 6873
The Impact of Intercropping on Soil Fertility and Sugar Beet Productivity. Romaneckas, Kestutis; Adamaviciene, Aida; Sarauskis, Egidijus; Balandaite, Jovita Sep 1, 2020 8032
Effects of Biochar and Ground Magnesium Limestone Application, with or without Bio-Fertilizer Addition, on Biochemical Properties of an Acid Sulfate Soil and Rice Yield. Panhwar, Qurban Ali; Naher, Umme Aminun; Shamshuddin, Jusop; Ismail, Mohd Razi Aug 1, 2020 8003
Chemical Properties of Soil in Four-Field Crop Rotations under Organic and Conventional Farming Systems. Kwiatkowski, Cezary A.; Harasim, ElZbieta Report Jul 1, 2020 10212
Physicochemical and Bacteriological Characterization of Industrial Wastewater Being Discharged to Surface Water Bodies: Significant Threat to Environmental Pollution and Human Health. Tariq, Muhammad; Anaya, Alia; Waseem, Muhammad; Rasool, Muhammad Hidayat; Zahoor, Muhammad Asif; Ali Jun 30, 2020 7431
Influence of Cover Crop, Tillage, and Crop Rotation Management on Soil Nutrients. Haruna, Samuel I.; Nkongolo, Nsalambi V. Jun 1, 2020 8282
Microstructural and Mechanical Analysis of Sintered Powdered Aluminium Composites. Behera, Rajesh Kumar; Samal, B.P.; Panigrahi, S.C.; Muduli, K.K. May 31, 2020 2940
Effects of Land Use Types on Selected Soil Properties in Central Highlands of Ethiopia. Negasa, Daniel Jaleta Apr 30, 2020 7739
Environmental Application of Ash from Incinerated Biomass. Wierzbowska, Jadwiga; Sienkiewicz, Stanislaw; Zarczyriski, Piotr; Krzebietke, Slawomir Apr 1, 2020 7499
Changes in Assimilation Area and Chlorophyll Content of Very Early Potato (Solatium tuberosum L.) Cultivars as Influenced by Biostimulants. Wadas, Wanda; Dziugiel, Tomasz Mar 1, 2020 6476
Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas Using a Red Rock. Mrosso, Register; Machunda, Revocatus; Pogrebnaya, Tatiana Mar 1, 2020 5775
Botanical Origin and Nutritional Values of Bee Bread of Stingless Bee (Heterotrigona itama) from Malaysia. Mohammad, Salma Malihah; Mahmud-Ab-Rashid, Nor-Khaizura; Zawawi, Norhasnida Mar 1, 2020 10501
Problem caused by heavy metals in Kalavasos reservoir not serious. Annette Chrysostomou Feb 11, 2020 314
Application Research of New Cementitious Composite Materials in Saline Soil Subgrade Aseismic Strengthening. Huang, Shuai; Lyu, Yuejun; Peng, Yanju Jan 1, 2020 9187
Research on Multipass Hot Spinning Process Technology of AZ80 Magnesium Alloy Shell. Liang, Wei; Guan, Lin; Lv, Qiongying; Xing, Zhigang Dec 31, 2019 5641
Adamas Finance Asia Investee Starts Production At Chinese Quarry. Dec 27, 2019 284
Magnesium Metal Research by Price, Share, Size, Trend, Industry Growth, Top Leading Player and Regions / Forecast to 2023. Dec 20, 2019 1003
Next Generation Batteries Market 2019-2027: Key Findings, Sales Revenue, Emerging Technologies, Regional Study, Business Trends and Future Prospects. Report Dec 18, 2019 959
Recent Progress on Mg- and Zn-Based Alloys for Biodegradable Vascular Stent Applications. Liu, Ying; Lu, Bingheng; Cai, Zhixiong Nov 30, 2019 9794
Magnesium Metal Market Worldwide Analysis 2019 by Size, Share, Sales, Revenue, Gross Margin, Top Manufacturers, Production Status Forecast 2025. Nov 14, 2019 1113
Magnesium & Compounds / World Market Review 2013-2018 and Forecast to 2023. Oct 25, 2019 380
Closing Yield Gaps through Soil Improvement for Maize Production in Coastal Saline Soil. Zhang, Jishi; Jiang, Xilong; Xue, Yanfang; Li, Zongxin; Yu, Botao; Xu, Liming; Lu, Xingchen; Miao, Q Oct 1, 2019 6888
Optimization of Magnesium Alloy Wheel Dynamic Impact Performance. Jiang, Xin; Liu, Hai; Lyu, Rui; Fukushima, Yoshio; Kawada, Naoki; Zhang, Zhenglai; Ju, Dongying Sep 30, 2019 5196
Adamas Finance upbeat on potential for Chinese quarry. Sep 17, 2019 393
Next Generation Batteries Market 2019 - 2027: Size, Business Profit Growth, Global Segments and Industry Trends. Sep 13, 2019 751
Automotive Metal Wheel Market - Ongoing Design Innovations to Reinvent the Automotive Metal Wheel La. Sep 6, 2019 968
Chemical attributes of soil under cassava wastewater application in Marandugrass cultivation/ Atributos quimicos do solo sob aplicacao de agua residuaria da mandioca no cultivo de capim-marandu. Bezerra, Marcio G. da S.; da Silva, Gualter G.C.; Difante, Gelson dos S.; Neto, Joao V. Emerenciano; Aug 1, 2019 5140
MgO Fertilizer Sole and Combined with Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers: Effect on Soil Chemical Properties, Turmeric Performance, and Quality in a Tropical Alfisol. Adekiya, Aruna Olasekan; Alori, Elizabeth Temitope; Aboyeji, Christopher Muyiwa; Dunsin, Oluwagbenga Jul 31, 2019 5416
CrowdReviews Partnered with Reed Exhibitions to Announce: Aluminium China & Lightweight Asia 2019 Continue to Spotlight the Advancements in the Automotive Industries. Jul 5, 2019 398
Effect of vegetation patch size on selected chemical properties of soils under semiarid climate conditions/Yari kurak kosullarda bitki grubu buyuklugunun bazi toprak kimyasi parametrelerine etkisi. Ozcelik, Mehmet Said; Gokbulak, Ferhat; Sengonul, Kamil Report Jul 1, 2019 4508
Study of Numerical Simulation during ECAP Processing of Can Based on Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics. Niu, Xiaofeng; Wang, Chenchen; Chan, K.C.; Wang, Han; Feng, Shidong Report Jun 30, 2019 7208
Magnesite-rich mining tailings as a raw material for refractory ceramics--microstructural and thermal analysis/Magnesiidirikka kaevandusjaatme kui rasksulava keraamika tooraine kasutamine--mikrostruktuuri- ja termoanaluus. Karhu, Marjaana; Lagerbom, Juha; Solismaa, Soili; Huttunen-Saarivirta, Elina Report Jun 1, 2019 2415
Short-term effects of byproduct amendments and lime on physicochemical and microbiological properties of acidic soil from Jiaodong Peninsula of China/Efeitos de alteracoes de subprodutos e cal em solo acido da Peninsula de Jiaodong da China. Shen, Yuwen; Lin, Haitao; Song, Xiaozong; Liu, Ping; Bo, Luji; Chen, Jianqiu; Yang, Li Jun 1, 2019 5073
Dielectric and Structural Properties of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) and Poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) (PVDF-TrFE) Filled with Magnesium Oxide Nanofillers. Arshad, A.N.; Wahid, M.H.M.; Rusop, M.; Majid, W.H.A.; Subban, R.H.Y.; Rozana, M.D. May 31, 2019 6536
Multivariate analysis of native forest species in relation to chemical and texture attributes of soil in the region of Cotriguacu--Mato Grosso State/Analise multivariada de especies florestais nativas em relacao aos atributos quimicos e texturais do solo na regiao de Cotriguacu--MT. de Souza Tavares, Lorena; de Assis Valadao, Franciele Caroline; Weber, Oscarlina Lucia dos Santos; E Jan 1, 2019 5076
Automotive Magnesium Alloy Market Forecasted to Grow at Steady Pace During 2020. Oct 11, 2018 106
Terves breaks ground on expansion. Sep 1, 2018 255
American Elements expands lithium capacity to meet demands in aerospace. Apr 10, 2018 122
American Elements expands lithium capacity to meet demands in aerospace. Apr 10, 2018 135
American Elements announces significant strategic lithium expansion in aerospace & aviation. Apr 6, 2018 129
The Silent Superhero. Apr 3, 2018 644
Students thrust magnesium into aerospace spotlight. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 193
New Magnesium Alloy Developed for Upcoming Top Galaxy Phones. Jan 16, 2018 369
Samsung Trademarks 'Metal 12' Alloy For Future Galaxy Phones? Jan 15, 2018 473
Influence of Chromium (III) Insertion on the Thermal Stability of Carbonated Magnesium and Aluminum Hydrotalcites Synthesized by the Hydroxide Coprecipitation Method. Vieira Barbosa, Graciele; Stropa Meirelles, Jusinei; Silva de Oliveira, Lincoln Carlos; Ciola Amores Report Jan 15, 2018 3313
Metal Matrix Composite Market Projected to Reach 619.1 Million USD by 2021. Jan 3, 2018 706
Investigation on Composition, Mechanical Properties, and Corrosion Resistance of Mg-0.5Ca-X(Sr, Zr, Sn) Biological Alloy. Su, Yichang; Lin, Jixing; Su, Yingchao; Zai, Wei; Li, Guangyu; Wen, Cuie Jan 1, 2018 5173
Experimental and Numerical Study of Texture Evolution and Anisotropic Plastic Deformation of Pure Magnesium under Various Strain Paths. Alharbi, Hamad F.; Luqman, Monis; El-Danaf, Ehab; Alharthi, Nabeel H. Jan 1, 2018 7757
Geotechnical Properties and Microstructure of Lime-Fly Ash-Phosphogypsum-Stabilized Soil. Mashifana, Tebogo Pilgrene; Okonta, Felix Ndubisi; Ntuli, Freeman Jan 1, 2018 6227
Antifungal Activity of ZnO and MgO Nanomaterials and Their Mixtures against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Strains from Tropical Fruit. De la Rosa-Garcia, Susana C.; Martinez-Torres, Pablo; Gomez-Cornelio, Sergio; Corral-Aguado, Mario A Jan 1, 2018 5694
Surface lime and silicate application and crop production system effects on physical characteristics of a Brazilian Oxisol. Castro, G.S.A.; Crusciol, C.A.C.; Rosolem, C.A.; Calonego, J.C.; Brye, K.R. Report Nov 1, 2017 7485
Angola's scrappy micro-entrepreneurs: Collecting war detritus and other scrap metal provides at least some income for hundreds of families. Bordalo, Isabel Costa Nov 1, 2017 821
Early seedling establishment on aged Tasmanian tin mine tailings constrained by nutrient deficiency and soil structure, not toxicity. Macdonald, Stuart J.; Jordan, Gregory J.; Bailey, Tanya G.; Davidson, Neil Report Oct 1, 2017 8572
Effect of welding parameters on mechanical properties of aluminium thin sheet joints produced by ultrasonic welding. Kumar, P.; Venkatakrishnan, P.G.; Karthik, V. Jun 1, 2017 1607
Multigrades Classification Model of Magnesite Ore Based on SAE and ELM. Mao, Yachun; Xiao, Dong; Cheng, Jinfu; Che, Defu; Le, Batuan; Song, Liang; Liu, Xiaobo Jan 1, 2017 5079
Influence of the Microstructure and Silver Content on Degradation, Cytocompatibility, and Antibacterial Properties of Magnesium-Silver Alloys In Vitro. Liu, Zhidan; Schade, Ronald; Luthringer, Berengere; Hort, Norbert; Rothe, Holger; Muller, Soren; Lie Report Jan 1, 2017 8464
Effect of magnesium ion on human osteoblast activity. He, L.Y.; Zhang, X.M.; Liu, B.; Tian, Y.; Ma, W.H. Report Jul 1, 2016 4105
Incorporation of magnesium into a biomimetic apatite mineralized via double diffusion method for medical application. Asgari, Bahare; Koudehi, Masoumeh Foroutan Report Apr 1, 2016 2463
Newly Created Metal Both Light And Strong. Dec 26, 2015 330
The relative importance of groundwater and its ecological implications in diverse glacial wetlands. Thobaben, Eric T.; Hamilton, Stephen K. Report Oct 1, 2014 6292
Soil fertility changes following conversion of grassland to oil palm. Nelson, P.N.; Banabas, M.; Nake, S.; Goodrick, I.; Webb, M.J.; Gabriel, E. Report Oct 1, 2014 5974
Removal of calcium and magnesium by activated carbons produced from agricultural wastes. Rostamian, Rokhsareh; Heidarpour, Manouchehr; Mousavi, Sayed Farhad; Afyuni, Majid Report Jul 1, 2014 3642
Carbyne polysulfide as a novel cathode material for rechargeable magnesium batteries. NuLi, Yanna; Chen, Qiang; Wang, Weikun; Wang, Ying; Yang, Jun; Wang, Jiulin Report Jan 1, 2014 3876
Preparation of Al-Mg alloy electrodes by using powder metallurgy and their application for hydrogen production. Hsu, Wen-Nong; Shih, Teng-Shih; Lin, Ming-Yuan Jan 1, 2014 3313
FinnvedenBulten to form JV in China with BHAP, Amgain. Dec 21, 2012 248
Effects of biochars generated from crop residues on chemical properties of acid soils from tropical and subtropical China. Yuan, Jin-Hua; Xu, Ren-Kou Report Oct 1, 2012 7254
Does maternal exposure to magnesium sulfate affect fetal heart-rate patterns? Thorp, John M., Jr. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2012 897
Correlations between calcium, magnesium and hardness of water in the drinking waters of Decatur County Georgia and the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Ojo, Abiodun A.; Sharma, Manju Report Jun 22, 2012 7047
Organic fertilizers and bauxite residue on nutrient availability and nutrition of sugar cane irrigated with potable water and wastewater/Fertilizantes organicos e residuo de bauxita na disponibilidade de nutrientes e nutricao da cana-de-acucar irrigada com agua potavel e residuaria. de Nobile, Fabio Olivieri; Galbiatti, Joao Antonio; Muraishi, Reginaldo Itiro Jun 1, 2012 5292
Phosphorus-contained polycondensation type ion-exchange resins. Tursunov, Tulkun Report Mar 1, 2012 5031
Boron in humus and inorganic components of Hamra and Grumosol soils irrigated with reclaimed wastewater. Kot, F.S.; Farran, R.; Kochva, M.; Shaviv, A. Report Feb 1, 2012 8427
Soil characterization in contrasting cropping systems under the fast track land reform programme in Zimbabwe. Shoko, M.D.; Moyo, S Report May 1, 2011 2504
Cation ratio of soil structural stability (CROSS). Rengasamy, Pichu; Marchuk, Alla Report May 1, 2011 4908
Corrosion of magnesium alloys. Schoff, Clifford K. Apr 1, 2011 854
Anthropogenic effects on heavy metals and macronutrients accumulation in soil and wood of Pinus sylvestris 1/Antropogeninio poveikio itaka sunkiuju metalu ir makroelementu kaupimuisi dirvozemyje ir pusies (Pinus sylvestris L.) medienoje. Pundyte, Neringa; Baltrenaite, Edita; Pereira, Paulo; Paliulis, Dainius Report Mar 1, 2011 5988
The contributions of different ash sources to the improvement in properties of a degraded Ultisol and maize production in Southeastern Nigeria. Nwite, J.C.; Igwe, C.A.; Obalum, S.E. Report Mar 1, 2011 5022
ITC revokes magnesium antidumping order on Russia. Mar 1, 2011 222
Treated ductile iron returns' contribution to lining wear: silica lining wear in coreless induction furnaces melting ductile iron can be caused by magnesium, aluminum and other reactive elements in the molten metal. Duca, William J.; Seider, Russ; Beaird, Jerry Aug 1, 2010 1893
Chelants show their mettle. Fishman, Harvey M. Jul 1, 2010 665
European Commission warns of non-ferrous metal shortages. Nuthall, Keith Jun 1, 2010 467
Periodic supply of magnesium portions in magnesium thermal production of Ti[Cl.sub.4]. Listopad, D.A.; Chervonyi, I.F. Jan 1, 2010 5914
Improved model for estimating the expected roughness in dry turning of magnesium UNS M11311. De Pipaon, Jose Saenz; Rubio, Eva; Villeta, Maria; Sebastian, Miguel Angel Report Jan 1, 2009 1611
K-Ca-Mg binary cation exchange in saline soils from the north of Chile. Gacitua, Manuel; Antilen, Monica; Briceno, Margarita Report Dec 1, 2008 4282
A more detailed examination of the influence of magnesium ion on ALDH2 enzyme activity ([dagger]). Karlstad, Jordan; Gonnella, Thomas P.; Picklo, Matthew J. Technical report Apr 1, 2008 365
Ca-Mg-Fe-rich rhodonite from the Morro da Mina mine, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Leverett, Peter; Williams, Peter A.; Hibbs, David E. Report Mar 1, 2008 4421
Response of maize (Zea mays L.) to different levels of decomposed refuse in Uyo municipality, Nigeria. John, N.M.; Effiong, Greg S. Jan 1, 2008 2344
Effect of petrol and diesel oil on content of organic carbon and mineral components in soil. Wyszkowski, M.; Ziolkowska, A. Report Jan 1, 2008 4005
Magnesium Elektron. Barclay, Steve Mar 22, 2007 1432
Advances in magnesium molding bode well for processors seeking diversity and business. Toensmeier, Patrick A. Dec 1, 2006 1377
Geared up for increased use of magnesium. Jul 1, 2005 383
Lack energy? Maybe it's your magnesium level. Bliss, Rosalie Marion May 1, 2004 1098
Almost famous: magnesium: although there are several applications of magnesium on high-visibility and high-volume vehicles, compared to even aluminum, the applications of the material still remains low. One reason: lack of awareness. Vasilash, Gary S. Sep 1, 2003 1134
These exercises can prevent and even reverse osteoporosis. May 1, 2003 1181
Aspartame: how sweet, and dangerous, it is! Nov 1, 2002 986
Magnesium supplements cut BP. (Clinical Capsules). Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article Oct 15, 2002 156
Marvelous magnesium offers health benefits--from heart to bones. Antinoro, Linda Oct 1, 2002 1152
One nutrient can reduce fibromyalgia and CFIDS. Abstract Sep 1, 2002 1080
Mineral water and magnesium. (Health On A Shoestring). Abstract Sep 1, 2002 100
In need of enlightenment: the International Trade Commission's misguided analysis in sunset reviews. King, Jennifer Karen Apr 1, 2002 11895
Magnesium. Pamphlet Aug 10, 2001 2486
Blood Sugar and Magnesium. Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 189
Magnesium fertiliser dissolution rates in pumice soils under Pinus radiata. Mitchell, A. D.; Loganathan, P.; Payn, T. W.; Tillman, R. W. May 1, 2000 6524
Magnesium. Pamphlet Mar 16, 2000 2307
Magnola and magnesium. Clifford, Des Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2000 2137
Magnesium for the Treatment of Nocturnal Leg Cramps A Crossover Randomized Trial. Frusso, Ricardo; Zarate, Miguel; Augustovski, Federico; Rubinstein, Adolfo Nov 1, 1999 2489
Alternative therapies for diabetes. Pamphlet May 15, 1999 687
Effect of calcined magnesite on soil and Pinus radiata foliage magnesium in pumice soils of New Zealand. Mitchell, A. D.; Loganathan, P.; Payn, T. W.; Tillman, R. W. May 1, 1999 6066
Magnesium Keeps On Growing. Phelan, Mark Jan 1, 1999 627
MAGNESIUM. Schardt, David Dec 1, 1998 2104
Magnesium: another metal to bone up on. Raloff, Janet Brief Article Aug 29, 1998 624
You may be working harder than you need to. Brown, Edwin W. Jun 1, 1997 310
Machining magnesium in big production runs. Apr 1, 1997 753
Softening, iron & manganese removal. Apr 15, 1996 5390
Sometimes I get palpitations of my heart. SerVaas, Cory Jun 1, 1995 277
Retranslocation of calcium and magnesium at the heartwood-sapwood boundary of Atlantic white cedar. Andrews, Jeffrey A.; Siccama, Thomas G. Mar 1, 1995 2484
Portentous UFO pieces. Column Sep 1, 1993 839
Ceramic fibers boost magnesium's potential. Mikucki, B.A. Jul 1, 1989 675
More about magnesium. Grindy, Robert interview Jul 1, 1987 3365
Magnesium as toxic shock key. Jun 15, 1985 197
Are you getting your magnesium? Prince, Francine Jan 1, 1985 2456

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