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Magnesium Chloride: Better De-Icer?

States, counties and municipalities could save millions of dollars in concrete repair costs annually--and benefit from safer, more effectively cleared pavement surfaces--by switching to magnesium chloride as a winter de-icer, according to IMC Salt, a leading manufacturer of deicers.

Because magnesium chloride brine freezes at an extremely low temperature, around -25 degrees F, the compound helps keep streets and sidewalks clear in even the most severe conditions and minimizes freeze/thaw damage to concrete.

Magnesium chloride forms a brine quickly and attracts moisture faster than other standard de-icing compounds such as sodium chloride (salt), potassium chloride and calcium chloride, the company says. Its lower freezing temperature will solidify less often than other brines, so it offers better protection against decay, scaling, pitting, and spalling on concrete surfaces. When properly applied, magnesium chloride and its brine cause no or little harm to plant life adjacent to landscaped areas.

The price of magnesium chloride is comparable to calcium chloride and only slightly more expensive than potassium and sodium chloride.

Details: Visit or write to Don Oster, IMC Salt, 8300 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS 66210.
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Date:Dec 20, 1999
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