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MagnaVerno(TM) Exceeds Growers' Expectations for Crop Quality, Quantity and Profit.

Super Absorbent Company Reports Exceptional Performance of Its Soil Input in Preliminary Results from Major Growers' Trial

IRVINE, Calif. -- Initial results of the largest demonstration to date of the Super Absorbent Company's (SAC) revolutionary soil input product validate the power of MagnaVerno[TM] to increase growers' yield, significantly reduce costs of water, fertilizer, and labor, and thereby enhance grower profits. Results from trials at Bustamante-Parra y Assoc, Mexican partner of Boskovich Farms (California), specific to the growers' green onion fields, show double digit percentage gains in yield and profit. Boskovich Farms markets two high-profile brands under the Onion King and Fresh 'n' Quick labels.

"These results strike to the heart of what we've been telling growers and the agricultural industry - that MagnaVerno will increase profits by increasing crop yields and simultaneously dramatically reducing expenses," states Phil Berlin, CEO of Super Absorbent Company. "We've set our sights on improving the growers' bottom line by delivering a multitude of benefits which include enhanced soil fertility, increased crop yield, significant water conservation, reduced fertilizer usage and reduced labor cost."

For the Bustamante and Boskovich demonstration projects, controls were instituted during the planting process and a control plot was used for comparison. This approach ensured that appropriate methods were in place for measuring the results in each category including:

Water and Fertilizer Use

During the growing period, both water and fertilizer utilization was carefully monitored and measured.

* The pre-plant fertilizer was cut in half for the MagnaVerno[TM] portion of the trial while the control received the full pre-plant fertilizer rate.

* During the growing cycle, test area used 25 percent less water than the control area.

* Both test and control areas were fertilized in the irrigation water (fertigation). Control was fertigated 23 times during the growing cycle while the MagaVerno[TM] area was fertigated only 7 times - a 66 percent reduction.

* MagnaVerno[TM] crop required less bunch trimming, thereby reducing labor costs.

Growth Cycle

* The MagnaVerno[TM] treated area emerged 2 days after irrigation vs. the control which emerged 5 days after the first irrigation. The MagnaVerno[TM] area emerged very uniformly and over a short period (4-5 days). The control emerged gradually over a period of 10+ days.

* The MagnaVerno[TM] treated area was ready for harvest a week before the control area.


Results show that the MagnaVerno[TM] yields were dramatically superior to the control area yield.

* The MagnaVerno[TM] treated area produced much heavier yields -- 35 percent -- which were also brighter green in color and bunches were larger in size.

* Five foot sections of beds were selected in both the MagnaVerno[TM] and control areas. The MagnaVerno[TM] area yielded 26 bunches per section, the control only 20 -- a 30 percent better yield.

MagnaVerno[TM] bunches averaged 3.69 ounces per bunch, the control 3.12 ounces per bunch - a marked difference of 18.3 percent.

* Harvest crews were visibly pleased with the MagnaVerno[TM] treated onions since there was significantly less trimming and peeling necessary to create a good bunch. This positively impacts the grower's ability to attract and retain a dwindling labor force.


The plot grown with MagnaVerno[TM] experienced greater crop yield and simultaneously diminished costs leading to increased profits.

"These results surpassed even our own expectations, with MagnaVerno[TM] outperforming any soil input of its kind currently available to growers," concludes Berlin. "Orders and repeat orders are now streaming in as growers recognize the qualitative and economic advantages of this innovative product."

About Super Absorbent Company

* Super Absorbent Company (SAC), with more than 20 years of production experience, is the nation's oldest and leading manufacturer of biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe starch-based superabsorbents. Its proprietary microbial blend, soil input product is marketed as MagnaVerno[TM], which, in addition to water savings, provides growers with greater germination and crop yields while reducing the use of fertilizers and other chemicals that are both costly and end up in our water tables. With facilities in North Carolina, Arizona and Idaho, SAC serves domestic and worldwide agricultural and horticultural markets as the gold standard in farm management. SAC is developing new patents and proprietary ventures that introduce imaginative, safe, and effective new solutions for the global marketplace. Contact for business development inquiries; for investor relations; or call 877.443.8800.
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Date:Oct 17, 2006
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