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MagiQ Technologies Announces New, Next Generation Quantum Cryptography Solution.

NEW YORK -- Quantum Private Network (QPN) 7505 Provides Speed and Ease of Use Required for Widespread Government and Commercial Adoption

MagiQ Technologies, Inc., the quantum information processing (QIP) company, today announced its new QPN 7505 quantum encryption solution, encapsulating several advances and improvements suggested by government and OEM customers during the testing and deployment of its current quantum encryption product, the QPN 5505.

The new platform incorporates several features to meet enterprise and government sensitive or classified requirements, including:

--Multiple gigabit data plane for use in high speed networks

--Remote control for centralized network monitoring and management

--Multiplexing of data and quantum channel over a single fiber, reducing the operational cost of deployment

"During trials and deployment of our QPN 5505, we received some excellent feedback from our enterprise and classified installations that helped us improve the speed, usability and integration ease of the product," said Bob Gelfond, CEO of MagiQ Technologies. "I am pleased that our customer base and engineering team have helped us move our unbreakable encryption solution to the next level."

Earlier this year, MagiQ announced the integration of high-performance security processors from Cavium Networks to help develop more functional and cost effective network security products, and this device is one of the early results of that partnership. Cavium's NITROX processors are used for the data encryption portion of the QPN 7505.

"Quantum encryption breaks the cycle of relying on computational difficulty for encryption strength," said SafeNet CTO George Heron. "Rather than endless engagement in the 'arms race' of classical crypto, quantum encryption solutions such as MagiQ's QPN 7505 offer truly unbreakable security grounded in the immutable laws of physics. This brings a welcome change to those for whom a compromised encryption key is simply not an option."

Following the MagiQ's QPN 5505, the world's first commercially available quantum cryptography system, MagiQ's QPN 7505 is a next-generation quantum cryptography system. It relies on the laws of physics rather than the computational difficulty of breaking keys, and is easily integrated into existing digital computing network infrastructures. MagiQ's system incorporates real-time key generation with quantum distribution for absolute certainty in detecting compromised keys and providing real time intrusion detection. MagiQ's QPN delivers always-on industry standard IPSec based VPN protection while providing an additional layer of security via quantum cryptography. The system offers cost-effective protection from both internal threats such as disgruntled employees and external threats. MagiQ's QPN 7505 is targeted at government applications including military, intelligence gathering and home land defense. Commercial applications include financial services, telco carriers and disaster recovery.

MagiQ also announced the availability of its Quantum Cryptography Test Bed, a series of test architectures, tools and methods to facilitate the evaluation of quantum cryptography. The Quantum Cryptography Test Bed can be used for the evaluation and deployment of quantum cryptography. Delivered as a professional services offering, this bundled offering is designed for principal investigators and research staff at military, industrial and academic institutions. Utilizing MagiQ's award winning QPN system, the Test Bed produces a low cost, expedited time-to-results solution.

About MagiQ Technologies, Inc.

MagiQ Technologies ( is the award winning quantum information processing (QIP) company. Through its unique blend of science, business and engineering expertise, the Company is the first to commercialize the advancements in quantum information to benefit forward-looking organizations seeking competitive advantage through technology. Founded in 1999, MagiQ is a privately-held company headquartered in New York City with research & development laboratories in Somerville, Mass.

MagiQ, MagiQ QPN 5505 and MagiQ QPN 7505 are trademarks of MagiQ Technologies, Inc. Cavium and NITROX are trademarks of Cavium Networks.
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Date:Mar 28, 2005
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