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Madsen rifle.

About 1967, I was a fairly new member of the NRA, and my deer rifle of choice was an Enfield .303 jungle carbine. If my memory serves me correctly, gun companies were advertising firearms for sale in the back of the American Rifleman. One such company, Hunters Lodge, was advertising what they called a Danish Paratrooper Carbine, (Madsen Model 47). It was chambered in .30-06 and cost $54, and for a few dollars more, it came with a bayonet.

Being a teenager still in school with a part-time job, I didn't have the needed funds for another rifle, so the decision was made to sell my Enfield and send a money order for this new rifle. Background checks and 10-day waiting periods were unheard of in the "good ol' days"! Having no regrets about buying the Madsen but still feeling bad about selling my jungle carbine and missing the look and feel of the only gun I ever sold, I bought another years latter.

My deer hunting days are over, and I still have all my deer tags to prove it. But it's always great fun to have family and friends over to target shoot the Madsen 47, as well as my other guns collected over the years.

Douglas Steven

El Dorado, Calif.
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Author:Steven, Douglas
Publication:Guns Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 5, 2012
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