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Madonna injured by stage bull.


MADONNA wasn't riding high when she was rushed to hospital after injuring herself on a mechanical bull.

The singer was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles with abdominal pains after performing at a sell-out show on her Drowned World tour.

The 43-year-old star was then evacuated from her hospital bed when a bomb threat was phoned to the hospital.

Madonna developed pains in her abdomen after riding the mechanical bull on stage every night during the American leg of her tour.

The pain became so intense after a show she had to be taken straight to hospital from her backstage area.

A friend of the singer said: "Madonna's emotions were all over the place.

"She thought she might be too badly injured to continue the tour and then the bomb warning came through."

A source at the hospital said: "Madonna had to leave the hospital early while she was still in pain.

"As she walked back to her car you could see she in pain. She looked as weak as a rag doll.

"She was in pain during a few of the other shows but she didn't want to disappoint her fans so she kept on going.

"She went into hospital for surgery to repair an abdominal hernia."

But friends say as soon as she is better she plans to help with fund-raising for victims, survivors and the families affected by the terrorist attacks in the US.

A friend said: "She insists she will rally to do all she can for the cause once she is feeling better and back on her feet."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 4, 2001
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