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Madness of asylum; Teen Talk.

THE British asylum system has often been criticised for being far too lenient, but now it seems to have gone to the point of stupidity where anyone seems to think they can get in.

An immigrant woman from Pakistan has recently been told that she can stay in Britain after she claimed to be 'too tall' to fit in in Pakistan.

She says that she was persecuted, but surely you would expect the same treatment anywhere?

Without meaning to imply that everywhere would bully her because she is more than seven feet tall, how is moving country supposed to help?

I mean, if someone is fleeing their own country for a genuine reason, such as war, and they are willing to become part of our community, then fine. Stick up the welcome banners.

But if a woman, who has openly admitted that she plans to live off benefits and be treated on the NHS AND has only left her country for the simple reason that she is 'too tall' then surely her application to stay here should be declined.

Well, if she has been accepted, don't you worry about our system?

So let's get this straight. A man from Bootle, Arif Dar, who was an exemplary pillar of society and his children went through university so they could pay taxes and contribute to the community, was sent back to a country where he was tormented and beaten' but a woman who will not work full time and wants to take the people's taxes in benefits, well, of course, she can stay here...

And, while we're on a roll, let's give her a free flat and NHS treatment. Oh, and don't forget the complimentary 'welcome to England' goody bag!

What the hell is going on with our government? Surely our system can't be so messed up that innocent people are sent away to be persecuted but 'spongers' are left to raise our taxes.

Is it just me who thinks that maybe, just maybe, this is a tiny bit screwed up and we should be rewarding people who strive to make England a better place instead of throwing them out of a place they have made their home?

Am I so completely insane that nobody can comprehend what seems like logic to me because, of course, I would have to be stark raving mad to want people who will ask 'what can I do for my community?' instead of 'what can my community do for me?'

Or, perhaps, I am the only person in their right mind. In conclusion: send her home and bring him back. The country is insane and, for the first time in my life, I'm not crazy.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 24, 2006
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