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Madness for NHS to fix foreign ops.

Byline: Edited by FIONA PARKER

I'M absolutely disgusted that the NHS has spent PS30million in the last five years on fixing botched cosmetic surgery for people who have had procedures abroad (Mirror, February 12). These people should have to pay for any corrective surgery themselves.

The NHS is doing a wonderful job during extremely difficult times and should not be expected to pay for operations that go wrong at the hands of foreign doctors.

There are people in this country who have to use their hard-earned savings to pay for private treatment because they're in pain and cannot endure the long NHS waiting times.

Why are there people who are denied certain drugs for their illnesses due to cost when we can afford to pay for corrective cosmetic surgery? Talk about a nanny state.

Marilyn Parker, Cardiff

The NHS funds cosmetic surgery for cases of disfigurement or physical abnormalities which cause psychological stress or illness.

Those seeking cheap surgery abroad for reasons of vanity should be made to pay some or all of the cost of corrective NHS surgery should things go wrong.

Perhaps then people would think more carefully about having non-essential and risky surgical procedures.

Diane Silva, Lytham St Annes, Lancs

It's a disgrace that people are having remedial operations on the NHS after going abroad for cheap cosmetic surgery which is often botched. I think these people should be prepared to pay for any corrective procedures carried out by the NHS doctors.

Arthur & Valerie Wood Kippax, West Yorkshire

Having read about people who've gone abroad for cheap cosmetic surgery and having it corrected on the NHS, we then hear about people having hip replacements cancelled due to the funding crisis. It's a disgrace that these people expect the NHS to put things right when it all goes wrong - they should be made to pay the full cost to the NHS.

Mick Streets Chesterfield Derbys

I am so cross that these people, mainly women, who go abroad for cosmetic surgery expect the NHS to sort them out when it goes wrong.

The NHS should refuse to pay for the botched ops - it's in enough trouble without the extra burden being placed on the taxpayer by these silly women.

M Johnson, South Shields Tyne and Wear

I don't think it's entirely fair to portray women who go abroad for cheap cosmetic surgery as a NHS. If things go sometimes lead infections or conditions which could be life-threatening if not treated. I believe a wider problem people who claim compensation from the things go i much w is peopl compensa NHS when wrong here. This culture h from the US and stamped out.

Maureen Powell, Liverpool Live

I am afraid I have no sympathy for these people trying to get cosmetic procedures done on the cheap. The NHS should not have to foot the bill to correct the surgery.

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Our investigation revealed the NHS spent PS30million in the past five years fixing botched cosmetic surgery ops done abroad. Some 1,000 women every year need corrective surgery. You say the NHS shouldn't pay

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 15, 2018
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