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Made in Israel: =91Soil Dipstick=92 Forecasts Health of Planet Earth.


Tel Aviv University=92s Department of Geography has invented a =93soil dips= tick=94 that takes the temperature of Planet Earth and forecasts the health= of forests and farms, according to department Prof. Eyal Ben-Dor. =93Throu= gh a small hole in the surface of the earth, we can assess what lies beneat= h it" by using the Optical Soil Dipstick, he explained.

Ben-Dor said the diagnostic device measures the health of the soil. The new= instrument, already in use in California, can tell geographers which parts= of the world are best for farming and can also be used to catch polluters = of the environment.

Current soil testing procedures require bulldozers and cost millions of dol= lars, but an Israeli-designed dipstick will cost only about $10,000 for eac= h application. The dipstick currently is in a prototype stage and might be = available for commercial use within a year.

The thin catheter-like device gives real-time, immediately accurate and rel= iable information on pollution and the all-round health of the soil. Analyz= ing chemical and physical properties, the dipstick outputs its data to a ha= nd-held device or computer.

Ben-Dor said the device can help farmers pursue =93precision agriculture=94= by allowing them to know if their crops are getting the right blend of min= erals. The dipstick also can be remotely and wirelessly networked to airpla= nes and satellites.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Oct 8, 2009
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