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Mad science.

Paul Schmitt's penchant for technological innovation is a well-known thing. At present he is widely rumored to be hatching some very different deck composites. Is the professor's current posture as a strolling science lecturer a clever ruse to keep some of his secret processes on the down low? When last seen in public, Schmitt was dispensing such rhetorical wisdom as, "How many skateboards can come out of an 80-year-old 17-foot tree? It's one-hundred-fifty seven-ply blanks, the rest is lumber and paper." Or have years of isolation in the lab finally spun him?

Twenty-five years of Cab. How exactly do you play that? Steve Caballero in a single day chose to fire up his 1931 Ford Model, a five-window hot rod, and drive straight south to Goleta, California, where he signed something like 500 commemorative propeller skull boards, then road tripped down to Santa Monica, Calif, where he then sessioned with Olson, Peralta, Aaron Murray, Lance Mountain et al, and then sped back north to Ventura for John Parker's Primer Nationals, and then returned swiftly home to San Jose for dinner.

Fudge, also known as one Travis Millard, mounted a well-attended one-person art show at the eclectic Jeff Electric Gallery on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Calif.

Afrika Baambata showed up for the exclusive, upper category Stussy XXV anniversary party in Echo Park. But Stussy himself never even arrived. Instead, he appeared in San Diego, Calif, at a shaped board gig involving such various beings as Peter Schroff, Bob Hurley, and Ben Aipa.
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Title Annotation:TRASH
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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