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Mad music.

Polka-Dotted IPod Case

Expensive gifts from the mall? We're so over them! This your, we're showing your how to make the pricey stuff you've spotted in catalogs, boutiques and department stores for way, way less. Your friends will love you for it.

This is for an old-school iPod. Adjust the measurements to fit minis, nanos, cell phones, whatever.

Your sister-friend can store her discs in style.

What You Need

cotton fabric remnant * furry felt * straight pins * matching thread * sewing needle * wide ribbon * large "crystal" dome button * 6-inch piece of elastic * small beads

1) Cut 4-inch-by-5-inch pieces of cotton fabric (we went with polka-dots) and furry felt (for lining). 2) Match the felt to the cotton, back sides facing in. Fold ribbon in half lengthwise across a short edge of the matched-up fabrics, and use a blanket stitch to attach, piercing through both sides of ribbon. Trim ribbon ends. 3) Cut 4-inch-by-9-inch pieces of cotton and felt. Match up back sides. 4) With felt still in place, line front sides of one piece of cotton to the non-ribboned end of the other piece, leaving a 4-inch flap. Pin around the edges. 5) Backstitch a 1/4-inch seam along the sides, leaving an opening at the flap. Turn right side out. 6) For flap, fold cotton edges around felt, turning corners in like gift-wrapping. Pin to hold, then secure with a close overcast stitch without piercing through to other side of cotton. 7) Loop elastic, and sew onto inside of flap. Sew button to front of pouch. For extra pizzazz, string beads and sew to bottom of pouch.

Mad Music

Your BFF's earphones are permanently attached to her ears? Make her music magical....

Rockin' CD Box

Your sister-friend can store her discs in style.

What You Need

plain wooden crate * acrylic craft paint * paintbrushes * music magazines * scissors * decoupage glue

1) Spread newspaper out on your workspace, and cover the wooden crate with a coat or two of paint as needed Let dry completely 2) Flip through the magazines, and cut out images of your friend's favorite musicians 3) Using a clean paintbrush, apply the magazine cut-outs to the crate with decoupage glue When dry, go over the entire surface with a coat of decoupage Let dry.

Awesome Audio-Diary

Way better than a simple mixed CD ..

What You Need blank CD * iPod * Griffin iTalk iPod voice recorder * CD-packaging kit

1) Following the directions for the Griffin iTalk, mix your friend's favorite tunes with movie quotes, holiday shout-outs from friends, even phone messages onto your iPod. 2) Burn your mix to a CD. 3) Use the CD-packaging kit (from office-supply stores) to create a label and cover. Scan wrapping paper, magazine clippings and photographs for your printed design.
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