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Mad about Harry; Casualty BBC1, 8.10pm.

THE arrival of consultant Harry Harper (Simon MacCorkindale) is cautiously anticipated.

Surprising the team by turning up with two of his children, Harry soon puts a stop to Lara's (Christine Stephen-Duffy) complaints about the presence of Duffy's (Cathy Shipton) baby.

Wary of her new boss, Lara is disheartened to be reprimanded by him again over her handling of rape victim Melanie (Lisa Palfrey).

Lara is convinced that Melanie's attacker is her husband, David (Dorian Healy).

Getting Melanie to admit this is easier than Lara thought.

But progress is hampered by David's senior police job.

Rushing to her interview for the registrar's post, Lara is despondent when she sees that Harry is on the interview panel.

Grilled by him about her interpersonal skills, she is convinced the job will go to a rival.

The admission of angina sufferer James Miedle (Roger Brierley) is a difficult situation for Charlie (Derek Thompson) who recognises him as his old school teacher.

Aware that James has been branded a paedophile, Charlie asks Dillon (Dan Rymer) to assess the situation as a Samaritan, but receives short shrift from Dillon, still raw from Gemma's death.

MacCorkindale, a former Falcon Crest star, was delighted to join Casualty's medical team.

He says: "I've always been a fan of the programme and it's great to be joining an established show with a great bunch of people."

The actor, who is married to one-time EastEnders star Susan George, played Greg Reardon in the US series Falcon Crest for two years and also directed a number of episodes of the popular show.

The couple recently faced a real-life emergency after they were involved in a serious car accident.

Their Range Rover hit the central barrier on a motorway, somersaulted and hurtled back across three lanes. Thankfully they only suffered minor injuries.


BBC1, 9.00pm

MICHAEL PARKINSON brings another successful series to a spectacular close when he invites comedian and writer Ben Elton on to the show.

He talks about his collaboration with the legendary rock group Queen, who exclusively perform a couple of hits from their new musical We Will Rock You.

Also appearing on the programme is the singer-songwriter who has become one of the most popular entertainers in the history of pop music - Barry Manilow.

And the new face of BBC Natural History and the presenter of BBC2's Chimpanzee Diary, Charlotte Uhlenbroek also gets Parky's gentle grilling.

CSI, Crime Scene Investigation

Ch5, 9.00pm

THE CSI investigate the suspicious deaths of an ice hockey player with a heart condition and a casino lounge musician with a heroin addiction.

When a promiscuous stockbroker who enjoys playing rough dies on the ice rink during a hockey match, Grissom is left to ponder if his injuries and pathology are consistent with his death.

Prior to a meeting with the coroner, Gil and Sara's investigation leads them to beileve that the victim died from a laceration to the neck, inflicted by the blade of a fellow player's skate.

It may or may not have been a deliberate act of revenge.
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Title Annotation:Television
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 18, 2002
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