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Mad River turns 15.

The Mad River Brewing Co. has announced it is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. The company was founded by current brewmaster and GM Bob Smith in October 1989. The company now produces five varieties of Steelhead and Jamaica brand ales, along with John Barleycorn barley wine. The brands are distributed in 14 states, with the bulk sold the West Coast. The company produces about 290,000 gallons of beer each year using a 20-barrel British-style three-vessel system. "Mad River is also proud to be a leader in the development of environmentally-responsible brewing industry practices," says Brian Baku of Mad River. "The company has received numerous awards for innovative waste-reduction successes. Currently 98% of the all waste generated is reused or recycled. In a typical week, this brewery, with a staff of 25, puts less waste into landfills than the average American family of four."
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Title Annotation:Mad River Brewing Co
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Dec 13, 2004
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