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Mactell Corporation Breaks the $1000 Mark for 300MHz Upgrades

AUSTIN, Texas, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Mactell Corporation (Nasdaq: MTLL) today announced the addition of Four G3 300MHz PowerJolt 750 PowerPC processor cards to its MacOS(TM) compatible product offerings. Performance-minded users can utilize the cards to upgrade Mactell XB-PRO Series or other Tsunami-based MacOS(TM) computers at prices starting at only $995.

Mactell's new G3 PowerJolt 750 PowerPC(TM) upgrade card is designed with a separate, extremely efficient high-speed cache bus ratio. The proprietary cache bus enables it to handle CPU commands independently, eliminating loss of performance, Level 2 cache conflicts and bottlenecks, significantly increasing both computing speed and performance. The PowerJolt was recently reviewed by MacWelt in Germany and was found to outperform all other upgrade cards on the market. The G3 PowerJolt 750-PRO PowerPC card features 1mb of powerful backside cache, and the G3 PowerJolt 750 PowerPC card features 512k of backside cache, creating the fastest processor upgrades available. The G3 upgrade is available in Four different Cache Configurations at the 300 MHz speed, achieving processor scores of up to 1240, using Ziff-Davis MacBench 4.0.

The upgrades give users the additional power needed to handle resource intensive tasks such as video editing, internet authoring, and state-of-the- art multimedia. "Never before has 300MHz of performance been available at such an affordable price," said Roy Stock, president. "Mactell was the first accelerator company to offer 300MHz G3 upgrades, now we are the first to make them affordable."

G3 PowerJolt 750 PowerPC cards are compatible with Mactell's XB-PRO Series computers; Apple-Power Mac 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600; Power Computing PowerWave, PowerCurve, PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro, PowerTower, PowerTower Pro, and UMAX Supermac S900, J700. The cards cost $995 to $1,995, depending on the model and processor speed.
 PowerJolt G3 300MHz 512k Cache 2 to 1 Ratio $ 995
 PowerJolt G3 300MHz 1MB Cache 2 to 1 Ratio $1195

PowerJolt G3 300MHz 1MB Cache 1.5 to 1 Ratio $1595
 PowerJolt G3 300MHz 1MB Cache 1 to 1 Ratio $1995

Based in Austin, Mactell Corporation is a publicly traded company, trading on the Nasdaq electronic bulletin board, key symbol: MTLL. Mactell designs, manufactures, and markets a full line of Macintosh OS(TM) compatible computer systems, upgrades, and peripherals for business, school, and home use, specializing in building custom systems produced to customer specifications. Mactell expands the growth of the MacOS(TM) entry level solutions with its price/performance system offerings.

Mactell is the only MacOS based direct sales organization providing centralized shipping of localized products tailored to specific requirements directly to end users and resellers worldwide. The Company offers its customers the ability to order completely customized machines through the web with Advanced Online Configuration (AOC), or they may utilize voice lines, E- mail, or facsimile for ordering. Mactell products are also available at MacZone, ClubMac, Cyberian Outpost, Bottom Line distribution and other major distributors throughout the world.

Mactell Corporation can be reached by telephoning 1-888-Mactell 1-888-622-8355, 512-323-6000, Fax: 512-323-6394, or through its website at Company offices are located at 7000 Cameron Rd., Austin, Texas 78752-2626 USA.

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Date:Mar 30, 1998
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