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Macintosh Players Are Surrounded By Suspicion And Intrigue As They Play The Lead Role In Broderbund's In The 1st Degree; First Entertainment Title from Broderbund Since Myst Allows Anyone to Assume the Role of Prosecutor in a Challenging Courtroom Drama with Amazingly-Realistic Cinematography.

NOVATO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 20, 1995--The spicy and seductive South of Market district of San Francisco provides the setting for Broderbund Software's (NASDAQ:BROD) In The 1st Degree(tm), a challenging courtroom drama combining the latest in interactive CD-ROM software technology with modern cinematography techniques.

In Broderbund's first entertainment release since the blockbuster Myst(R), one assumes the role of prosecuting attorney Sterling Granger in a complex case of murder, lies and conflicting motives. Sterling's goal is to prove the defendant is guilty of murder in the first degree.

Combining Hollywood "blue screen" processes with highly detailed location graphics, In The 1st Degree puts players face-to-face with the defendant, a variety of witnesses, television newscasters, a sometimes sleepy, but unforgiving judge and an arch-rival attorney. By choosing from a variety of questions and witnesses, players must determine how to handle each witness to build an air-tight case as they assume the role of prosecutor in a sensational murder trial. A complex web of branching themes ensures that each question asked to witnesses will slightly alter the information available, and their level of cooperation, when the case goes to court.

In the court room, witnesses that seemed hostile in pre-trial interviews may attempt to mislead the jury or lie outright. Others will either cooperate with the player or decide to assist the defendants's attorney. As is sometimes the case in real life, the actual truth may never be known, regardless of the verdict.

The video images, which are mapped onto the screen, make it appear as though the entire screen is a single fluid image, rather than the "porthole" approach used in past software with video. By making the active window seem larger and utilizing sophisticated digital video technology, In The 1st Degree makes full use of motion picture techniques, such as cutting to close-ups, walk ons, and reaction shots. This product is the first to move cinematography into a truly interactive medium.

"We started this project two years ago, because we felt strongly there was market for this form of interactive dramatic entertainment," said Ken Goldstein, Publisher of the Education and Entertainment Studio of Broderbund Software, Inc. "Think of it as a movie one participates in with hundreds of possible paths through it and several possible endings. This game will appeal to both experienced `gamers' and the new breed of entertainment software consumers who have been engaged by Myst."

Although this program is certainly not meant to be a home curriculum for aspiring lawyers, it does have a high degree of realism and grit. Al Giannini, an assistant district attorney for the city of San Francisco, acted as a legal consultant during the script writing and filming of In The 1st Degree.

Because the drama is triggered by complex mechanisms, the story and the verdict change with multiple plays. First rounds will usually result in the jury declaring "Not guilty," a lesser verdict such as manslaughter, or even a trial dismissal. As if that's not feedback enough, players also watch their mistakes critiqued by television newscasters on the evening news. Players are drawn back to the game as witnesses reveal more layers of the complex plot as Sterling (the player) learns to influence them. Eventually, if he succeeds, Sterling is rewarded with a verdict of second degree and, finally, first degree murder.

Adair & Armstrong

In The 1st Degree is the result of a creative partnership and collaborative design effort between the resources of Broderbund Studios and the expertise of the multimedia video production company Adair & Armstrong. Emmy-winning film producers, Peter Adair and Haney Armstrong created the concept and directed complicated shoots using both blue-screen techniques and real-life locations, such as the San Francisco City Hall Courthouse. Working with several professional actors, Adair & Armstrong produced compelling video images that make the two-CD product constantly engaging and surprising during gameplay.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

In The 1st Degree for Windows CD-ROM is currently available for approximately $45 - $50. It requires a 486 25MHz processor or faster, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 4MB of RAM (8MB recommended for both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95), double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compliant sound device, DOS 5.0 or higher, and Super VGA (256 color mode, also supports thousands of colors video mode, if available, to provide extremely realistic video) display. The Macintosh CD-ROM version of In The 1st Degree will be in stores by December. It will require at least a 68030 25MHz, double speed CD-ROM drive, System 7.01 or higher, 640 x 480, thousands of colors (recommended) or 256 color mode, 8MB RAM, 3.5 MB of hard disk space (including QuickTime).

Broderbund Software, Inc. is a diversified consumer software company that offers a broad selection of fun, award-winning products for use in homes, schools and small businesses. Founded in 1980, the company is committed to creating imaginative personal computer software of lasting value for every member of the family.

Broderbund and Myst are registered trademarks of Broderbund Software, Inc. In The 1st Degree is a trademark of Broderbund Software, Inc.

CONTACT: Broderbund Software

Shannon Jamieson, 415/382-4567

Dana Henry, 415/382-3238
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Date:Nov 20, 1995
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