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The Busellato Velox Fst-L1 semi-automatic single-side boring and dowel gluing/inserting machine from Stefani Group America features 23 spindles with boring depth and feed speed adjustment, four pneumatic clamps, maintenance-free glue nozzles and foot pedal cycle start, the company says. Circle #221

The Tech 90 point-to-point boring machine from SCMI has been designed for panel boring operations and features CNC programming and tool selection. Offering nine independent vertical spindles, two opposed horizontal spindles and a grooving saw, workpieces are held in place with a standard vacuum hold-down for maximum production. Circle #222

Thermwood Corp. builds both moving table and fixed table style machines and will demonstrate both types at the 1992 IWF show in Atlanta. Included are automatic tool changers, multi-spindle drilling heads, mortising heads and special squaring heads for cutting inside corners. Circle #223

The Rover 342 machining center from Biesse America Inc. travels along its X and Y axes at 75 meters per minute and travels along its Z axis at 15 meters per minute. The company adds that the machine is capable of being installed with four additional workstations. Circle #224

The Model R-23 radial arm line drill from Ritter Mfg. features a 23-spindle drill head mounted on a radial arm. Fast and accurate location of 32mm system hole is achieved by the use of a digital display scale. The use of the radial arm allows for referencing of all 32mm system holes from the front of the component panel. Circle #225

The Morbidelli FM400 D/A and FM400 S/A automatic boring machines from Tekna both have 21 spindles and are driven by motors installed coaxially with the spindles. Circle #226

The Byrnes/Bacci dowel inserter with glue applicator machine from Richard T. Byrnes Co. inserts up to six dowels into one or more work-pieces. Glue is spread by a new injecting system without air or glue contact. Circle #227

The Masterwood Model 313 CNC point-to-point machine from Eric Riebling Co. Inc. can perform automatic CNC boring and features a heavy-duty steel structure, 2-hp motor and dust collection system. Circle #228

The Weeke BP-10 CNC point-to-point boring machine center from Stiles Machinery Inc. includes a router, X-Y grooving saw, three-spindle horizontal boring unit and seven-spindle row boring aggregate. The machine features NUM750F controls, which include dialogue software for use with a remote PC. With a total of 16 spindles, the machine has a 98.4 in. by 39.4 in. work surface. Circle #229

The Ayen ECO-21 boring machine from Force Machinery Inc. drills holes for dowelled butt joints, dowelled miter or angle joints and a variety of other boring applications. Features include a unipoint tilt system, automatic depth control and quick setting fences. Circle #230

ICBT Inc. says its B.RE.MA Model GLR-X-ST 1100 CNC boring machine with five-axis, eight-position turret revolver is capable of handling up to eight tools. The company also offers the Shoda NCW-516-1656 CNC machining center with twin tables; the Shoda NC516P-2132 pallet changing CNC machining center with two tables; the Shoda NC-IU, five-axis CNC router with one table and tool changer; and the Shoda NC-516-EJ single-table CNC router. Circle #231

The Nottmeyer Comet Super S-NC 101 from European Woodworking Machinery Inc. is a dowel hole boring and inserting machine. All supports and boring units run four-fold on precision-ground guide rails and support is adjusted via worm gears. Circle #232

The Model 280 from Tritec Associates with the Mirror Image program can drill, glue and insert dowels in opposite ends of a component without double handling of the work piece, and without manual switching of the individual gluing/inserting stations. According to the company, the electronic programmer will automatically switch from right to left pre-selected gluing/inserting stations as the panel is first drilled on one end of the machine and then turned 180 [degrees] and machined on the other end. The company reports that cycle time is under six seconds per end for drilling, gluing and inserting up to eight dowels. Circle #233

Nichols Machine Co. says its improved corner block machine can combine block sawing and boring into one operation. The new design helps cut set-up time with three-axis handscrew adjustable mounts, according to the company. Circle #234

The Model DD Dowel Inserter from Accu-Systems is designed to insert both glue and dowels in one application and can be set up to shoot two different sized dowels without any change over. Metered glue shooters for opposite holes are also available for the machine. The company also adds that the machine is made in the U.S. Circle #235

Hafele America Co. says its Varian-tool-N drilling jig can drill 37 holes with a spacing of 32mm, and if more holes are required, the jig can be moved by inserting a locating pin in the last hole drilled. If intermediate holes are required, use of the marking pins allows easy drilling direct from the jig to the marked areas. The depth gauge, with its depth stop ring, is reported by the company to assure durability for the tool and drill bits. Circle #236


J.C. Uhling Products Co. says its HP5000 semi-automatic case clamp has a clamping capacity of 100 in. by 48 in. by 24 in. The electronic/pneumatic clamp has three horizontal and two vertical pressure bars, heavy wall steel tube construction and time-controlled operation, the company says. Circle #237

Cemco Inc. has developed a complete line of drill bit spindle guards for all models of vertical boring machines. The guards can be mounted to any hole pattern using both needle and ball bearing spindle assemblies, and are also available for fixed center head clusters. Circle #238

Koch Machinery and Systems says its Model BT-PTP NC horizontal is reported to eliminate setup time for edge boring operations in window and door production. The flexible machining center can be furnished with one or more transversing boring units, which can be supplied with single-or multiple-spindle boring heads. All boring patterns can be stored in on floppy disks. Circle #239

The V85 AutoFramer from Norfield offers safety and productivity. Features include a solid state control system and the ability to be able to cut and drill components in one step and in two seconds. Circle #240

Pistorius Machine Co. says its Wedgelock system has been specifically designed for low-volume frame assembly. The system can be used for all kinds of wood materials, according to the company. Circle #241

American Clamping Corp. offers the Bessey K Body Clamp that provides the user with the long opening of a bar clamp with the large, parallel jaws of a handscrew. The jaws are designed to remain perpendicular to the rail and parallel to each other throughout the clamping range. Circle #242


The Superset 23 moulder from SCMI can perform a tool change-over in less than four minutes, according to the company, and added features include constant direct gear driven feed system and sound-proofed safety enclosure. Circle #243

The four-head automatic straightening feed through moulder from Casadei Machine features profiling capacity and is reported to be ideal for small to medium size shops, according to the company. Circle #244

Western Machinery Group says its Lateral Chain Feeder can perform butt to butt moulder and planer feeding. Features include variable speed hydraulically driven lateral chain feeder, rugged construction and user-friendly controls, according to the company. Circle #245

A. Costa America Inc. says its Euro, Spamatic and Mondial moulders are designed to handle feedstock up to 10 in. by 12 in. at speeds of 16 to 197 fpm. The machines feature quick set-up, adjustment and changeover times. Special operator training is not required, and all models can be equipped with computerized numeric control. Circle #246

Iida Trading Co.'s Model Woodsman M222 with 9-in. by 5-ih. capacity is available with four to nine spindles. Also offered is a choice of four computerized setting systems for short-batch production or built-in knife jointing for high-speed work. Circle #247

Wadkin USA has a five-head moulder that offers the versatility of high production and improved finish, at a very affordable price, it adds. The company will also be dimonstrating the Electronic Setting and Positioning System at the show. Circle #248

The Unimat 23 model from Michael Weinig Inc. can mould thicknesses from 1/8 in. to 4 3/4 in. and widths from 1/2 in. to 9 in. Other features Include cast iron construction, mechanical drive and pneumatic feed press, the company says. Circle #249

The Kuwahara KPF moulder from Tekmatex Inc. features steel and cast iron construction, stepless variable feed, pneumatic feed Press, belt driven spindles and vertical tilting of spindles. Circle #250

The Bridgewood BWM-314 moulder from Wilke Machinery Co. features cast iron construction, mechanical drive, spring-type feed press and belt driven spindles, the company says. Circle #251


The new Pinheiro Bossman series of planers, planer/moulders and planer/ripsaws from Auburn Machinery Inc. are said to be rugged, compact and versatile. The Compact-450 four side planer/moulder has a 6-in. by 18-in. capacity, which allows flexibility and wide product range capabilities. Circle #252

Eurohansa Inc. says its Lestro planer uses a horizontal milling head with interchangeable cutter inserts instead of cutterheads. The machine can remove 1/4-in. of stock with each pass and is reported to be low noise. The planer has been designed for the solid panel industry, glued panels, solid tabletops and chair production. Circle #253

Abrasive Engineering & Manufacturing says its Series 600 knife planer/sander offers furniture, millwork or cabinet operations closer tolerances and improved finish after dimensioning and eliminates knife marks and removal of slight grain tear-out. The planer removes excess glue and levels the wood surface, while the sander provides final dimensioning and a consistent surface. Circle #254

Jet Equipment & Tools says its Jet JJ-8CS wood jointer features a one piece stand with dust chute, large cast-iron table and fully adjustable infeed and outfeed table. Circle #255

Advantages of the Rotoles system of planing available from Lestro-Ledinek include: ability to work short pieces; no danger of back strike of the wood; less power required for material feeding; and the ability to plane long, slim and partly crooked wood pieces. The system can do the following processes: surface discovering, pre-planing, planing, preparation for laminating and calibration. Circle #256

The FB Series from Newman * Whitney comes in three basic configurations: the FB-101 is a fixed bed, top cutterhead single surfacer; the FB-102 is a fixed bed, bottom cutterhead first double surfacer; and, the FB-103 is a fixed bed, double bottom and single top cutterhead surfacer. All three models come in widths of 24-, 36-, 40-, 50-, and 60-in. Circle #257


The Omga V313 vertical double miter saw distributed by Derda Inc. features adjustable angles for cutting frame mouldings for pictures, furniture, doors and furnishings. The adjustable angle, with self-centering locking at angles of 45 [degrees], 30 [degrees], 22 [degrees] make it possible to cut components for rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal frames. A variety of optional equipment is available, according to the company. Circle #258

Delta Int'l Machinery Corp. says its inverted pin router utilizes a 3-hp motor with a 22,000 rpm spindle. The company adds the machine offers improved performance while routing, shaping, internal cutting, slotting, boring, mortising, rabbeting and other operations. To ensure accuracy, the spindle is mounted to a cast iron machine frame using hardened steel guide rods, according to the company. Circle #259

Mattison Woodworking Machinery Co. says its Mattison 76 turning lathe is the first CNC rotary lathe available for the woodworking industry. Features include: AC servo drive motors that control the variable headstock/tailstock rotational speeds and the carriage infeed rate. Cams are no longer needed for polygonal turnings, the company says. The controller can store as many as 65 parts programs in its memory. Circle #260

Motionmaster/GAF Automation's SB-440T twin table CNC router with Allen-Bradley 8400 controller features 2- to 12-hp spindles and two pneumatic drills. According to the company, parts can be machined on one table while the other is completely out of the work envelope for safe loading or new part setup. Optional features include multiple router spindles electric drills, seven or nine spindle gang drills, indexable saw heads, shaper spindles and horizontal boring. Circle #261

The Techno/Isel CNC router is reported to be an affordable CNC router with a 49 in. by 41 in. working area and can cut wood and MDF. Features Include a 3 hp variable speed router and 2-D MasterCAM software. Circle #262

The Homag BAZ Processing Center from Stiles Machinery Inc. can reportedly perform contour routing operations, edgebanding up to 360 [degrees], trimming, sanding, boring and grooving. Designed to meet the demand for custom made products, the company says the machine can reduce production costs through its computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) capabilities. Circle #263

The American-made four-head VR 1005TT twin table machining centers from Komo Machine Inc. features two 60 in. by 60 in. by 2 in. work tables which can be locked together to form one work surface. The company adds that the machine offers more flexible control over machining activities and non-machining activities such as part loading, unloading, inspection and setup. Circle #264

The Model SP-160-NC door/window production machine from Koch Machinery & Systems is a CNC-controlled machine designed for the production of stiles and rails for the window and door industry. The machine is capable of trimming, coping, boring, mortising, gluing and dowelling of each part, the company says. Circle #265

CMS North America Inc. says its entry level line of CNC machining centers has been designed for small and medium sized manufacturing companies. Features include Allen Bradley CNC control with memory capacity of 96 KB, sound/safety enclosure, and three different models to chose from. Two models feature single table design and 10 hp motors, with a double table model also available. Circle #266

Northwood Industrial Machinery says its CNC routers, though built in Louisville, Ky, feature German linear motion units, Baldor servomotors, Allen Bradley controls mounted in air conditioned cabinets. The router heads are 15-hp Continentals made in the US and feature air-oil mist lubricated bearings for long life. Air-assist cylinders reduce the load on servomotors and ball screws for vertical travel. Circle #267

The 36210-X inverted router from C.R. Onsrud Inc. is similar to the 362 10 but also includes: variable speed control, digital readouts, 10 cfm vacuum template system, depth stop allowing the use of larger cutters and rapid hole plunging, and a Rizer block under the over-arm for the running of thicker workpieces. Circle #268

The 250-20 RBT La Scolpitrice CNC carving machine from Macoser Inc. helps reduce skilled manpower costs because only one operator is needed for the setup and the programming; the machine will produce in automatic mode without operator assistance. Loading and unloading is semi-automatic due to the unique centering device and automatic chucking. Other features include automatic tool changer and fully enclosed body, which eliminates noise, dust hazards and operator fatigue, the company says. Circle #269

The Model TBC Trim, Bore or Chuck machine from J.S. Richardson is a two-axis CNC machine with a single saw and boring or chucking unit mounted on precision ball slides and driven by precision ball screws. It has capacities of 24 in. of the X-axis and 6 in. on the Z-axis. The Z-axis capacity is sufficient for either chuck or geared head boring work. The saw has 2 in. of manual adjustment for tenon length and the chucking and boring motor has 1 1/2 in. of manual adjustment for stock thickness. Circle #270

The Kitako four tool automatic tool changer from Tekmatex Inc. features four tools built into the router head spindle, which eliminates all external tool feeding apparatus. Other features include tool exchange times of only 2 to 3 seconds. Circle #271

HendrickSaw says its HendrickShinx line of CNC routers feature increased capabilities and versatility with a state-of-the-art 386 PC with a 40 MB internal hard disk and 25 Mhz. clock speed as standard equipment Benefits include unlimited program storage, quick access to files, faster program editing and loading programs from an external source with less time. The company adds it has one of the widest head selections on the market. Circle #272

Danckaert Machinery Co. says its Maka Model HBA 3 CNC horizontal mortising/boring/routing machine offers three-axis capability for versatile operation. Designed for producing custom parts productively, the machine's oscillating chisel mortising design is combined with boring and router technology to manufacture windows, flush doors, furniture components, hardwood dimensions and architectural millwork. Circle #273

The Rover 325/L CNC throughfeed machining center from Biesse America has a 126-in.-by-37-in. working surface. Panel positioning is by means of conveyer with three independent sections driven by hydraulic motors with automatic panel positioning, all electronically controlled. The 325/L has two machining heads manufactured to accept six, optional work units. Other features include: 90 [degrees] swivelling 4-hp saw, 3-hp horizontal router and 1.8-hp sanding unit. Circle #274

PacWest Machinery says its CNC router uses Toyo Iron Works' CNC programmable robotics to load and unload its heavy-duty routers. Toyo can automate systems and eliminate labor, the company says, and the routers can be matched to demanding tasks. The BNNC-14 plus K10S is a multi-functional boring and drilling machine with twin table, high-speed capability, according to the company. The machine utilizes Fanuc CNC controllers, the company added. Circle #275

Timesavers Inc. says its 100 series router is designed to meet the demands of smaller woodworking shops, R & D shops and vocational programs. Features include 3-hp electronic variable speed router motor, KCAM software, 286 IBM PC/AT compatible computer system and 24-in. x 36-in. work surface. Circle #276

CMS North America offers the flow-through JIT Machine Center. It has CNC controlled flow-through rollers, vacuum-pods, side-front alignment and part probing/correctlon plus a patented revolver. Circle #277

The IMA QuadroCenter CNC flexible furniture and cabinet manufacturing cell, available through Roger Stiles and Assoc. Inc. consists of two machines designed for build-to-order production. Panels are brought to the cell rough cut and oversized. The machining center can size, square, drill, rout, groove and perform both horizontal and vertical drilling. After edging a side, a return mechanism automatically shuttles the panel back to the operator for further processing. Circle #278


Several features have been added to the Opti-Rip Gang Rip Optimizer from Silvatech Corp. The length measurement option provides operators with lineal and board feet volume totals for incoming lumber and processed ripped widths. The system can be integrated with automated lumber handling and delivery systems. Circle #279

Group Seven Systems Inc. introduces its new rough mill optimization system, DYSYS (Dimension Yielding System). It utilizes video and computer technology to scan boards for gross footage and areas of interest such as defects and clear wood, the company says. It optimizes boards to width and length based on the cutting list. Boards are positioned and fed automatically. Circle #280

Irvington-Moore/Applied Theory now offers a laser-based Grade Defect Scanner that checks wood cells for any extreme deviation and immediately flags that part of the board as defective. The scanner will find any defect that causes grain deviation including: knots, knot holes, machine or insect damage; pitch pockets, heavy decay and some splits. Circle #281

Koetter Dry Kiln says it uses innovative simplicity instead of high-tech methods to make drying lumber better and easier than ever. The conventional kiln uses an oil-filled thermometer to get accurate wet-dry build depression readings. Forklift pockets are added for handling ease. Available lengths are 18 in. and 36 in. Circle #282

The Model CDM300 12-in. double-end trim miter and compound miter cut-off saw from CTD Machines Inc. has been designed for double mitre cutting on wood, aluminum and plastics. The saw can cut mitres up to 45 [degrees] toward each other and up to 45 [degrees] compound mitres on one side of the mitre plane and 10 [degrees] on the other. A standard machine is equipped with two 3-hp, 3-phase motors with starters and four dust chutes. Circle #283

Seco Investments Co. offers the SK-460RS straight line ripsaw that has an 18 in. throat clearance and features that include auto lubricator, precision balanced arbor with chain link feed system and 15 hp motor with three speed feed chain. Circle #284

GreCon says its Model 1004 fully optimizing cut-off saw has been designed for small and medium size operations that process timber cross sections up to a maximum 50mm by 150mm. Features include an electrical feed AC servomotor, chain transport and different optimizing possibilities that include minimum cutting losses, maximum price and priority evaluation of certain lengths. The company adds that measuring devices detect different timber grades as well as widths and thicknesses. Circle #285

The Wonder Saw from Barr-Mullin features a software system that results in better yield than existing computerized systems, according to the company. The chop saw requires very little floor space and is affordable for even the smallest dimension producers, the company says. Circle #286

The DSG 150 frame saw from Wintersteiger Inc. features precision saw blades with a cutting width of only 1.2mm which can reduce wood waste by up to 70 percent, the company says. With a cutting height of up to 200mm, the frame saw has been designed for cutting pencils and parquet flooring. Circle #287

The Ott Rondomat semi-automatic profile trimming machine from Eric Riebling Co. Inc. is reported to perform soft edges demanded in today's furniture styles. Designed to fit any floor plan, the machine trims the ends of 90 [degrees] or 180 [degrees] postformed panels. Circle #288

The T4 sliding shaper from Mini Max is reported to be accurate and vibration-free with the advantages of a tilting arbor and sliding table. It offers a wide range of rpms and allows for spindle sanding and small diameter cutters. Circle #289

The Greda MIDA/F, available from Koch Machinery & Systems combines several operations for the production of chair legs and similar parts. The machine double-end trims the part to size, flattens the shoulder with a shaping cutter, then bores assembly holes. Holes can be in adjacent or opposite sides, and the machine is also available with slot mortising instead of boring. Circle #290

The horizontal arch shaper from Fortis Machinery Corp. has been designed for curved mouldings up to 5 in. wide, and has a cast-iron table, 7.5-hp motor, height adjustment with digital readout and axial adjustment for fit of the profile on the moulding. The company says the machine can cut any shape moulding such as radius, ellipse, full oval or full circle shapes. Circle #291

E & R Supply Co. Inc. says its BOF horizontal arch shaper/cutter from Stegherr is a completely self-contained, high-performance unit capable of profiling and grooving curved or straight bars, mouldings and wooden arch parts. A specially designed feed roll mechanism with adjustable feed rate guides provide: flexibility and solid or laminated stock can be shaped. Circle #292

Edge Finisher Corp. says its radial arm router shaper can produce parts of any shape and size up to 48 in. square. Equipped with a 3 1/2-hp motor, the machine also features a vacuum clamp system that permits fast clamping and unclamping. A circle stop system allows for fast, easy cutting of circles. Circle #293


Designed for the hobbyist as well as the professional wood turner, the AP-2000 wood copying lathe from E & R Supply offers a variable speed electronic drive motor and cast iron construction. Optional equipment includes an easy to operate copying attachment. Circle #294

The Locatelli Dishmatik automatic face plate lathe from Macoser Inc. is capable of turning the front, the side and the back of the workpiece simultaneously, according to the company. Features of the machine include maximum flexibility, fast set-up and zero tooling cost, and a PLC unit ensures maximum reliability. Circle #295

The Hempel automatic multi-purpose copy lathe from Duespohl USA Inc. has been designed for large productions of turnings that include chair legs, balusters and posts. Features of the machine include a template sensor that is hydraulically operated for accuracy and speed, short set-up times and a unique disk type cutter for longer cutting life, according to the company. Circle #296

The Torreda Tormadex Hidropal hydraulic copy lathe from Heritage House has three-speed advancing and dual gouges for fast wood removal and repetitive, accurate cuts. The two-speed hydraulic back knife tool allows clean, fast detail work, the company says. Circle #297

Henry Wiegand Corp. offers the type HHE electronically controlled lathe and the machine has diameter capacity of 5 1/4 in. with four gouges removing up to 4 1/2 in. of wood in one pass, the company says. Other machine features also include hopper feed of semi-automatic programs and are available on request. Circle #298


The model 3810 10 in. miter saw from Skil Corp. is reported to be 18% lighter for easy transportation and offers nine right or left positive stops for precision cuts. Other features include a 3-hp motor, hardened steel gears, all ball and roller bearings, easy blade changes, blade wrench storage and a dust bag. Circle #299

The Auto-Mach electric wood carving tool from Sugino Corp. chisels wood at up to 1,000 vpm. The company says it is safe, lightweight and easy-to-use. It features a pressure activated head that controls carving speed and depth. The company also offers a wide variety of hardened steel carving blades. Circle #300

Robert Bosch Power Tools has introduced four models of plunge routers that feature a micro-fine bit depth adjustment that can be performed from any plunge position and is accurate to within 0.004 in. The resettable depth indicator can be zeroed into any position. Flexible bellows keep plunge posts dust-free while a Bosch Air-Sweep Dust Extraction System removes debris at the source without interfering in operations, the company says. Features include single wrench bit changes, swing-away chip shield and self-releasing collet system. Circle #301

The model 1870 plunge router from Skil Corp. is reported to offer high power with light weight. The spindle lock affords easy bit changes in the included 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. collets. Convenient on-tool wrench storage is provided. The clear template guide adaptor offers good visibility and efficient dust collection, the company says. Circle #302


The SK series of compressors from Kaeser Compressors are reported to produce fully adjustable pressure ranges up to 205 psi. Features include easy maintenance filters and an automatic belt-tensioning device. Circle #303

The Kempf model CKA 1 fingerjoint system from Akhurst Machinery Ltd. features cutting both male and female profiles in two strokes with glue application on the up-stroke and micro-processor control. Circle #304

The Automatic Drawer Front machine from Nichols Machine Co. Inc. has the ability to simultaneously rip-to-width and groove for the drawer bottom, making production quicker and easier. The rip saw automatically adjusts for up to five pre-set widths In sequence and repeats the pattern for matched fronts. The company adds the machine is also capable of ripping and grooving serpentine and bowed fronts. Circle #305

The Mitre-Mite VN4-Electronic bottom nail assembly machine from AMP International is designed for high-volume production. The machine is computer electronic controlled and can produce mitered corners on hardwood, softwood, MDF and cellular plastics parts. It is available in two or three position models. Circle #306

Ambi-Tech's "blade-snake" poster delivers a powerful safety message that coating blades can "bite." With the upcoming safety codes requiring the elimination of coasting hazards, the colorful poster, available at the company's IWF booth, is a helpful reminder. Circle #307

Monostop is an automated measuring and stop system from Evans Machinery. Its main benefits are two-minute set-up time per day, accuracy in measuring length and quantity, and more pieces completed per hour, the company says. The tool works with heavy beams, cabinet frames, drawers and more. Circle #308

Norfield Ind. says its StopGauge system provides a center reading point so operators can make settings quickly and easily without moving away from the saw. It reportedly can reduce materials waste with a hairline pointer and adjustable eccentric cams that provide secure clamping for accurate cuts. The system also allows cuts up to 10 ft. Circle #310

CRP Industries is the exclusive sales and service representative for Perse motors and frequency converters in North America. Included is the FRL70 series -- the Workaholic -- which is designed to permit axial and radial loading capacities idal for rapid feed, high-speed, CNC routing. It is available in up to 7.5 hp/18,000 rpm. Circle #311

The Exac-T-Guide available from Bradpark Industries Inc. attaches to any circular saw or router. Using the saw, cuts accurate to 1/100 in. over 8 feet are possible, the company says. The router may be worked in four directions as well as arcs and circles. In both cases, production-type repetition is built into the machine. Circle #312

Forcam Inc. has developed its Smart Motor Controller which makes it feasible to automate the set-up of new and existing woodworking machines. It replaces cranks and reportedly results in up to a 60% cost reduction. Machines such as tenoners, borers, trim/miter/bore machines and edgebanders can be retrofitted with the motor. Circle #313

The Flip-Pod Vacuum Holding System, Model 01, available from Jamesway Products & Services holds workpieces during machine processing. It was primarily designed for CNC routers but it can be used on other types of machinery, the company says. Circle #314

The 45-degree miter door system available from Solid Wood Systeme Inc. eliminates time-consuming setups caused by changes in length, width, thickness and profile of the door to be made. This is done by an internal stop system which utilizes a consistent reference point common to a range of different sizes of door frame stock. Circle #315

Maxym Robots from USA Robot cut, drill, shape and assemble wood composites into the many parts and products made in the wood products industry. Maxym's Pattern Maker software tells a Maxym robot what to do through an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use drawing program. Circle #316

The Tucker Vise produced by Veritas Tools features 360 [degrees] rotation, 90 [degrees] tilt, integral dogs, pivoting front jaw, cork jaw liners, quick release mechanism, elevated guide rods, easy mounting and automatic open. All cast components are made from a new alloy (ZA-12) that the company says is stronger than cast iron, less brittle and 20% lighter. Circle #317

The new Laser Mova-Line Mounting Kit from Carter Products Co. Inc. can accommodate either one or two laser lines and is easily Installed because the lasers ride on the same track, the company says. Uses include horizontal or vertical edger applications, plywood lay-up tables, chipper edger lines, band mills, vertical plumb lines and other applications. Circle #318

Air Table Components from Glasgow Products are reported to enable any surface to become a buoyant air flotation surface. The components may be installed into panel saws, feed tables, conveyors, etc. The nozzles automatically turn the air on when a load is present and off when the nozzle is no longer activated. Circle #319

New standard and low-production finger-joint machines designed to handle lower production rates are now available from Western Pneumatics Inc. along with the company's high-production machines. The new standard production machine will handle 40 LF per 8-hr shift, while the low-production machine will produce 25 LF per shift. Durable components are utilized in each machine to maximize operation, the company says. Circle #320


Morbidelli introduced an improved version of the Author 510 CNC machining center distributed by Tekna Machinery features the company's new automatic tool changer. Tools can be changed while machining operations proceed, eliminating downtime. The tool magazine can hold up to 10 different tools. In addition to point-to-point boring, the Author 510 can rout, profile, score and sand in one pass. Circle #321

The Tech 90 Super is the first point-to-point machine with routing capabiltiy offered by SCMI. The CNC control features graphic aids for programming the boring scheme and for making the proper tool selection. The operating group consists of nine Independent vertical spindles, two opposed horizontal spindles and a grooving saw. Circle #322

The Bacci FC-NC copy shaper from Richard T. Byrnes Inc. is a CAD/CAM-based system that eliminates the need to make and store profile templates. Clamping and positioning are done simultaneously. Sanding, boring and milling heads can be added to the system to increase versatility. The FC-NC can process straight edges and radius edges. Circle #323

Homag displayed a manufacturing cell composed of a Weeke point-to-point boring machine and a Ligmatech ZSB 10 panel feeding and unloading system. Available from Stiles Machinery, the Ligmatech robot has a suction bar equipped with a compensating clutch that enables precise positioning of the workpiece onto the Weeke machining center. Circle #324

The Biesse Rover 18 point-to-polnt machining center features a new angular based design and movable vacuum lock supports. It has 12 vertical spindles, a 7 1/2-hp router motor, a grooving saw, horizontal boring unit and a double-loaded pinion system for increased travel speed of the machining head. Circle #325

The Auteco Multiplex 250 moulder features a computerized positioning system of the width and height. Working width ranges from 20mm to 250mm; working height is 10mm to 120mm. Feed speed is 4m to 24m per minute. Circle #326

C.M.S. introduced the PF-102 machining center. It features twin 5-ft by 5-ft tables, an eight-position automatic tool changer and a 12-spindle point-to-point vertical drill unit. Circle #327

The Brema GLR feed-through machining center from Servatek Inc. features five-axes control standard, but can go up to seven axes. Panels are fed vertically through the machine; there is no limitation to the length of a panel that can be processed. Parts as small as 14 in. by 2 in. can be machined. An eight-position turret revolver can handle up to eight different tools including boring block, angular milling units, sawing heads and angular boring units for top and end boring. Circle #328

An electronic kicker has been added to the Omga T 520 NC automatic cut-off saw available from Derda Inc. The kick-out device sorts pieces automatically according to length. The saw is programmable to optimize cutting and defecting. The NC has a memory capacity of 600 measurements subdivided into 20 cutting lists. Circle #329

A. Costa's Bisonte gang ripsaw -- for heavy-duty hlgh-volume ripping -- has a split feed chain, which reduces slippage and eliminates the possibility of cutting the chain with a blade. Its arbor is 30 in. wide and is able to cut material up to 5 in. thick. Feed speeds of more than 200 fpm are possible. It can be used with Opti-Rip, a computerized optimizing ripping system. Circle #330
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Date:Aug 1, 1992
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