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Machining Equipment: getting the most for your buck.


More than 100 new woodworking machines, organized into eight categories, are featured in the following roundup. Getting the most out of a buck is a business necessity if a company wants to stay in business very long. The difficulty lies in providing high-tech capabilities at a low cost. Balancing these two requirements means one thing -- doing homework on available machines. In this vane, WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS has compiled the following roundup of some of the latest in boring machines, clamping equipment, moulders, planers, sawing machinery, routers and machining centers, shapers and other machines.

For more information on any item, circle the Reader's Service Card number, or consult the 1991 W&WP Red Book.

Boring machines

Quickwood offers multi-spindle boring machines that are smaller than typical boring machines, making them easy to assemble and operate, according to the company. They can be utilized with up to 40 spindles and are suitable for template spindle and linear spindle mounting. Available in three models, each machine comes standard with a safety guard, multiple pressure shoes and a continuous chip removal system. 221

Force Machinery offers the Ayen BNC-HNF borer which features 16 independent vertical spindles and a 9-spindle line boring head as well as the addition of a 3-hp router spindle, a double-sided horizontal drilling head and saw spindle for grooving in cabinet backs. Different operations are graphically depicted in separate colors on a monitor so that the operator can see the function performed. 222

SCMI Corp.s' Top series boring machines with either 21 or 35 spindles feature motorized tilting of the boring head from 0 to 90 [degrees], the company says. The cast-iron head is equipped with a hydraulic brake for positive control of the stroke and other features including quick change adapters and lateral mirror imaging gauge. 223

Medalist McKnight Miller Div. offers the model 405 CNC vertical boring machine which features an IBM PC compatible computer for automatic setup and positioning of spindles in the programmed boring pattern. According to the company this reduces setup time and permits faster production runs. Four standard single spindle heads are driven by a 2-hp motor. The programmable table stroke is hydraulically controlled and the boring area is 16 in. by 48 in. 224

The Gannomat Model 270 from Tritec Associates can drill and insert two hinges, (or RTA Fittings) in under five seconds, according to the company. The machine can be set up for any type of hardware and is easily indexible for different length cabinet components, the company says. Also available in single station model as well as three or more stations, the machine uses a 24 volt self-diagnostic microprocessor for speed and reliability, the company says. 225

Tekna Machinery Inc. offers the Morbidelli Universal 50 multi-spindle point-to-point drilling machine. The company says it is designed specifically to execute multi-spindle boring and routing operations on panels up to a maximum of 1,300mm (51 in.) deep. Multi-unit 9-hp routers, horizontal boring groups, and saw grooving units can be applied. The Universal 50 comes equipped with 29 independent spindles controlled by the advanced micro-processor, Tria 6000, that is capable of moving the drill head in simultaneous X, Y and Z axis planes. 226

Doucet Machinery Inc. offers four different models of boring machines. The Model J-45 can bore holes at compound angles on both sides of the part. The Model 40 is a combined vertical and horizontal boring machine. The J-3HA is a vertical boring machine which uses self-feed hydraulic spindles for compound angles or straight vertical boring operations; while, the Model J-20 is a horizontal boring machine for boring in-line holes in the edges of a part. 227

The Vitap MX boring machine from Atlantic Machinery features: three 2.5hp motors; two parallel vertical heads with 21 spindles each; one head with 21 spindles pneumatically tilting to either a vertical or horizontal position and each head having digital readout for precise adjustments. It also includes six pneumatic hold-downs and a CNC system. A memory system for stops is included. 871

Altendorf America says the Brandt RB 25 was designed specifically for kitchen cabinet, furniture and store fixture applications. The machine features two parallel drill heads of 25 spindles each. Both or either drill head can be activated by foot pedal control. The model also features a fixed-reference linear fence and two hinged fences with micro-precision stops; six short-stroke clamping centers; and dual center flip stops on the line boring fence to accommodate KD fitting work. 228

European Woodworking Machinery offers the Nottmeyer Thru-Feed Boring Machine SP-N available with top, bottom and end boring. Each support axis is equipped with an electronic digital indication and a pneumatic clamp. Standard boring heads come in 11 spindles for vertical boring and nine-spindles for horizontal boring. Other configurations are available. A complete CNC throughfeed boring/doweling system is also available. 229

Fortis Machinery Corp. offers its WW-19 and WW-23 heavy-duty universal 19- and 23-spindle boring machines for 32mm systems. According to the company, these machines were designed to be rigid and fully universal for construction and line boring, vertical and horizontal drilling and angular boring. Whole spindle assembly is driven from both sides by two 1.5-hp Ema standard motors. Total weight is 1,630 lbs. 230

Features of Grass America's GM I include: an eight-spindle gearbox for line boring, hinge drilling and baseplate drilling; easy adjustment for precise boring depth; and, automatic removal of wood chips with air pressure. Machine operations are controlled by an air logic system, automatically shutting off bits for safe operation. It also includes a 220V/3-phase/1-hp motor to drill through the hardest woods with ease, the company says. 231

Available from Koch Ltd. Machinery & Systems, Bussellato machines are offered in two basic structures: the Supermaster Series features heavy-duty overhead beam-type construction, and Super-junior has cantilever-type construction, without all the features and capacities of the Supermaster. Features available on new models include: increased working fields, particularly for auxiliary units; a wide range of boring-spindle arrangements; and increased machining capabilities. These models integrate IBM-compatible PCs into the operation. 232

B.M. Root Co. offers the RH 1000 horizontal borer which features: stepless hydraulic feed, automatic or intermittent feed strokes, fast setup, 36-in. table boring capacity and easy access spindles. Spindles can be equipped with multiple, fixed or adjustable boring heads. 233

SL Woodworking Machinery Inc. offers the SL Model DM039, a 39-spindle machine suited for vertical and horizontal construction holes as well as line boring. The company says this machine can be converted in seconds from vertical to horizontal boring by pneumatic control and requires no additional setup. This model also performs intermediate angle boring such as 45 degree frame and case assembly holes. 234

The Busellato's Multibohr from the Stefani Group America Inc. is a feed-through multi-spindle boring machine. It features patented vacuum chucks, the company says. 235

Roger Stiles & Assoc. offers the IMA type BIMA 1 CNC-controlled drilling and milling machine with two processing stations. It is designed to handle vertical, horizontal and groove drilling, fitting insertion and groove sawing. 236

The Weeke BP-05 machining center, available from Stiles Machinery, offers quick setup and changeover, CNC flexibility, boring, grooving and routing capabilities. CNC control has X/Y/Z interpolation and interfaces for connection with a CAD/CAM PC. Features include 10 vertical, individually controlled boring spindles and two horizontal spindles for end boring. Panel table consists of six pneumatically clamped support tables with two vacuum cups each. 237

Solid Wood Systems Inc. offers the Balestrini line of drilling equipment. Included is the Model FTA end-cutting, moulding and boring machine, and the IF Model for end-cutting and boring. 238

R.S. Brookman offers the Series 3600 micro-processor controlled, linear locator machine. The boring heads can be single or twin, provided with multi-spindle blocks to a variety of centers and clusters. The micro-processor, according to the program keyed, causes the workpieces to be located before the heads, clamped and bored, thereby generating the required pattern of holes. Also, the processor will retain up to 100 programs in memory, has mirror image reversal and step interval setting. 239

Marcon Woodworking Machinery Inc. offers the Model M8000 mini boring machine. Its features include: 13 spindles on 32mm centers, adjustable drill depth control, 48-in. fence with swing away tops and a 17-in. by 31-in. drill surface. The company says the model M8000 offers the advantages of interchangeable heads for custom drill patterns and adaptable heads for use on a drill press. 240

The seven-spindle boring head is an accessory available from Julius Blum for the Minipress drilling and hinge insertion machine. This device attaches to any existing pneumatic or manual Minipress and enables the manufacturer to economically perform System 32 drilling. Two retractable locator pins permit accurate successive boring of seven holes per cycle and the line of holes can be bored up to 94mm from the edge of a panel. 241

Eric Riebling Co. offers the Schleicher Model RV46 in-line drilling machine. The machine is supplied with two boring heads, each equipped with 23 spindles spaced at 32mm. The RV46 is equipped with pneumatic index stops which, according to the company, ensure exact positioning when drilling in the longitudinal direction. The RV46 also comes with a pneumatic side clamp to hold workpieces against the fence and both boring heads are adjustable via hand-wheel. 242

Duramac Inc. offers a full line of vertical, horizontal and combination type high-speed drilling machines. The "Toyo" line of boring machines combines point-to-point NC boring with automatic material loading and unloading. The through feed boring machines interface with each other to form high-speed process lines. The company says the BYNC-1200 NC boring machine is precise, inexpensive and easily operable, which allows the operator to do other work at the same time. 243

Available from Hafele America, the Futura 2000 system is designed for easy use in small, medium and large shops. It handles both vertical and horizontal line drilling and features air hold-downs and fence assembly. 244

The BR-25 horizontal boring machine from Lobo Power Tools Inc. has a longer drill head and 5 spindles. It has a sturdy metal stand, pneumatic air clamp and a foot pedal. 245

J.S. Richardson's Type R machine for 1/4-in.-through 2 1/4-in. diameter dowels features a self-centering feed that saves time and labor and avoids off-center cutting and stock waste, the company says. Its infinitely variable 2-hp drive feeds from 50 to 200 fpm, the company says. 246

Clamping equipment

Adwood Corp.'s heavy-duty single hand-operated edge clamp holds thick edging material in place on straight, round or curved panels. The clamp can edge inside or outside radii and performs a wide variety of jobs, the company says. 247

Altendorf America offers the Comil S-940 cabinet clamp, which it says combines a heavy-duty precision frame with simple pneumatic controls to change quickly from one cabinet size to another. All vertical clamps are reported to be easily unlocked/adjusted and locked. 248

The Bessey S10 vise clamp from American Clamping Corp. is reported to work like a bench vise and cabinet makers clamp. The tool can be used for general, round shaped parallel and irregular shaped angles. It can be mounted to any surface up to 2 1/4 in. thick and is produced from a glass-fiber filled, non-marring and glue resistant material. 249

Bar clamps offered by American Tool Co. Inc. features a one-handed locking mechanism. The new QUICK-GRIP bar clamps are available in five sizes with 6-in.,, 18-in., 24-in. and 36-in. jaw openings. The company also manufactures locking pliers and clamps, snips, step drills and battery service tools. The products are said to be ideal for small shops. 250

Doucet Machinery Inc.'s chain type clamp carrier features a tubular steel frame, hydraulic clamping and rotation, and an electronic operator for monitoring the tightening, indexing and loosening of the clamps. It also offers a panel flattener, hold-down and front rest. 251

The Model R-300 frame clamping table from Ritter Manufacturing Inc. is a 6-ft by 12-ft perforated steel table designed for clamping dowelled or mortise and tenon frames. It comes standard with 10 3-in. stroke clamping cylinders, three adjustable stops, four hold-downs and a foot pedal with a regulator and gauge. 252

Quickwood's model K-10 and K-12 EL case clamps can be used for assembling kitchen cabinets, appliance enclosures, shelf systems and other case goods. Features include: independent control of horizontal and vertical pressures and a rack-and-pinion mounting systems. 253

The Dual Automated Clamp Carrier from James L. Taylor Mfg. Co. is a high production room temperature edgegluing machine which uses two automated carriages. One is located above the operator for loosening clamps and the other is below for flattening panels and tightening clamps. 254

CAM clamps from Toulan USA are used for clamping right angles, boxes, picture frames, shelves and pocket screws. The company also offers the model 2005 and 2006 corner cam clamps. Instantly adjustable, the clamps can narrow as much as 1/8 in. through 3 in. thick and are constructed of an aluminum base and two high-impact plastic cams. 255

The Speed-Bench three-in-one clamping workbench from Tekton Tools Inc. can be used as an instant clamping system, a quick release tool stand and a stand alone workbench. The system is reported to hold materials from thin paneling to 4-in. timbers and has five adjustable settings from 0 to 4 in. The clamp gives 150 lbs of clamping power and is spread out to help marring of soft materials. Constructed of all steel, it weighs 43 lbs for easy mobility. 256

J.C. Uhling Products Co. offers the HP 5000 semi-automatic case clamp. The clamp features effortless operation easy changeover procedures and increased efficiency and productivity, the company says. 257


Diehl Machines' new Accumould DL205 through-feed moulder will be premiered at the Anaheim Woodworking Fair. The moulder features a rigid cast iron frame, custom cabin enclosure, digital readouts for left side horizontal and top spindle vertical adjustment, automatic bed lubrication, extra long infeed table, top spindle beam interlock, powered lower outfeed rolls, referencing cutter and Diehl standard 1-13/16 in. spindles. 258

The Unimat 23 moulder from Michael Weinig Inc. has a new base casting design which allows the machine to be configured to match every customer requirement, the company says. Productivity is increased with 8,000 rpm spindles that can produce 33% higher feed speeds over standard 6,000 rpm spindles, the company says. All spindle adjustments and locks, including the Universal spindle, are in one row along the front; pressure rollers and short stock feed rollers all pivot away from the tool for better access. Left side pressures and fences move together with the left spindle, or separately with single adjustments. 259

Mattison Woodworking Machinery Co. offers the Model 286 five-head moulder with the following head sequence: first bottom, top, left side, right side and second bottom head. It features a trackless chain feed bed for optimum traction, push-button-controlled top feed rolls and a pneumatic quick release. Outboard bearing boxes are standard. Options include: hopper-feed, additional right side head, larger cutterhead motors and hydro-lock spindles. 260

The Griggio througfeed moulder Model G 180/5, available from Atlantic Machinery Corp., features four heads plus a fifth universal head for maximum flexibility, feed roller with transmission from first spindle and pressure rollers for short pieces. Each head has a 9-hp motor with magnetic starter. Automatic lubrication and increased horsepower are options. 261

Iida Trading Co. offers a mid-range line of moulders with a full range of options and CNC systems. The Model Woodsman M222 with 9-in. by 5-in. capacity is available with four to nine spindles and a choice of four computerized setting systems for short-batch production or built-in knife jointing for high-speed work. Data for 31 patterns can be stored in the machine memory. 262

SCMI Corp.'s Superset 23 features the Setup System which ensures maximum speed in setting up, the company says. To adjust the tool simply set the new diameter and this movement adjusts the tool, working thickness or width, feed rollers and all pressures. 263

The throughfeed Steton moulder, available from Danckaert Woodworking Machinery Co., has built in jointers, Cardan spindle drive and 2-hp chainless feed. 264

The Model M-462 four-head moulder available from Sunhill Machinery features a separate feed motor that controls two top infeed rolls and two table rolls, with variable feed speeds from 10 fpm to 40 fpm. 265

Foley-United Co. offers the 750 planer/moulder with spring tension rollers, removable jointers, V-belt spindle drive and digital readout in inches or metric. 266

The W7 Series moulder/planer, offered by Williams & Hussey Machine Co. Inc., is a cast-iron production machine with self-aligning knives that provide two-minute changeover time, the company says. More than 80 standard knives are available, as are custom profiles. 267 Tekmatex Inc. has introduced the Kuwahara compact size moulder Model KPF-4/5 200 with either four or five heads. A cutter diameter measuring device and digital positioning allow automatic setting of all heads. It is said to be ideal for small production runs, the machine processes moulding from 1/2 in. up to 9 in. at speeds up to 72 fpm. 268

Wadkin USA introduced the CNC Omniset, which it says is the only fully automatic moulder setting system. The company says the CNC system greatly reduces set up time because it automatically and simultaneously positions spindles, chip-breakers, pad pressures, side guides, feed positioning and feed speed selection. 269

Koch Machinery & Systems Ltd. offers the Sicar through feed straightening moulder in four- to seven-head models. All feature 7 in. or 9 in. working widths and chainless drive for the feed rollers, with variable feed speeds from 13 to 92 fpm. 270

European Woodworking Machinery Co. offers Meissner/Ehrnecker machines for picture frame mouldings. The line of machines include the new UNI-1 which can perform production of ornaments; simultaneous production and application of ornaments on mouldings and wood embossing. 271


The S-382 hydraulic drive double planer from [Newman.sup.*] Whitney is specifically designed for surfacing rough lumber in board lengths. A key feature is the Automatic Cut control that eliminates fixed cutting depths on the bottom cutterhead. Helical carbide cutterheads provide long life and low maintenance at reduced noise levels, the company says. 272

The DC-33 13-in. planer from Delta Intl. is modified to provide smoother feeding and prevent sniping, the company says. Powered by either 3-hp, 3-phase or 2-hp single-phase motors, it planes stock up to 13 in. wide. Other features include: precision-ground, cast-iron table and cutterhead/feed assembly that raises or lowers to accommodate stock thickness. 273

Mida USA says its Opti-Rip SP.25 computer-monitored double-surface planer profiles the top and bottom of the stock and then gang rips the board. The system includes a lumber measurement bar, computer, monitor and an array of lasers. The system automatically measures the width of each board and selects the cuts which will yield the most valuable rip. 274

The Griggio PSA 530 planer from Atlantic Machinery Corp. has a working table of 530mm by 850mm, with a maximum height of 230mm. It features four knives and a shaft rotation speed of 5,000 rpm. 275

The Pinheiro Model MF4 planer/matcher/moulder is offered by Auburn Machinery Inc. This four or five head machine is capable of producing products ranging from mouldings to log cabins, the company says. It has a capacity up to 20 in. wide and is available with many options for both primary and secondary wood-workers. 276

According to Yates American the B-15 double rough surfacer is suited for mills straight planing from 5,000 to 25,000 board feet per shift (4/4) basis or for mills where the surfacer is tied directly in line with a single selective gang ripsaw. The company says the B-15 posi-tensioning feed system assures a continuous flow of material. 277

Routers and machining centers

CNC Gantry routers from Ekstrom, Carlson and Co. are specifically designed and engineered to combine accuracy and high speed routing. The company now offers a 310 CNC 3-axis gantry router for machining long narrow parts and/or large parts. It features two light duty auxiliary routers with 22,000 rpm and four heavy duty 15-hp routers machining at up to 600 IPM and covering a 60-in. by 144-in. table. 278

The Model TTF/2 double-end machine center from Richard T. Byrnes Inc. incorporates the operation of several machines. Two NC spindles work within each head. Both a cutter and pantograph are mounted on each spindle. Anti-splintering is possible, even if material is veneered MDF, since cutting rotation is the same as feed direction. 279

The IMA Rotomat top router type H 2000 is available from Roger Stiles & Assoc. Inc. for milling, drilling and sanding solid wood, chipboard, MDF or plastic. Options include fourth and fifth axes, vacuum unit and Siemens CNC track control. 280

Reichenbacher USA has been custom building CNC routers and woodworking machinery for the last 20 years. They will be exhibiting machines at the Anaheim Woodworking Fair. 281

The 36210-X inverter router from C.R. Onsrud Inc. is similar to the 36210, but also includes: variable speed control; digital readouts; 10 C.F.M. vacuum template system; lower depth stop allowing the use of larger cutters, and rapid hole plunging; automatic depth stop changer for rapid height changes on multi-depth cuts; and a Rise block under the arm to enable running of thicker work pieces, the company says. 282

The Emco Maier Corp. MC 90 CNC router has a rigid base design, weighs 2,750 lbs, has ground and hardened guideways and play-free ballscrew feeds to give constant accuracy, optimum surface finish and efficient production with consistent repeatability, the company says. The maximum workpiece size is 40 in. by 25.6 in. by 2.4 in. Graphic simulation and CAD/CAM are options. 283

MotionMasters' SB-440T twin table CNC router with Allen-Bradley 8400 controller features 2- to 12-hp spindles and two pneumatic drills, the company says. According to the company, parts can be machined on one table while the other is completely out of the work envelope for safe loading or new part setup. Larger parts can be accommodated through tandem use of the tables. Optional features include: multiple router spindles, electric drills, 7 or 9 spindle gang drills, indexable saw heads, shaper spindles and horizontal boring, the company says. 284

The Heian NC432P CNC machining center available from Stiles Machinery Inc. has four-spindles, three-axes, and two-tables for CNC flexibility and quick changeover for any production situation. Other features include a precision-ground ballscrew for accurate part cutting; adjustable spindles; and an inverter system that helps extend spindle life. 285

The Model W525 router from Onsrud Machinery Corp. is designed for day-in, day-out use on all types of basic routing applications, such as inside cut-outs, top edge routing, contour feed edge routing, straight edge shaping, etc. Wood parts that can be made on the machines are endless in variety, the company says. 286

The Model 82 CNC machining center from Thermwood has two 60-in. by 83-in. moving tables which operate independently or together. It comes with four 10-hp extended duty router spindles which accept bits up to 1-in in diameter. Air drills, three or nine spindles and 32mm electric drill banks are offered. 287

The new Series 400 CNC router from Timesavers, Router Division has an 8-position tool magazine and two 15-hp liquid-cooled XR Series Autodyne spindles with speeds up to 21,600 rpm. Models are available in three worksurfaces up to 5 ft. by 12 ft., all with four-zone vacuum tables. The control is a General Numeric OMC. 288

The Olympus 504 CNC Machining Center from Wadkin USA is a gantry-type machine geared toward high volume just-in-time production. It features twin 5-ft by 5-ft work tables and four high speed router heads. Router heads have variable speeds up to 20,000 rpm and are fitted with the Guardex Dust Extraction System. Four piggy back drill units are also fitted. Full function five linear axis advance control with independent head positioning is provided by the Bosch CC100 system link into a CAD-CAM. 289

Cam Tech Industries has added a new computer controlled router table to its line of Router Master products. It has a heavy-duty gantry with a 5-in. throat clearance and a 3-in. Z axis movement. The standard processing surface is 52-in. by 102-in. It comes with a smart controller and may be driven by AutoCAD, Auto Sketch, Design Cad, Generic Cad, Integraph Micro Desk or most CAD design packages. 290

GPM Technologies Ltd. is offering the Shoda NC516P 16-hp six-spindle CNC router. The pallet changer features two moving tables. The machine comes standard with a Fanuc 15ma controller and Shoda's dust collection system. 291

HendrickShinx offers a variety of machining centers including single table and dual table, 5-axis with automatic tool changer and 15-spindle configurations. The systems are controlled by a HendrickShinx control system. CAD/CAM interface via RS-232C interface is standard. A digitizer can be coupled directly to the controller. The control system is color-coded menu driven and comes with a 14-in. color monitor. 292

The VR 805Q CNC router from Komo Machine Inc. features four routing heads which can travel over the width of the 5-ft by 8-ft work table and four electric drills. The router is controlled by the G.E./Fanuc OM series control units. Up to four separate vacuum zones may be selected for workpiece hold-down on the table. The vacuum system is activated electronically on the control pendant and the axis is positioned by Fanuc servo motors driving precision ground ball screws and THK contour guideways. 293

The Routron CNC router from SCMI Corp. is available with: 2 1/2 - or 3-axis control, a 12-hp spindle motor, 0 to 590 ipm feed rates, 984 ipm rapid traverse, 36-in. by 48-in. or 36-in. by 84-in. table with built-in double vacuum circuit, prewiring for drilling and/or tapping units and a BOSCH CC 100 control with RS232 communications port. 294

Biesse USA has added an automatic tool changer to its Rover 342 machining center. The changer can choose from up to 15 different tools; an average change is seven seconds. The tools are stored in a hive located on the frame of the machine, lessening weight on the spindle head. 295

Rough mill

The Model K250 gang saw from Ken Hazledine Machine Co. Inc. provides smaller scale gang ripping for industries which process boards. It is built to meet specific production needs of individual companies and is adaptable to many wood processing industries, according to the company. The K250 processes material from 1/2-in. to 2 1/4-in. thick, up to 10-in. wide and as short as 10 in. 298

The Model 3000 optimizing saw from Oliver Machinery Co. is designed for use in the rough mill or cutoff area with pre-planed, pre-ripped material. It is computer controlled and features a high speed servo driven position system. It reaches speeds of up to 500 fpm with cut-to-length accuracy of close to 1/64 in. The saw is designed to cut down rather than up, minimizing cut tear out, the company says. The system uses Oliver's IBM industrial-based software. 299

Pistorius Machine Co. Inc. offers four models of double miter cut-off saws which can be used for conventional double mitering or notching. An optional toe-kick cut-out fixture fence adjusts easily for any size notch (square or rectangular) up to the full capacity of the machine. 300

Swing saws from H&A Saws Inc. can be used for most cut-off operations in wood, plastic or other materials. The swing saw makes up to 72 cuts per minute and offers easy operation because the motor is mounted close to the arbor, according to the company. 301

The MR36 gang ripsaw from Tyler Machinery Co. features a 36 in. wide feed chain and 36 in. of usable arbor space allowing for large amounts of stock to be ripped into various widths. The machine incorporates a cast iron link chain design, a standard 5,000 rpm saw arbor speed and standard six-roller material hold down assembly. 302

The Select-A-Rip straight line multiple ripsaw from Mereen-Johnson features four movable blades, providing glue joint accuracy. An additional stationary blade referenced from an adjustable infeed guide offers a total of five selectable blades for the ultimate in yield savings. The machine features direct drive arbor motor, high friction Posi-Feed bed and heavy-duty construction. 303


The Model 27 spindle shaper from Powermatic is equipped with the Accu-Fence as standard equipment. This allows for precision fine-tune adjustment of both the infeed and outfeed fence, the company says. A 4-in. dust collector is incorporated into the fence body to help meet OSHA's standard for dust control. 304

From Northfield Foundry and Machine, single and double spindle shapers feature heavy cast iron construction, motors up to 10-hp and an endless 2 1/2 in. belt drive. Spindle size is from 3/42 in. to 1-1/4 in. Options include: reversing spindles, miter gauges, fences, detachable spindles, spindle brake and table extensions. 305

The Model 200 Loc-Drive Shaper-Sander Production System from A&B Products combines four automated components into a unified workcenter, for rapid rate production. Simultaneous shaping, sanding and loading enables a single operator to produce quality custom parts with little or no setup time. Several models and options are described in the brochure. 306

The Griggio throughfeed moulder Model G 180/5, available from Atlantic Machinery Corp., features four heads plus a fifth universal head for maximum flexibility, feed roller with transmission from first spindle and pressure rollers for short pieces. Each head has a 9-hp motor with magnetic starter. Automatic lubrication and increased horsepower are available as options. 261

Delta International Machinery's Model 43-355 wood shaper features adjustable fence which adapts to cutter profiles, thereby, eliminating the need to cope auxiliary dedicated fences for each cutter profile. Other features include: reversible, double-ended solid spindle cartridge for 1/2-in. or 3/4-in. hole cutters; spindle heights adjusted at table level with Elevation Disc; and 1 1/2-hp, single-phase, reversible, two-speed motor. 307

Unitronex Model DFDA, from Fortis Machinery, features: four hold-down springs, mounting collars and bolts; mitre gauge with stop rod; four table inserts; and complete 3-hp/230V/460V/60Hz motor, with 115V control voltage. Sliding table FM-12 and reversing drum switch are optional. 308

The FS saddle seat shaper from A. Knoevenagel GmbH features an infinitely variable feed rate up to 9.5m/minute. A special tool provided with four inclined cutting edges running at a speed of 4,650 rpm allows machining across the grain and produces a good finish so that only a little post sanding will be required, the company says. 309

Mini Max, div. of SCMI, offers the T3 solid spindle shaper with sliding table shaper. It provides the flexibility for precise quality tenons and end trim work, the company says. The three-speed shaper comes with a magnetic starter and reversing switch. Specifications include: 3/4-in. spindle and 3-hp/1-ph/230/460V motor. 310

Available from Lobo Power Tools, the Sk-30SPA 3hp shaper features: 1 in. and 3/4-in. spindles; spring hold downs; 28-in. by 30-in. cast iron table; magnetic switch; forward/reverse control; and 8,000/10,000 rpm miter gauge. 311

Ritter Mfg.'s R-30 triple spindle shaper is designed to eliminate costly setup time and provide three machining stations in a compact area. Three 5 -hp/220V magnetically-controlled motors drive a 1 in. or 1 1/4-in. spindle at 8,600 rpm. The 64-in. by 38-in. table has a 36-in. working height and comes with a 3/4-in. wide by 3/8-in. deep slot on the right-hand side. Outside spindles are adjusted by handwheels on either side of the machine. 312

Solid Wood Systems offers Balestrini double-sided shapers. The CP series multiple-station copy shaper machines both sides of the parts in one pass, eliminating double machining and handling. The automatic feed reduction allows for shaping of complex shapes and the hogging cutters have outboard bearings to eliminate vibration during heavy machining and high feed rates, the company says. 313


The ET/25 Robot 2000 I.C., available from Rhodes Machinery, is a robot that can perfectly reproduce all operations carried out by the manual operator with the same operative flexibility but with a great benefit as far as constancy and high quality are concerned, the company says. 314

The Omga T 520 NC automatic programmable cut-off saw for optimized cutting and defecting is available from Derda Inc. The 520 has a memory capacity of 600 measurements with the relative quantity of pieces, subdivided into 20 cutting lists. It is also possible to obtain the following data from the computer: constant update of the number of pieces to be cut and simulation of cutting on a chosen list in order to limit the percentage of waste, the company says. With provided data the operator can then decide whether to use or replace material for the production required. 315

The G-Series Shortstop electronic brakes from Ambi-Tech Industries Inc. meets the American National Standards Institutes code requirement for Tool/Workpiece Coasting Hazard, the company says. ShortStop brakes use the driving motor as a brake making it easy to retrofit it to existing machines such as radial saws, band saws, shapers, jointers, routers, etc. Because the brakes do not use a braking mechanism there is no problems with friction, wear, asbestos, maintenance or machine operation, the company says. Models are available in sizes from fractional to hundreds of horsepower. 316

Pal-Tech Modular Pallet Systems offers a pallet repair/sorting system designed to accommodate the changing needs of pallet sorting, pallet repair and pallet manufacturing facilities, the company says. It can provide components of a lumber repair or sorting system and complete installation. Each component is designed to conform to OSHA standards. 317

Stanley Bostitch offers a single-operator automatic pallet making machine that produces a finished pallet every 30 to 34 seconds, depending on the design and size of the pallet. The pallet machine uses a nailing gantry that moves across stationary lumber rather then moving the lumber through the nailing system. The company offers two models: the SBPM-3 which accommodates up to three stringers and the SBPM-4 which delivers up to four stringers from 1 in. to 3 1/2 in. in width and 2 1/2 in. to 4 1/2 in. in height. Deckboard thicknesses range from 3/8 in. to 1 1/8 in. 318

The Senstar pallet machine available from Senco Products Inc. can hold 3,000-nail coils meaning 200 pallets can be produced before reloading is required. The machine builds 2, 3 and 4-stringer pallets in sizes ranging from 24 in. by 24 in. through 56 in. by 48 in. Mounted Senco Coil nailers fasten top and bottom deckboards simultaneously, allowing the machine to build a pallet in 18 seconds, the company says. 319

The Viking Champion pallet assembly system from Viking Engineering Technical Services Inc. can produce between 400 and 500 pallets per day. It requires only one operator to work the machine and uses inexpensive bulk nails. 320

The GreCon Superscan is an opto-electronic system which singles out common defects such as knots and worm holes in sawn timber. The base system is capable of controlling two optimizing cutoff saws. Depending on customer requirements up to four saws are possible by a modular extension of the computer system, the company says. 321

Stegherr available from E&R Supply Co. Inc. offers six different cross bar milling machines from the standard KSF2 to the CNC KSF2-E mass production system which can be interfaced with a computer for CIM. For small runs there is the KSF-Mini which provides precision milling with three milling processes performed using one clamping device, while the KSF-R offers diagonal joints from 35 [degrees] to 90 [degrees] and bar joints for semi-circular and basket arches. The other machines are the KSF-V and the KSF2-P. 322

W A Fell & Co. offers the HUA newel post turning machine. On full length newels, the machine produces high quality turnings from 90mm square turning. The machine does not turn between centers meaning any length of newel can be produced, the company says. 323

The Celaschi PA profiler available from Danckaert Woodworking Machinery Co. performs many functions which previously required a moulder or copy profiler, the company says. A variety of set-up options are available ranging from manual to 30 second electronic set-up of horizontal, vertical and inclined axes. In addition, the Celaschi "Mesc" contouring system may be utilized to process arched top rails or furniture parts without jigs or bandsawing. The PA can be incorporated into multiple machine lines. 324

The Model 210 French Dovetail drawer machine from Unique Machine & Tool Co. will be introduced at the Anaheim Woodworking Fair. The machine produces a complete interlocking dovetail drawer in less than 90 seconds with one operator. Designed for up to 3 operators at one time, production can be increased by batching, having each operator do a specific task, the company says. 325

The JointMaster production biscuit joining machine from Norfield Tools and Supplies quickly machines for biscuit joining with precision, accuracy and speed, the company says. It does corner, butt and mitered joints. 326

The AVG-48-HSFW Universal "V" groover from Automatic |V' Groove Inc. can be used in a variety of ways on any angled wood product imaginable, the company says. It can handle a maximum material thickness of 1 1/4 in. and maximum material width of 48 in. 327

Keller & Co.'s new dovetail system along with a router provides premium joinery in production and custom shops with dovetail joint for furniture, drawers, case-work and giftware, the company says. No test cuts are needed regardless of router setting or wood thickness. The machine can dovetail solid woods and plywoods, as well as solid surfacing materials. 328

The Model 450 vertical plane double head cutoff from IBP Equipment Corp. is designed for volume production of door and window frames. It features a left-hand head in fixed position and a movable right-hand head which can be positioned along the full length of the bed rail. The company says traverse moving saw blades are mounted on adjustable heads for any angle miter cut to 45 [degrees]. 329

Dynapath Systems' has an 8-page, full-color brochure outlining the features and benefits of the company's redesigned computer numerical controls. The company's entire CNC line is detailed from two-axes controls for lathes and turning centers, two, three and four-axes controls for punches and nibbling machines to its three, four and five-axes controls for milling machines and machining centers, the company says. 330

PHOTO : Gannomat Model 270 from Tritec Associates can reportedly drill and insert two hinges, or RTA fittings, in under five seconds.

PHOTO : The Weeke BP-05 machining center from Stiles Machinery, features 10 vertical, individually controlled boring spindles and two horizontal spindles for end boring.

PHOTO : Unique Machines' drawer machine can produce dovetail drawer in less than 90 seconds.

PHOTO : The MC 90 CNC router from Emco Maier accepts workpieces to 40 in. by 25.6 in. by 2.4

PHOTO : The Model 3000 optimizing saw from Oliver helps minimize cut tear out.

PHOTO : Stanley Bostitch's pallet machine produces a finished pallet every 30 to 34 seconds.

PHOTO : The Thermwood Model 82 CNC machining center has two 60-in. by 83-in. tables which can operate independently or in tandem.

PHOTO : The 36210-X inverter router from C.R. Onsrud has an automatic depth stop changer for rapid height changes on multi-depth cuts.

PHOTO : Senco's Senstar pallet machine can nail 200 pallets before reloading.

PHOTO : Pistorius offers four models of cut-off saws for double mitering or notching.

PHOTO : The dual automated clamp carrier from James L. Taylor has two automated carriages.

PHOTO : With the Ayen BNC-HNF borer from Force Machinery different operations are graphically depicted in separate colors on a monitor as the function is performed.

PHOTO : The Busellato Multibohr from Stefani is a feed-through multi-spindle boring machine that features patented vacuum chucks.

PHOTO : Feed speeds on the Unimat 23 moulder from Weinig have been increased by 33 percent.

PHOTO : The twin tables on MotionMasters' CNC router can be used in tandem or independently.

PHOTO : The Model 27 spindle shaper from Powermatic has a 4-in. dust collector in the fence body to help meet OSHA's dust standards.

PHOTO : The Bacci/Byrnes Model TTF/2 double-end machining center cuts, bores, tenons, mortises, mills and shapes workpieces.
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