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Machining/turning center buyers guide. (Machining/Turning Centers).

Machining/Turning Center Buyers Guide

MAN-Modern Applications News presents its annual Machining/Turning
Centers Buyers Guide, an alphabetical guide to manufacturers and
distributors of machining/turning centers for the metalworking industry.
For your convenience, the Guide includes each company's product, fax
lines, contacts, and phone numbers. Our web site,, also presents this Buyers Guide with
company and product information.

Company Name                       Management/Contacts
Address/Phone/Fax                      Products

BELDEN MACHINE CORPORATION         David Carver, Director of
Illinois                           Engineering
Tel 708-344-4600                   High production equipment
Fax 708-344-9321                   for drilling, tapping, and          boring; Conventional and CNC              fully automated unmanned
                                   linear and rotary transfer;
                                   CNC superabrasive ultra-
                                   precision bore finishing

CHEVALIER MACHINERY, INC.          Ruel Andal, Marketing Services
California                         Director
Tel 562-903-1929                   FSG-818s combination slicing
Fax 562-903-3959                   and grinding machine; 1418vmc              mini-mill with 1417ipm XYZ               rapids; Ultra - 612 submicron
                                   fully closed loop CNC profile
                                   grinder; FTC-1320V 15,000 rpm

CHICAGO MACHINE TOOL               John Myers, President
Tel 847-364-4700                   Kia high precision, high speed
Fax 847-364-0852                   vertical and horizontal       machining centers, 12" x 16"         to 30" x 100" and turning
                                   centers 5c to 15"; Chucks,
                                   live tools, sub spindle, and
                                   auto load

CINCINNATI MACHNINE,               Jami Leininger, Marketing
 A UNOVA COMPANY                   Communications Manager
Ohio                               Hawk turning centers are
Tel 513-841-8100                   designed for speed and
Fax 513-841-8991                   precision; V-CNC, FTV, and                   V5 five-axis vertical                    machining centers; HPC and H5
                                   five-axis horizontal machining

DAEWOO HEAVY INDUSTRIES            John Ross, Marketing Manager
New Jersey                         Builder of CNC horizontal and
Tel 973-618-2500                   vertical turning centers and
Fax 973-618-2501                   machining centers

FADAL MACHINING CENTERS            Dan Gustafson, Sales
Tel 818-407-1400                   Performance series, Standard
Fax 818-407-0020                   series, and remanufactured                     vertical machining centers                      (VMC); Complete line of rotary

FMB MACHINERY USA                  Maggie Pfeifer, Directer at
New Jersey                         Operations
Tel 973-364-8000                   Manufacturer of Automatic
Fax 973-364-8110                   Magazine Barloader, product                    line includes the LC series              Mini Mag, Mini Turbo, Turbo 5-
                                   42, and 10-65XT

GIDDINGS & LEWIS MACHINE TOOLS     Linda Kieckhafer, Marketing
Wisconsin                          Manager
Tel 920-921-9400                   Full line uf HMCs mith 500 x
Fax 920-906-2522                   400 to 1600 x 1250 mm,                  pallets, 60-hp drives,             traverse rates 1181 to 2950
                                   ipm and 6,000 to 16,000 rpm

KGK INTERNATIONAL                  John Kolb, Sales and Marketing
Illinois                           Manager
Tel 847-465-4453                   Okuma and Howa VTT-65 single
Fax 847-465-0181                   spindle four-axis vertical                     lathe, features include two                       (12) station turrets, A2-11
                                   spindle, 40 or 60-hp motor, up
                                   to 1,250 rpms, 31.5" swing,
                                   25.5" turning, 26" length,
                                   optional transmission, Fanuc
                                   16/T control

KIA HEAVY INDUSTRIES               Ryan Kim, Sales and Parts
 U.S.A., CORP.                     Representative
New Jersey                         CNC lathe; CNC machining
Tel 201-489-2887                   center; CNC boring mill;
Fax 201-489-2723                   CNC grinding

KITAMURA MACHINERY                 Cari Vanik, Assistant Manager
Tel 847-520-7755                   Kitamura Mycenter-1Xi - a
Fax 847-520-7763                   compact, high-speed vertical        machining center with 1,969       ipm rapid feed rates on solid
                                   box ways, synchronized tapping
                                   up to 10,000 rpm with a
                                   standard 15,000 rpm spindle,
                                   and high-capacity #30 taper,
                                   20-tool ATC capable of tool
                                   changes of 0.7 seconds

ITI TOOLING COMPANY INC.           Carl Mockert, Preduct Manager
New Jersey
Tel 201-934-6333                   EWS/Sauter - static and live
Fax 201-934-6488                   tooling for most American,                Asian, and European CNC                 lathes

MAZAK CORPORATION                  George Yamane, Marketing
Kentucky                           Manager
Tel 859-342-1700                   62 models of horizontal and
Fax 859-342-1865                   vertical machining centers              including, cells and systems,                      five-axis and multi-face
                                   machining; 70 models of
                                   turning centers and multi-
                                   tasking Integrex machines

MIGHTY U.S.A., INC.                Steve Lin, Sales
Tel 310-516-7478                   Series of 5-axis heavy-duty
Fax 310-516-0368                   CNC bridge and vertical                  machining centers including
                                   the Viper line; CNC turning
                                   centers; Lathes; Grinders;
                                   Viper s-500 PMC - production
                                   machining center; VT20 turning

MIKRON BOSTOMATIC                  Mary Pascal, Director of
 CORPORATION                       Customer Service
Massachusetts                      Mikron and Bostomatic high-
Tel 508-473-4561                   speed machining centers have
Fax 508-478-7224                   travel ranges from 15" through                  54", spindle speeds up to                  60,000 rpm, in a multitude of
                                   three-, four-, and five-axis
                                   configures for die/mold, job
                                   shop, aerospace, medical,
                                   electronic, and other high-
                                   precision applications

MILLTRONICS MANUFACTURING          John Fabel, Sales Manager
Tel 952-442-1410                   Supplier of more than 40
Fax 952-442-6457                   models of vertical machining              centers, CNC toolroom knee                mills, bed mills, and lathes,
                                   CNC bridge mills, CNC gang
                                   and slant bed lathes, and
                                   high-speed, conversational
                                   Centurion CNC's

MITSUI SEIKI (U.S.A.) INC.         Scott Walker, President
New Jersey
Tel 201-337-7300                   Manufacture and sale of
Fax 201-337-3680                   precision machine tools and            precision measuring                instruments; Air compressors

MORI SEIKI                         (Name omitted by request)
Tel 972-929-8321                   Horizontal machining centers;
Fax 972-929-8226                   Vertical machining centers

NATIONAL CONVEYORS                 Arnold Serenkin Executive Vice
 COMPANY, INC.                     President
Connecticut                        Metal chip and turning
Tel 860-653-0374                   processing and reclamation
Fax 860-653-2965                   systems, including chip     wringers, crushers, and          conveyors; swarf dewatering

NILES-SIMMONS                      Thomas Donofrio, Assistant
New York                           Manager
Tel 518-462-5431                   CNC lathe - 400 mm to 1010 mm
Fax 518-462-0371                   swing, 535 mm to 6000 mm             length; CNC vertical lathe,              one or two spindles chuck
                                   130 mm to 400 mm

OLYMPIA ENGINEERING LTD.           Viktor Lamm, Vice President
Tel 412-421-1211                   Vertical turning center;
Fax 412-421-1230                   Horizontal machining centers,               and boring mills; Flexible                      manufacturing cells and

Tel 954-485-9910                   AWEA double column bridge-
Fax 954-485-9918                   style VMC's; Breton five-axis               high-speed machining centers;  Eagle gantry machines;
                                   Billionway C-frame machines

RENISHAW INC.                      Dave Bozich, Business Manager
Tel 847-286-9953                   Laser and automated ballbar
Fax 847-286-9974                   systems for machine                   performance measurement and                   calibration, and systems for
                                   job set-up, and inspection on
                                   machine tools

ROMI MACHINE TOOLS, LTD.           Bill Jacobson, President
Tel 859-647-7566                   CNC turning centers;
Fax 859-647-9122                   Combination lathes; CNC                  turn/mill centers; Manual                    lathes

SPEGO INC.                         Henry Goforth, President
North Carolina
Tel 828-258-8008                   Hydradynamic and automatic bar
Fax 828-251-0436                   feed systems

SUMIKIN BUSSAN                     Tak Yamamoto, Sales Manager
 INTERNATIONAL CORP.               Nomura horizontal boring and
Illinois                           milling machines; Kitako four-
Tel 847-882-9600                   spindle CNC lathe
Fax 847-882-9800

SUMMIT MACNINE TOOL                James Brown, Sales Manager
Oklahoma                           Summit SmartCut Series II
Tel 405-235-2075                   turning centers; 20" to 30"
Fax 405-232-5169                   combination lathes with large                spindle bores for turning one                   part to 10,000 parts,
                                   available in centers up to

TOOLMEX CORPORATION                Thomas Kob, Division Manager
Tel 847-301-3700                   4" to 7" CNC HBM, table top
Fax 847-301-3703                   and floor type with fanuc 16m             control

TORNOS TECHNOLOGIES U.S.           Mark Saalmuller, National
 CORPORATION                       Sales and Marketing Manager
Connecticut                        Manufactures single spindle
Tel 860-775-4319                   Swiss style sliding headstock
Fax 860-755-4281                   machines; DECO machines from 7              to 32 mm; Multi-DECO machines                      from 20 mm to 32 mm in six
                                   and eight configurations

TOSHIBA MACHINE CO., AMERICA       Hank Hayashi, Manager
Tel 847-593-1616                   Machining centers; Boring
Fax 647-593-9741                   machines; Milling mechines;     Turning machines

TPS INTERNATIONAL                  Mike Larson, Sales
Tel 262-246-6110                   Transfer machine solutions
Fax 262-246-1941                   serving the automotive, fluid                   power, medical, power tool,                    connector, and turned parts

TRANSATLANTIC CONNECTION, INC.     Robert Holdmann, Director
Tel 815-282-6070                   Power drambar clamping systems
Fax 815-262-4656                   for machining centers: HSK taper      tooling, clamping systems and                  gages, including the ForceCheck
                                   gage for measuring the drawbar
                                   clamping  force; Hirth couplings,
                                   standard  and custom-designs;
                                   Components for the machine
                                   tool builder

WASINO CORPORATION USA             Bob Malmen, General Manager
Tel 647-797-8700                   E Series - auto-loading gang
Fax 847-797-5644                   tool lathes: J Series - automated                  turret lathes; A Series - turning                     plus five-sided machining

YAMAZEN INC.                       Jill Jozwick, Goda Advertising
Tel 847-882-8800                   Productivity solutions for your
Fax 847-882-4296                   specific application and line of              machine tools including, Mori                   Seiki, Bromer, and NTC

YASOA PRECISION AMERICA CORP.      David Mann, Assistant Sales Manager
Tel 847-439-0201                   YBH Series horizontal and
Fax 847-439-0260                   vertical precision machining                   centers

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