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Machines magnesium valve covers 2-up.

Machines magnesium valve covers 2-up

A custom machining center has been designed and built by Cox Automation, West Chicago, IL, to machine Toyota V-6 magnesium valve covers at a rate of 150 parts per hour. A custom design was selected by the die caster, though standard machines exist for the operation, says Ron Palmer, Cox Automation sales and marketing manager.

The valve covers are machined in pairs--left and right banks. The machining center drills, reams, spot faces, and taps two styles of the mag valve covers for Toyota V-6 engines with an accuracy requirement of 0.0026 mm (0.00010") maintaining a CPK of 2.95, or one-third of total allowable tolerance.

Machine arrangement consists of a five-spindle tapping station and a combination drilling-reaming station with a dovetail slide to automatically transfer the valve cover to each station.

All taps "float" within a holder and are held accurately in through bushings. An air-over-oil clamping system secures valve covers during the machining cycle. The tooling is designed to accommodate two styles of parts without changeover. A special filtering system screens out magnesium chips carried in coolant to prevent fires.

A custom-designed tool guide plate protects the operator during the loading of the valve cover onto the fixture tooling without interfering with the operational function of the machine. It protects tooling from breakage and transports coolant nozzles to the work area. Use of carbide rest pads to hold valve covers for the machining operation extends the life of fixture tooling. Design of the fixture prevents erroneous placement of the valve cover.

The loading and unloading of the valve cover is a manual operation with the operator activating the machine cycle through a set of anti-tiedown dual hand controls. A clear Lexan access door is used to retain the coolant and to protect the operator and yet permit the machining operation to be observed.

Machine functions are controlled by a programmable logic controller and pushbutton control panel. The machining program is retained in a permanent memory to prevent accidental loss, and the operator control panel visually indicates the status of all critical machine functions.

For more information from Cox Automation, circle 258.
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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