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Machinery and equipment suppliers survey.

Dell'Orco & Villani. Automatic computerized bin-emptying units and chute-feed units with vibrating panels are part of the inventory of Dell'Orco & Villani, making this machinery manufacturer a front end specialist. Its special fiber openers and other devices for the production of automotive nonwovens, as well as the more traditional baling presses for the continuous feeding of fibers, are some of the most recent introductions to the Dell'Orco & Villani line.

Dell'Orco & Villani, Via di Maino, 289 - 50010 Capalle (FI), Italy; 55-895-1181; Fax: 55-895-3159.

2N Srl. A nearly frictionless needling loom is the latest innovation from 2N Srl. With this new grease-lubricated mechanism, it is possible to reach 3000 rpm. 2N keeps a 1.25 meters wide test line in the factory for inhouse trials.

2N Srl, Via Catana, Z.I. S. Agostino, I-51100 Pistoia, Italy; 573-93-44-856; Fax: 573-93-44-87.

Sonobond Ultrasonics. Sonobond Ultrasonics has introduced the "SeamMaster" ultrasonic synthetic fabric bonding machine with the "SoftSeam" process to produce soft, threadless seams without rough or scratchy edges. Incorporating a unique rotating horn and pattern wheel to guide material under and away from the wheel, this system continually exposes fresh horn surface to the material to help dissipate heat, allowing the material to bond with a soft, smooth seam. Applications include medical face masks, bathing suit trim and lingerie.

Sonobond Ultrasonics, 887 South Matlack Street, West Chester, PA 19382; 215-696-4710; Fax: 215-692-0674.

Glenro. A catalytic fume oxidizer that destroys volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from the exhaust air stream has been developed by Glenro. Designed to reduce VOC's from dryer exhausts to bring manufacturing processes into compliance with appropriate government requirements, the oxidizer can handle exhaust from one or more dryer ovens. Solvent-laden exhausts are ducted to and heated in a combustion chamber and then passed through a catalyst chamber where the VOC's are destroyed.

Glenro, 39 McBride Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07501; 201-279-5900; Fax: 201-279-9103.

Schaetti & Co. Schaetti & Co. has developed an innovative paste-point coating head with a magnetic roller counter that provides even pressure on the entire width of the doctor blade. Able to run at speeds up to 90 meters per minute, this machine has an electronic control panel that ensures that settings are 100% reproducible. Quick releases for easy screen changes are standard. Schaetti & Co. can also supply the complete package from powders, binders and coating machines to hot air and infrared ovens.

Schaetti & Co., Birgistrasse 5, CH-8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland; 41-1-830-4875; Fax: 41-1-830-6746.

A.Celli Spa. The "Slitter-Rewinder AC 710 SC" for finished rolls with diameters up to 500 mm is new from A.Celli. Both core loading and finished roll doffing are completely automated with the AC 710 SC. In addition, A.Celli has introduced the "Combi-860 S" winding/rewinding line. This machine has been designed for high speed spunbonding lines, with a winding capability up to 750 meters per minute and slitting/rewinding up to 1800 meters per minute.

A.Celli SpA, Via Romana Ovest, 212, 55016 - Porcari (Lucca) Italy; 583-29-7171; Fax: 583-29-340.

Dover Flexo Electronics. Tension control specialists Dover Flexo Electronics have recently introduced the "SteadyWeb" microprocessor tension controller that features a 32 character LED display as well as a large analog tension meter, system status lights and a memory that can store up to 50 different tension settings. The "SteadyView" tension indicator, with a compact size and easy feature selection, is also new. Finally, caliper and pod-style brakes, also a recent introduction, offer a low-cost alternative to systems that do not require heavy-duty brakes.

Dover Flexo Electronics, 93 Pickering Road, Rochester, NH 03867; 603-332-6150; Fax: 603-332-3758.

Temafa GmbH. A new type of fiber flock opener with expanded versatility has been introduced by Temafa. With universal application, high capacity and a low investment cost, the "Pneuma-Opener Ponz" provides an unmatched versatility and easy access to operating elements.

Temafa GmbH, PO. Box 200907, D-51439, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany; 02202-1001-0; Fax: 02202-1001-80.

Parkinson Machinery & Manufacturing. Parkinson has unveiled a fully automatic off line unwind/slitting/rewind system. At speeds to 2500 feet per minute, the machine operates with integrated roll handling equipment and diagnostic software. With menu driven operation, it can handle material from 40-140 inches wide. The company has also recently showcased a new adjustable surface winding roll density control station.

Parkinson Machinery & Manufacturing, 15 Oak Street, Esmond, RI 02917; 401-231-7100; Fax: 401-231-7276.

Weko Biel AG. Weko Biel has recently introduced a rotor damping system to the nonwoven finishing industry. By allowing contact-free and uniform damping of water onto textile webs and the low add-on application of highly concentrated additives with low water content, the "RF-Aquapac II b" provides uniform application over the entire fabric width without streaking or formation of droplets. It also has automatic adjustment of the add-on to the machine speed.

Weko Biel AG, Joh.-Renferstrasse 58, CH-2504 Biel-Bienne, Switzerland; 41-32-42-5742; Fax: 41-32-41-1613.

Compensating Tension Controls (CTC). A cantilevered automatic turret rewinder for nonwovens, model ST30ORW4-30-EG," has been introduced by Compensating Tension Controls. Designed for continuous winding of narrow nonwoven webs to finished diameters up to 30", the machine can wind at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute and at very low tensions for delicate nonwovens. Adjustable taper tension is delivered by a transducer roll and a roll diameter sonic sensor.

CTC/Compensating Tension Controls, 11 York Avenue, Box 1137, West Caldwell, NJ 07007; 201-228-2300; Fax: 201-228-7076.

Nordson. Nordson has recently expanded its line of "Control Coat" technology heads to include metered and nonmetered versions. Widths up to 250 mm can now be handled on the various machines using the technology.

Nordson, 11475 Lakefield Drive, Duluth, GA 30136; 404-497-3400; Fax: 404-497-3677.

Elsner Engineering Works. Designed to fold, moisten and stack up to 5000 pieces per minute, the Elsner ZFV series of folders can handle baby wipes, fabric softener sheets and personal hygiene products--any nonwoven material without crossfolds. The machine can handle up to 10 lines and 80 inch widths. Also new from Elsner is the ATL-1 automatic tub loader, which works directly from the ZFV fold and can load up to 62 tubs per minute. It easily handles various tub sizes and pile heights.

Elsner Engineering Works, 4 75 Fame Avenue, P. 0. Box 66, Hanover, PA 17331; 717-637-5991; Fax: 717-633-7100.

Stork X-Cell. Stork X-Cel has introduced a new closed squeegee for use on its CT-IV screen station. In conjunction with its foam generator, it can deliver exact paste add-on's using a microprocessor controlled paste supply station. This new system will allow the operator to dial in line speed, web width and desired add-on, while the machine does the rest.

Stork X-Cel, 3201 I-85 N. Charlotte, NC 28269; 704-598-6393; Fax: 704-598-6693.

Stellamcor. Two companies represented by Stellamcor, Bematic and Automatex, have formed a joint program for the manufacture of complete narrow (20 inch) nonwoven lines for laboratories. The lines are ideal for all nonwoven plants. Bematic also supplies a nonwoven line with a fully computerized variable speed AC motor drive.

Stellamcor, 11 Parkway, Larchmont, NY 10538; 914-834-3654; Fax: 914-834-3779.

Hergeth Hollingsworth GmbH. New from Hergeth Hollingsworth are several pieces of equipment. One new system features cotton cleaning machinery, while also new is a high speed carding machine. Also available from Hergeth Hollingsworth is a new visualization system.

Hergeth Hollingsworth GmbH, Halterner Str. 70, 48 249 Dalmen, Germany; 2594-784-0; Fax: 2594-5143.

Malimo Maschinenbau GmbH. Malimo has introduced the "Multiknit" stitchbonding machine. The machine has a two-sided knitted surface for three-dimensional fleece fabrics; the system incorporates a carding machine that will knit one side of the fleece or pile fabric then send it through the multi-knit section to complete the process. Applications include filter materials, polyurethane foam substitutes and automotive and building materials.

Malimo Maschinenbau, Annaberger Str 97199, Chemnitz PF 713, D-09007 Germany; 371-57070; Fax: 371-5707221.

Electro Cam. Recently available from Electro Cam is the PS-5144 programmable limit switch, which incorporates 16 DC (either NPN or PNP) transistor outputs and nine real world" AC or DC outputs. Features include individual channel speed compensation, analog outputs, multiple program storage and RS-232 communications.

Electro Cam Corporation, 13647 Metric Rd., Roscoe, IL 61073; 815-389-2620; Fax: 815-389-3304.

Amotek. Improvements in its automated packaging machinery are new at Amotek. One new machine, the BS-25, a sealing machine for bags of diapers and/or pads. It will handle bags of polyethylene at a production rate of up to 25 cycles per minute and may be loaded manually or automatically. Amotek has also improved its PB-127 model to run paper pre-made bags and has also introduced another version of this machine with polyethylene pre-made bags that can achieve up to 60 bags per minute.

Amotek A.M. Oltremare, Via Peimonte 5, 40069 Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy; 51-758775; Fax: 51-751144.

Branson Ultrasonics. The "FS-90" sewing table model ultrasonic sealing system has been developed by Branson Ultrasonics. The system "sews" and/or cuts knitted, woven and nonwoven thermoplastic materials without needle or thread. Material can be processed at rates up to 160 surface feet per minute and the unique head design enables the sealing of material in very sharp curves. Applications include protective apparel, medical materials, face masks, filters, curtains and web splicing.

Branson Ultrasonics Corporation, 41 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT 06813-1961; 203-796-0400; Fax: 203-796-9813.

CM Machinery. Equipment for the manufacture of disposable nonwoven pillow and headrest covers is available from CM Machinery. The heat fusible pillow covers are produced using folding and welding techniques at a rate of 20 pieces per minute depending on fabric quality and weight. The headrest covers are produced from narrow width parent rolls, typically 450 mm at 50 grams sq. meter weight. Taslin yearns are applied automatically, using hot melt gluing; cutting is by rotary guillotine with standard output at 100 pieces per minute.

CM Machinery, 50 Seagoe Industrial Estate, Craigavon, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland, BT63 5QA, U.K.; 762-333341; Fax: 762-330915.

GFM North America. GFM North America has introduced a high speed nonwoven sheeter. The sheet produces square sheets from 24x24" to 54x54" in packs of up to 30 sheets.

GFM North America, 404 N. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302; 708-848-6270; Fax: 708-848-6279.

ITW Dynatec. Recently introduced at ITW Dynatec is a complete line of gear driven hot melt heads. The company's line utilizes either bead, slot or spray technology to meet the customer's specific needs.

ITW Dynatec, 31 Volunteer Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075; 615-824-3634; Fax: 615-264-5248.
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