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Machine-hour rates flat in 3rd quarter.

Custom injection molders' machine-hour rates hardly budged in the third quarter of 1993, according to survey returns from 130 plants nationwide. Based on past performance of machine-capacity utilization as a three-month leading indicator of hourly-rate trends, a decline in average machine-hour rates would have been expected in the third quarter. In fact, custom molders in the

Northeast and Southeast did see their average hourly rates decline; those in the South Centraland Western regions saw them increase; and molders in the
North Central industrial heartland saw little or no change. And even
North Central molders (the biggest sector of the population) posted lower
machine-hour rates for presses of 100 or more tons, while rates for

smaller sizes increased. TABULAR DATA OMITTED

Nationwide average hourly rates increased for machines of 50-99 tons and 100-299tons (constituting over 52% of the population). Larger and smaller presses earned lower rates.

Given the upturn in custom capacity utilization in the third quarter, we'll probably report an overall increase in hourly rates for the fourth quarter of '93 (look for it in our March issue).

From third-quarter 1992 to '93, hourly rates increased an average of 2.5%, although they were down in all regions except the North Central and South Central areas. Most size ranges showed increases, though 100-299 and 300-499 tons (54% of machines) were flat for the year.


We are grateful for responses from 92 readers to the questions asked about our quarterly hourly-rates survey in the October issue. Of those respondents, 84 (91%) said they'd like to see these surveys continue, despite limitations on theamount of detail they can provide.

We'll keep publishing the surveys, and we'll continue to welcome advice from readers on how they can be improved.
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Title Annotation:injection molding
Author:Naitove, Matthew H.
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Jan 1, 1994
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