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Machine tool makers Tongtai and Awea see revenue grow in September.

Taipei, Oct.16, 2012 (CENS)--With global economic downturn, Taiwan's machine tool makers are suffering from lower order value. However, Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. and AWEA Mechantronic Co. both saw revenue grow in September compared to a year ago, benefitting from delayed deliveries.

An industry source says the global economic slowdown pushes customers to place orders more conservatively. Besides the Ghost Month in early September and October 1st holiday in China have delayed some deliveries to October, resulting in shrinking revenues in September.

A manager of Falcon Machine Tool Co. says the firm secured an order of US$10 million from U.S. but has not shipped in September. Shipments originally scheduled for September were delayed to October to impact revenues in September, which were down 32.34% year on year (YoY) to NT$117 million (US$3.9 million).

Roundtop Machinery Industries Co. has NT$400 million (US$13.33 million) of unfilled orders, with revenues in September being NT$95 million (US$3.17 million), sliding 24.72% YoY.

Goodway Machine Corp. saw new orders in September exceed NT$100 million (US$3.33 million), with NT$800~900 million (US$26.67~30 million) unfilled. Due to delayed shipments, Goodway saw revenues in September drop 25.88% YoY to NT$186 million (US$6.2 million).

Tongtai's new orders in September exceeded NT$300 million (US$10 million), with NT$2 billion (US$66.67 million) unfilled, and revenues in September surging 29.84% YoY to NT$514 million (US$17.13 million) due to delayed deliveries from August.

Awea saw revenues in September rise 15.97% YoY to NT$280 million (US$9.33 million), totaling NT$2.595 billion (US$86.5 million) in the first nine months, up 18.25% YoY. However, the firm's new orders in September were below NT$200 million (US$6.67 million), with less than NT$100 million (US$3.33 million) unfilled and without signs of recovery.

Kao Fong Machinery Co. shipped eight machining centers to China in September valued at NT$15 million (US$500,000), with revenues in September of NT$117 million (US$3.9 million), better than July and August but down 16.02% YoY, and first-nine-month revenue totaling NT$1.05 billion (US$35 million), a 18% shrinkage YoY.

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Title Annotation:Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. and AWEA Mechantronic Co.
Author:Wang, Andrew
Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
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Date:Oct 16, 2012
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