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Machine gun squad execute Mafia boss.

Byline: FRED WEHNER, Mail Correspondent in New York

MAFIA chief Carmine Galante was shot dead in a 1920s-style killing at a Brooklyn restaurant.

With a burst of fire from machine guns, automatic weapons and shot. Galanite weapons and shotguns five men executed Galante the 70-year-old Mafia supremo, at the end of the his meal of spaghetti and tomato said.


GaLante, on parole and fighting in the courts to Stay free had been celebrating with two close associates to mark a minor victory in his legal wrangler.

The man they called "The Cigar" died with half a cigar still stuck firmly in his mouth and sprawled in a vat of tomato sauce.

Killed with him was close aide Leonardo Capole and restaurant owne Giuseppe Terraino.

They stood no chance. Witnesses told police they saw a car carrying three man in ski masks screech to a haw outside the "Joe and Msry Luncheonette" in Brooklyn's Knicker bocker Avenue.

A second car with two more hoodlums armed with machine guns pulled up seconds later. They-too entered the restaurant.

Gaianta was credited with very high status within the American Mafia by the FBI.

They believe he has been the mastermind behind the mob's takeover of the Farcotics industry.

There has been a wave of killings in the New York underworld in the last decade and police believe Galante was the man behind it.

Paul Nesco, crime reporter or the New York Daily News, said today that Galante the man responsible for more than 100 underworld murder was undoubtedly killed by Mafia rivals.

Galante was one of the Mafia's top men and was considered the leading candidate for the role of Capo - the boss of bosses.

The police are having to beat a wall of silence.

The Mafia, said Nesco is probably more powerful today than ever before.

It controls judges Congressmen and industries and over the past 15 to 20 years, has established big business, legitmate and semi-legitimate business.

Galante specialised basically in drugs with Joe Bonnano whose "family" he took over.


The body of Mafia chief Carmine Galante lies in the garden of a Brooklyn. New York, restaurant.; Gangland shooting victim Carmine Galante
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 9, 2008
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