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Machine controls.

Machine controls

This section contains CNC systems and other machine controllers for cutting and forming machines.

Protection monitor

Automated Tool Action Monitor System (ATAM) provides collision, broken-tool, and wear protection for machine-tool processes. The system is easy to mount and uses a sensor near the tool action. It is easily retrofitted to existing machines or incorporated in new machines, and there is no limit to the number of tools or cycles. CNC, standard synchronous or nonsynchronous transfers, and rotary dial machines are easily accommodated.

IRD Mechanalysis Inc, Columbus, OH.

Coordinates 20 axes

MT-CNC multitasking, multiaxis control provides high-production manufacturing with simultaneous high-speed control and coordination of up to 20 axes of motion. The control supports digital AC servo and AC spindle drives based on proposed SERCOS international standards. One sealed control integrates capabilities of several conventional CNCs, a PLC, and a network interface.

The CNC directly controls and coordinates up to six independent multiaxis machining processes with up to 20 axes of motion freely assigned. The control provides application-oriented on- and off-line program management, tool and part management, and batch-processing control with reduced engineering time.

Control manages up to 2048 real input and output points via a fiber-optic interface. The interface may be used to manage and supervise up to 25 intelligent external processes.

The CNC's turnkey software provides machine control from one operator console. This permits the operator to enter and examine parameters for every operation, and to diagnose problems anywhere.

Indramat Division, Rexroth Corp, Wood Dale, IL.

BCL programming

Binary cutter location (BCL) will be added to the list of programming format choices for the 9100 and the 91000 SuperControls. BCL is a programming input format that provides a standardized part-oriented format, allowing different machines to operate from the same input data. An advantage of BCL is the ability to go from CAD to control without use of a post processor.

The 9100 SuperControl and the 91000 SuperControl feature rapid block-processing time, loop-closure rates measured in microseconds, compatibility with low-cost, off-the-shelf, add-on hardware and software, and 30 megabytes of virtual memory.

Thermwood Corp, Dale, IN.

CNC products

GE Fanuc will unveil several CNC products. Machine Management Control-II (MMC-II) is an auxiliary, high-speed interface microcomputer with a 32-bit microprocessor that resides within the CNC itself. It is available with a 80386 and 80387 co-processor unit and will be available only on series 15 CNCs.

FD Mate consists of a programmable machine controller and MMC-II hardware and is designed for higher-level cell control in the factory automation environment. It can act as a communications link between several machine tools and both single-axis and multiaxis CNCs.

Also being previewed will be the System P, Model H programming workstation, Power Mate-Model B CNC, a serial spindle interface, and Helpmate Trouble-Shooting software.

GE Fanuc Automation, Charlottesville, VA.

Control offers modeling

The 8050 series CNC controller for machining and turning centers has a powerful Motorola processor, solids-modeling graphics, and capability for OEM personalization of control operation.

The control is designed around the VM bus and Motorola 68020 model 32-bit microprocessor. Design allows the 8050 to perform ultra-high-speed block processing and servo updates. The speed of this processor makes it a good match for high-productivity environments and complex, customized automation systems. User memory holds up to 2 megabytes of information.

Solids modeling graphics portrays shaded 3-D images, allowing the user to view tool paths being applied to the part. The 8050 will be available with high-resolution 10" and 14" color screens, and 9" and 14" amber monochrome screens.

In addition to six primary axes plus spindle and handwheel, the 8050 CNC can perform irregular pocket milling with islands for machining centers, and can control live tooling for lathes. The control also has a universal power input that allows it to run on power supplies ranging from 85 V to 264 V.

Multitasking capabilities are possible with multiple execution channels. The control features RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 interfaces, and has an independent processor for an integrated PLC.

Fagor Automation Corp, Elk Grove Village, IL.

Double-action press control

Acramatic 550 press-control system is designed for single- or double-action mechanical press applications and features communications capability with peripheral equipment. It can be interfaced via Miliacron's Acranet Local Area Network (LAN) to integrate an entire press line.

Cincinnati Milacron, Cincinnati, OH.

Four new controls

The CC 320 M control comes with digital feed and spindle drives. It features: up to seven 32-bit microprocessors; more than 3 MBytes RAM; interfaces for party line and DNC; and remote diagnostics.

CC 300 M remote diagnostic feature allows troubleshooting via telephone. The feature includes: logic analyzer; axes oscilloscope; axes autotuning; contour display; and access to all CNC data.

CC 200 T is a lathe controller with DNC-CAD/CAM and diagnostic functions. Automatic program edit function provides program accessibility while machine is operating. Control is also available for milling and punching.

CL 500 PLC offers 0.5 mS/K processing time. Four processing units are coupled in one controller.

Robert Bosch Corp, Collinsville, CT.

New turning control

YASNAC LX3, a controller for turning machines, can be programmed by the machine tool builder, then conversationally commanded by the user using color graphics with ACGS (Advanced Color Graphics Computer). Basic features include simultaneous control of two axes in manual and automatic operation; smallest increment for imput is 0.00005", and Z-axis 0.0001", with rapid traverse rates up to 2400 ipm. Options include tool-nose-radius compensation, special threadcutting cycles, multiple cornering, and multiple repetitive cycles.

One main board serves as the CPU and incorporates each servodrive and spindle-drive command. Three types of I/O boards are available. Open-type CPU rack can mount in the machine-tool or in a servo- and spindle-drive cabinet. A 14" CRT display is standard with a 9" size optional.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc, Northbrook, IL.

DRO goes higher tech

The Super Wizard DRO now has CRT readout. It's still a DRO but is similar to a CNC. Unit has a help menu, a skewing feature, and bolthole pattern.

The firm also offers the new Crusader 1400 CNC. Past Crusaders were directed toward small shops, but the new model is more sophisticated, handles full G-code formats, and works with CAD/CAM programming. Most advances are done with software suitable to IBM compatibles.

The firm is also expanding its line of milling machines to include higher-end models. New CAD/CAM products are presented from the machinists' point-of-view, not the engineers'.

Anilam Electronics Corp, Miami, FL.

Triple press productivity

Autobend 10 three-axis CNC-control features a 9" CRT and an alpha-numeric keyboard for programming the gage, ram, and R-axis, along with material-handling instructions. Programming simplicity is provided by conversational interaction of hard and soft keys.

The control stores keyboard entries in a 100-job memory with material and tool libraries for fast recall and setup. A prompting-style format allows easy operator training. The control will be displayed with a two-axis backage.

Hurco Mfg Co, Indianapolis, IN.

Turning control

SINUMERIK 840T for turning applications features a 32-bit CPU with coprocessor that allows high processing speeds. The CNC controls up to eight axes and one spindle.

The control comes with an alpha-numeric keyboard, 14" color monitor, graphic processor, and a choice of two styles of operator panels. Part-program-memory capacity is 32 to 512 Kbytes, and four NC channels with two operating mode groups are available.

The integrated model 135WB PLC has a 16-MHz CPU with coprocessor, is programmable in the STEP 5 or high-level language, and has a RAM/EPROM memory capacity of 64, 128, 256 Kbytes.

Siemens Energy and Automation Inc, Elk Grove, IL.

Worldwide services

National Utility Service offers complete energy and telecommunications cost-control services around the world. As rate auditors and analysts, the firm helps companies obtain low price services for electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, steam, oil, petroleum products, and telecommunications.

National Utility Service, Park Ridge, NJ.

New press controller

ProCam 7 master press controller with programmable cam switch maximizes press control, uptime, and utilization. Standard features include 16 limit-switch channels, time-based brake monitor, digital readout, self-contained die production, tachometer, shaft-angle display, motion detector, 60-program memory, and 2-year warranty. Controller comes with master controller, transducer, transducer connector-ended cable relay boards, and manuals.

Triad Controls Inc, Pittsburgh, PA.

CAD/CAM attachment

The inclusion of a new CAD/CAM attachment on a metal spinning lathe diminishes reliance on skilled workers. With the problem of extensive setup time on conventional lathes, new jobs can be set for production in only 10-percent of normal time.

The CAD-CAM option is made with the blue-collar worker in mind. Precise changes can be made by drawing lines with an electronic ball-point pen. On critical work, forming strokes can be changed a few thousandths of an inch, to create parts right on dimensions.

In the relatively small field of forming metal by spinning, this method offers an alternative to traditional stamping, hydroforming, or fabricating of round parts.

Super Spin Services, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Tool-breakage detection

Auplex is a vibration mechanism and tool-breakage detection system that works by detecting increasing torque requirements at the tool. It sends a signal to the machine and aborts the operation before the tool breaks. Also, it activates a signal lamp to alert the operator.

Tecnara Tooling Systems Inc, Santa Fe Springs, CA.

Read-write ID system

BIS electronic identification system is used for tool identification and flexible manufacturing systems. The system can read and write codes that are stored on a microchip in an electronic identification tag. The tag is affixed or embedded to the object whose activities are being monitored.

The system consists of three basic components: code tags, read-and-write head, and processor. The code tag stores and holds up to 2 Kbytes of information. Tags are a passive-code design and do not require a battery to function. Power for programming and reading is transmitted from the read-and-write head. Tags use common codes and operate without physically contacting the heads or station.

The read-and-write station is used to program and read the tag. User enters data from a customer-supplied peripheral into the processor or transceiver. When the code tag enters the active zone, the tag contents are read, checked, and stored.

Balluff Inc, Florence, KY.
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