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Macedonian wine to be exported as Wine of Vardar River Valley.

The Macedonian wine cannot be exported as 'Macedonian' and therefore it will be sold to the foreign market under the protected geographical indication "Wine of Vardar River Valley". The geographic indication has to be registered first in Macedonia and then in the EU. Wine exports with this indication will begin by the end of the year.

"The geographical indication 'Wine of Vardar River Valley' will be very important to Macedonia's wine industry from a commercial point of view," said Vladislav Popov, President of the Vardar River Valley Association.

"As far as the registration of the geographical indication is concerned, it is too early to register it considering the name dispute is still being discussed in the EU. The name we have hammered out together is 'Vardar River Valley' and no one can question it on the international stage," said international wine expert Frederic Julia from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

It was the Wine of Macedonia Association in cooperation with the EBRD that launched the initiative for introducing the indication "Vardar River Valley" currently backed by nine wineries.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Jul 10, 2013
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