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Macedonian supporters of Saddam "attack" the EU and USA.

Strong accusations against the EU and USA were uttered Wednesday by a Macedonian intellectual at the promotion of the book dedicated to Saddam Hussein. Professor Ljubomir Cuculovski accused European ambassador Erwan Fouere of wanting to sale Macedonia's name.

"Fouere is the one selling our democracy. The thing that is taking place in Iraq is happening to us in an indirect way. The United States of America act similarly on the Balkans as it acts in Iraq. Ethnic Albanian citizens were also killed during the bombings in Serbia," said Cuculovski at the promotion. Professor Cuculovski accused USA of occupying Iraq only because of the oil wells.

"It is still an enigma whether Saddam wanted to increase the influence of the Islam throughout the world or it is a matter of something different. However, USA's goal is not to help Iraq but to take over the oil in the Islamic countries," said Cuculovski.
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Title Annotation:Lajm (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:May 13, 2010
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