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Macedonian judges receive database of Strasbourg court verdicts.

Without rule of law and honoring human rights there is no going forward and no democracy, said Mirjana Lazareva-Trajkovska, judge at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, before the highest judicial authorities of the Republic of Macedonia including the President of the Constitutional Court, Elena Goseva, the President of the Judicial Council, Aleksandra Zafirovska, the President of the Public Prosecutors' Council, Kostadin Kizov, and Justice Minister Adnan Jashari, who attended the promotion of the electronic database of verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg pertaining to the Balkan countries.

The promotion took place at the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors in Skopje on Monday and was organized under the auspices of the British Embassy in Skopje, Vest reports.

Not only will Macedonian judges hereafter be able to use the best practices of the European Court of Human Rights in the form of literature on which to rely in reaching verdicts protecting human rights and liberties, but they will also be able to reach verdicts citing by name and number verdicts that the European Court has reached in similar cases.

The easily accessible database includes a few hundred verdicts of the European Court translated in all the languages of the region. The cited verdicts of this court will have the power of an article from a law.

"This takes a lot of work and a lot of reading. Macedonia is in a very early stage of applying the practices of the European Court of Human Rights. However, with a lot of effort, hopefully we will achieve results," Lazarova-Trajkovska said.

She also said she regretted that among the 300 visitors from Macedonia to the European Court, very few were law students and candidates from the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors. She appealed once again that the practices of the European Court of Human Rights be made an integral part of the university curricula.

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Date:Jul 15, 2014
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