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Macedonia rejects verbal Bulgarian note.

Macedonia and Bulgaria must not allow abuse of citizenships and passports as an alibi for marriage problems or for tax evasion as is the case of former Health Minister Vlado Dimov, Nova Makedonija says today.

The paper says this is the response of the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after Bulgarian authorities communicated two days ago a verbal note of protest at the Macedonian embassy in Sofia over an alleged pressure on Bulgarian citizens.

"We expect Bulgarian authorities to distance themselves from this classical manipulation with human fates. The relations between the two friendly countries must not be held hostage by people looking for an alibi for their family misunderstandings and crimes," the Macedonian Ministry said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria summoned Divna Trickovska, charge d'affaires ad interim of the Macedonian Embassy in Bulgaria, says Noova Makedonija, and conveying to her a note of protest because of the case of Spaska Mitrova from Gevgelija, sentenced to 3 months in prison over certain family issues. Bulgaria believes the court sentenced Mitrova only because she is Bulgarian.

Having received the note, Trickovska said she doubted the verdict against Mitrova had anything to do with her Bulgarian citizenship. Nova Makedonija says Mitrova was sentenced to 3 months in prison for not letting her ex husband see their 2-year-old daughter although the court and the social institutions allowed visits. Her name is among the founders of Radko, association of Bulgarians in Macedonia.

Macedonian politicians and historians assess that Bulgaria is going to tighten its policies toward Macedonia, particularly after Bozidar Dimitrov became new Bulgarian Minister of Diaspora. Those well acquainted with the Macedonian-Bulgarian relations say Dimitrov is a well-known opponent of the existence of the Macedonian nation and he is going to scheme in order to create an impression that Macedonia persecutes Bulgarians and that Macedonian media stoke up hatred against Bulgaria, which would then be a reason for Bulgaria's veto on Macedonia's accession to the EU.
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Date:Aug 6, 2009
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