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Macedonia is the "oasis" of anti-Albanian political affairs.

After the declaration of independence in 1992 and during the term of first president Kiro Gligorov, Macedonia was called the "oasis of peace", but throughout the years it became the "oasis of anti-Albanian political affairs". During the key moments, such as the declaration of independence and when the constitution was adopted, the country establishment created scenarios that draw public's attention from the real problems and Albanians were always the victims to suffer, stress political observers and experts for Zumal.

"This is how the "weapon affair" was created and many Albanians were incarcerated, followed by "Radoliste", "Bit Pazar", "Gostivar" cases, with raids in Albanian regions, with demonstration of force, with killings and casualties. The conflict in 2001 was used by political forces to put pressure on the international factor to sign the Stabilization and Association Agreement with EU. The situation continued to present times even if the ruling political subjects have changed, we witnessed "Sopot", "Brodec", "Monstrum" cases which were staged to draw the attention of the public from other problems in the country, always blaming the Albanians", reminds Ismail Arslani. According to him, the country that wants justice to be served has never reviewed the disputed cases and clarified the events so that real perpetrators are punished.

Journalist Naser Pajaziti considers that this topic should be reviewed, but Albanian political parties don't have the capacity to act on it.

"This was again confirmed now when the Albanian political subject is the deciding factor for the functioning of the new government coalition. We have a "deja vu" effect in the Albanian political sphere. Nothing happened after the conflict in 2001. Nothing was done for the political prisoners from the communist period after the declaration of independence, the status of the veterans and the families of NLA victims was never determined. Macedonia was the experimental laboratory for staging crisis where Albanians are always the victims", stressed Pajaziti.

Albanian lawyer Adrian Demiri considers that since the declaration of independence there is lack of good political structures and economic results, political affairs are staged and most of the cases include violence and victims, mostly to the detriment of the Albanians because they are unprotected, and the cases in which they are involved never have political and judicial outcome.

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Date:Jul 18, 2017
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