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Macedonia getting "clean" from Albanians.

After the postponement of the census, the Macedonian authorities found the formula for lowering the number of Albanians in Macedonia. Namely, a great number of Albanians that are temporarily working abroad are forced to renounce their Macedonian citizenship. This happens after the Ministry of Interior sent a letter to all border crossings five months ago demanding the border officials not to allow the citizens with dual citizenships to cross the border if they do not possess a Macedonian passport. Newspaper Koha alarmed about few such cases when Albanians with dual citizenship were not allowed to leave the country with an American, Swiss or another European passport. They were forced to return and take out a Macedonian passport in order to leave the country. However, most of them could only realize their right to Macedonian passport if they submitted the passport they have from another country. In this case, it is worth mentioning that in the Macedonian pass-port, their place of living is replaced with the place of living that is written in the foreign pass-port. Automatically they are erased from the Macedonian registry and as of this moment they are seen as citizens from the country of the other passport. These procedures, which are not contested by a single Albanian party in the country, have unofficially forced around 20,000 Albanians to renounce the Macedonian citizen-ship. Another tactic is also being implemented. Namely, the Macedonian border officials do not allow Albanians to enter the country with a Macedonian passport if they arrive with vehicles that are purchased abroad. These rules, according to the Ministry of Interior, are based on the Law on Citizenship, which reads that "the Macedonian laws apply for persons with dual citizenship." Orhan Ibraimi, PDSH MP said that they are collecting information from the migrant workers regarding this "apartheid politics" who main goal is erasing Albanians from the registry of resident citizens of Macedonia.

"These measures are not an isolated phenomenon and their goal is reducing the number of Albanians in the country. The fact regarding the complete silence of BDI is astonishing, which is also being an accomplice in this genocide," Ibraimi said.

Izet Zeqiri from PDSH said that BDI goes along with this silent genocide instead of presenting the Diaspora with economic integration programs.
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Author:Zeqiri, Arben; Halili, Evis
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Geographic Code:4EXMA
Date:Jul 11, 2012
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