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Macarena Ramirez.

Macarena Ramirez is neither being tugged backwards nor pushed forward---she is the here and now of flamenco dance. While competing on Season 1 of Spain's TV show "The Dancer" this tear, she intertwined the songs of pop icons Rosalia and Madonna with live flamenco music, while drawing upon well-known narratives, like Snow White. With imagination, explosive movement and classic lines, Ramirez opened the door to today's flamenco to a broader population and took home the grand prize.

Company: Compania de Macarena Ramirez

Age: 28

Hometown: Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain

Training: Maria del Mar Moreno School of Flamenco Art, King Juan Carlos University, The Conservatory of Mariemma, Andalusian Institute of Flamenco

Awards: Season 1 grand-prize winner, "The Dancer"; second place, 2017 Cante de las Minas; third place, 2009 International Competition of Ubrique

TV star: Created by Simon Cowell, "The Dancer" is similar in format to "World of Dance," and Ramirez's competitors were individuals, pairs and groups from all styles of dance. She says appearing on the show "helped me to investigate my own dancing and to see how far I can go while innovating within flamenco without losing the pure."

What her childhood mentor is saying: Maria del Mar Moreno, who met Ramirez when she was barely 8 years old, says, "I already saw in her eyes the brilliance of the greatest dancers." Now, Ramirez's "mastery and passion are manifested through each movement, each gesture, born of grace, wit and charm, an instinct and an innate strength."

Her most rewarding role: At just 13, Ramirez portrayed the legendary 1950s Spanish actress, dancer and singer Lola Flores in Lola: The Movie.

Globetrotting goals: Ramirez's dream is to endlessly tour the world with her company. Her newest show, Efimero premiered this summer and featured percussionist Carlos Merino and famed dancer Eduardo Guerrero.

Blazing her own trail: Each flamenco artist's expression is unique, says Ramirez, "because we each feel differently." Her way of feeling the world around her involves connecting popular global culture with classic flamenco. In the process, she's carved out a new space for common ground with broader audiences.

Caption: Macarena Ramirez competing on "The Dancer"

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